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Best Bobble Removers in the UK 2022

Almost every item of clothing goes through what I like to call the bobble phase. During this time, garments are still able to keep you warm and protect your modesty but they develop those incessant bobbles, officially known as pilling. 

The pilling makes clothes look old and worn out and even though that’s often not the case, most folks just throw away their bobble covered clothes. 

Rather than just empty your wardrobe every few months, consider investing in a bobble remover to bring a whole new lease of life to your clothes. They can be used on everything from jumpers and dressing gowns to blankets and sofas!

This article will review the best bobble remover brands available in the UK as well as the factors to consider before purchasing your own bobble remover. 

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Best Overall – Philips Fabric Shaver

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The Phillips Fabric Shaver is our top pick for best bobble remover.

As you would expect from such a well known and respected brand, this device brings clothing back to life and comes with a solid two-year warranty. 

With different sized mesh holes and height adjustment cap, the Phillips Fabric Shaver is capable of remove bobbles from a wide range of clothing items, no matter what material they are made from. 

The large blade surface means fewer strokes per garment and spinning at 8800 rotations per minute, the blades make short work of tough pilling. 

At around 13cm long, this bobble remover is just a little bigger than an average fizzy drink can and fits easily into your palm while in use. 

The pill container, where the pilling is stored, is large enough that it won’t need emptying every two minutes but the head may need cleaning frequently. This can slow you down if you are de-pilling a lot of clothes at once. 

While cleaning the device, you should be aware that there is no safety feature preventing you from activating the blades. To be as safe as possible, it’s worth removing the batteries during cleaning. 

The Phillips Fabric Shaver comes with 2xAA batteries, cleaning brush and instructions so is ready to go straight out of the box. 


  • Height adjustment cap
  • 3 different sized mesh holes
  • Large, fast-spinning blades


  • 2-year warranty
  • De-bobbles a wide variety of materials 


  • Material can get caught in the blades so the bobble remover will need occasional cleaning

The Bottom Line

The Phillips Fabric Shaver is a versatile bobble remover. It works fast and can be used across a range of materials and fabrics. You’ll struggle to find a better option.

Runner Up – Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover

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With a de-pilling tool one end and a lint brush the other, the Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover is a great tool that can breathe life back into even the most tired garments. 

Unlike the other bobble removers on our list, the Gleener is fully manual and doesn’t require batteries or any electrical input. It works by dragging one of the three fabric-safe blades along your clothing until all the bobbles are gone. Then you can give it a final touch up with the lint brush. 

Each blade is designed to be used on a different type of material, ranging from big bulky knitwear to soft delicate items. They are quick to swap and last a long time before needing to be replaced. 

As it has no batteries, this bobble remover can be a little tougher to use than the electric versions but thanks to its ergonomic design and soft moulded grips, it remains comfortable in your hands. 

Available in three colour options and with an included travel pouch, this bobble remover seamlessly fits in with any lifestyle.


  • Three different blades for different materials
  • Built-in lint brush
  • Travel pouch for easy storage


  • No batteries
  • Simple to use


  • Can be a bit more hard work than the electrical versions

The Bottom Line

For the eco-conscious among you, there is no better option than this battery-free bobble remover from Gleener. It is quick and easy to use but can get tedious if you are de-pilling a lot of clothes at once.

Great Budget Buy – Lzonunl Bobble Remover

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If none of the bobble removers so far have taken your fancy, this great value alternative from Lzonunl is a solid choice. Stylistically, it looks similar to a small handheld vacuum cleaner and is slightly larger than the other devices we have discussed. 

Those extra few centimetres allow for an ergonomic handle on the bobble remover, which remains comfortable even after extended periods of use. The