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Best Bathroom Heaters in the UK 2022

If you’ve just jumped out a warm shower, the last thing you want to step onto are cold tiles.

Good bathroom heaters ensure your bathroom remains warm and comfy throughout the year. And although shopping online can make things easy, finding the right one can be a frustrating experience.

This article will review the best bathroom heater brands in the UK and other factors to consider before buying a bathroom heater.

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Best Overall – Winterwarm WWDF20E Bathroom Heater

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Standing at the top spot is the Winterwarm WWDF20E downflow heater. Boasting a 2000 Watt, mains sourced power output, it is capable of heating even the largest bathrooms, quickly and efficiently without the hit on the pocket. 

The Winterwarm has an inbuilt thirty minute cut off switch, which acts as a dual purpose safety feature and energy saver, should you forget to turn it off. 

Due to its cordless fitting, it is a wall-mounted heater, allowing it to sit comfortably on your wall without taking up valuable space.

A professional installation is recommended when fitting this heater if there are no existing mains connections available, due to the requirement for mains power, however, should you already have a pre-existing cable, the heater comes with a simple user guide for self-installation.

The main body of the heater is of a plastic and steel composition, allowing for easy cleaning, as well as being hard-wearing and fire retardant. The main installation of the Winterwarm WWDF20E is simple, requiring two screws to mount it on the wall and a three-wire installation. 

The heater comes with a handy dual variable heat setting, allowing you to turn the heat up or down depending on how hot you want the room, as well as the size of your bathroom.

You can turn the heater on and off with a simple to use pull cord as well as switching between the two power settings with a simple switch. The Winterwarm also comes with a two-year guarantee.


  • 2 heat settings
  • 2000W
  • Energy efficient
  • 30-minute auto-stop feature
  • IP22 rated


  • Great heating for large spaces
  • 2-Year guarantee
  • Simple installation
  • Great value for money


  • Non-programmable 
  • Has to be fitted to mains power

The Bottom Line

The Winterwarm WWDF20E is a reliable, cost-effective heater which allows you to switch the heat output depending on your need. A sturdy build and IP22 waterproofing rating ensure that your heater will not suffer damage or water leakage whilst in use. It offers fantastic value for money with reliable, energy-efficient use for those colder nights. 

Runner Up – Glen GDF20E Bathroom Heater

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Jumping in as our runner up, the Glen GDF20E is a very close contender to the top spot, with a variety of features it is well worth noting as a consideration when buying. 

The Glen GDF20E is a wall-mounted bathroom heater, kicking out a steady 2000 Watt of heating capability as well as an IP20 waterproof rating.

Upon installation you can choose between 1000 Watt or 2000 Watt, making this heater a great choice for those with larger bathrooms, whilst leaving space for those who don’t need such large output, the choice is available.

One of the biggest selling features of this heater is the anti-overheat function. This function works off an internal thermostat which will detect when the heater is getting too hot, and shut it down. This is a vital safety feature for those who like to leave their heater on for a longer period.

The Glen GDF20E comes with an adjustable external thermostat, allowing you to easily change the temperature to suit your needs. This ability to vary the temperature will also ensure that for those more energy conscious, you can vary the amount of energy consumed by adjusting the thermostat as and when you like. 

Similar to the Winterwarm WWDF20E, the Glen GDF20E features a simple pull cord, allowing you to turn the heater on and off with a simple tug. As well as this, it comes with a two-year warranty to cover you should you ever need it.


  • Optional 2000W or 1000W
  • Variable external thermostat
  • Overheat protection
  • IP20 rating


  • Perfect for all sizes of bathrooms
  • Great heat variability 
  • 2-year guarantee


  • Must be wall-mounted
  • Wattage can only be selected on installation

The Bottom Line

The Glen GDF20E is a fantastic little heater, perfectly suited for those who want the reassurance of having protection from overheating as well as the ability to vary their heat settings manually from the console. A fantastic heater for a great price. 

Great Alternative – Stibel Eltron IW120 Quartz Heater

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The Stiebel Eltron is nothing to be sniffed at, this punchy heater has a variety of functions and features which may interest you as a prospective buyer. 

It features a 1.2 Watt radiant heat emitter, allowing for heat to flow easily out into your bathroom, this can be preferable for some as the radiant heat is not as direct as some fan-powered heaters, allowing for a more gradual, well-rounded rise in temperature. 

The Stiebel Eltron showcases a triple heat function, allowing you to choose between 0.4W, 0.8W and 1.2W settings. This feature allows you the ability to vary the intensity of the radiant heat, depending on how hot you would like the room, and how fast you would like it heated. 

With a simple pull cord, you can switch the heater on, immediately feeling the infra-red projected heat. The pivoting reflector allows the heater to spread warmth throughout your bathroom with relative ease. 

The Stiebel Eltron has high quality, heat resistant quartz rods, which over time ensure you have more longevity and ease of use.

The heater also boasts an impressive waterproof rating of IPX4, allowing you to fit it in your bathroom without the worry of any electrical issues caused by leaks. 

This heater is wall-mounted, with a simple to use manual, allowing for ease of fitting as well as being of sturdy german design, ensuring solid build quality and reliability.

The 1.2 Watt emission is energy efficient, ensuring a lower impact on your bills and the environment. 


  • Infra-red quartz produces radiant heat
  • Three-stage heat settings
  • 1-year warranty 
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Solid German build quality 
  • Perfect head spread for any size bathroom
  • Instant heat


  • Low wattage 
  • Wall mount only

The Bottom Line

The Steibel Eltron IW 120 is a perfect choice should want instantaneous heat, with a flowing radiant heat throughout the bathroom. This is a great option for an attractive price point. 

Great Alternative – Dimplex FX20VE Fan Heater Wall Mounted 

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The Dimplex FX20VE heater is a wall-mounted, energy-saving heater, replete with a variety of features.  

The Dimplex features an energy-saving timer. Similarly to our top spot heater, the timing feature is activated at the pull of the activation cord, and will automatically deactivate the heater to prevent it being accidentally left running. 

By switching itself off, the heater could potentially save you a considerable amount of money, should you forget to switch it off. The time on this can be varied between five minutes and thirty minutes. 

The heater has a variable output option on installation, similar to our other choices. This allows you to choose which output you would like prior to completing the installation. The 1000W option is perfect for smaller bathrooms and those with an eye for energy saving, whereas the 2000W output would be more suited to larger rooms. 

The Dimplex FX20VE is built from sturdy fire-retardant plastic, which features self-extinguishing nylon. It also features a handy overheat switch, which will prevent the Dimplex from overheating during times of heavy usage. The thermal overheat fuse is resettable, so should it switch itself off, it is simple to reset after a cooling period and use again. 

The Dimplex comes with a simple setup, pull cord activation and a steadfast waterproof rating of IPX2. 


  • Variable wattage on installation 
  • Energy-saving timer
  • 2000W maximum output
  • IPX2 rating


  • Perfect for smaller bathrooms
  • Great for energy efficiency
  • Smart auto-shutoff feature


  • Wall-mounted only
  • No external heat setting

The Bottom Line

This is a great heater for smaller and larger bathrooms alike, with its handy shut off feature it allows you to leave the heater running, safe in the knowledge that it won’t be burning a hole in your pocket. 

Great Alternative – ElectriQ 2000W Wall Mounted Panel Heater

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The ElectriQ 2000W is a slightly more futuristic addition to this list. Unlike others on this list, it can be left freestanding, as well as wall-mounted. It comes with a slim build and digital display, as well as a waterproof rating of IP24. 

This super-slim panel heater puts out 2000 Watts and can be mounted easily using the provided brackets to keep the heater far from prying hands and pets.

The ElectriQ 2000W sports two power settings, Eco mode and Rapid Heating. The energy-saving eco mode uses only 1000W of the supported 2000W capability, allowing for a slower heating time but saving on the electricity boost required to hit the 2000W maximum.

Alternately, the Rapid Heating selection will pump out all 2000W of the heaters maximum limit, swiftly bringing the room to temperature when time is of the essence. 

An amazing feature of this heater is the ability to change the heat settings on it, from anywhere. Using the WIFI capability of this ultra-modern heater, you can change the temperature in your bathroom, making it toasty warm and ready for use, before you have even stepped through your front door.

The ElectriQ 2000W also comes with a smart timer, this allows you to set the heater to turn on and off at a time that suits you throughout the week.

As well as this the heater also offers a variable thermostat, so that you can find the ideal temperature that suits you. 


  • Adjustable thermostat 
  • Smart timer 
  • WIFI connected adjustments
  • Eco/Rapid heating settings


  • Perfect is you are on the go
  • An excellent choice for tech-savvy users
  • Complete automation is available at the touch of a button


  • Not as water-resistant as others
  • Long setup time 
  • Slightly more in price compared to others

The Bottom Line

This is a perfect heater for those who love a futurist and sleek heater design, a great choice for those on the go. Although at a higher price point, this is definitely worth considering is you like your heaters with a modern twist. 

Great Alternative – Futura Eco 1800W Electric Panel Heater

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The Futura Eco 1800W comes in as another tech-oriented heater. It is a panel heater with the capability to be wall-mounted or left free-standing. It has a splash-proof IP24 rating, making it perfect for mounting or standing in your bathroom to take away the chill. 

An excellent feature of this heater is the “Auto Window Open Detection” setting. This clever setting allows the heater to use its internal thermostat to detect if there is a sudden drop in temperature in the room, and will turn itself off in order to save energy. 

The Futura Eco 1800W allows you to set a particular temperature, which the heater will then maintain throughout the day. The highly sensitive thermostat will detect a drop in temperature and seek to correct this by increasing or decreasing the temperature of the room, depending on what you have set as its parameters.  

It features an easy to use panel, situated at the top section of the heater which allows you to adjust the temperature settings and presets with relative ease. Similar to other heaters, this one carries a two-year warranty, giving you peace of mind. The heater has a plentiful 1.5-metre cable to make use of so you won’t be stuck with regards to the positioning of it. 


  • Smart open window detection
  • Temperature presets available 
  • Can be freestanding or mounted
  • Simple to use control panel


  • Simple design 
  • Very user friendly 
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Automated heating option


  • Slightly higher price point
  • Room size is limited to 20m
  • Not as powerful compared to others

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a smart and easy to use bathroom heater, you should consider the Futura Eco 1800W. Its intelligent and sleek design allows it to fit in in any home and will suit most users needs. 

Considerations When Choosing a Bathroom Heater

Choosing the Right Output

When choosing a new heater for your bathroom it is important to take a couple of things into consideration with regards to the wattage and output before buying. 

By choosing a heater of lower wattage, around 1000W, you will generally get higher energy efficiency with lower heat output and slower warm-up times. In the long run, this can lead to less money accruing on your energy bills.

Conversely, you may find that choosing a lower wattage heater may not be effective enough to heat a larger bathroom. 

When choosing a higher wattage output such as 2000W you also have to bear in mind that, if left running for longer periods, the total energy required to keep up the operation of higher consuming heaters may lead to lower efficiency.

That being said, if you are wanting to warm up a room quickly, then choosing a higher output may be the most practical option. 

Safety First

When choosing a new heater, it is always best to check out the safety rating of each, this includes the IP Rating. The IP rating of a heater determines how waterproof it is.

For example, a rating of IPX4 is highly resistant to water, whereas a rating of IP0 would be considered not suitable for use around water. Naturally, when using a heater in a bathroom you would ideally require some level of splash proofing in place for it to be fit for purpose. 

As a second point, when considering the safety features of a heater for your bathroom, it is important that you consider the inbuilt technology, designed specifically to prevent overheating or overuse.

These are desirable features to have in a heater, especially if you find yourself having to run back to the house and turn your heater off.

Having inbuilt safety features is a perfect way of removing an unnecessary worry, if your heater features anti-overheat capabilities, you will never have to worry about leaving it on by mistake, only for it to break due to overheating.

Similarly, utilising a heater with an auto-cut off function will allow you to use the heater without the worry of it running up a huge electricity bill.


For the best choices, the Winterwarm WWDF20E or the Glen GDF20E are great value for money, with the most effective and efficient products.

It is a tough choice, all these heaters are packed full of features. The choice ultimately comes down to how you intend to use the heater, what features you find are more suited to your needs and the size of the bathrooms you wish to heat.

A 1000W heater is perfect for a smaller space as well as efficiency in the long-term, whereas a 2000W heater will give you fast, satisfying heating but at slightly less efficiency.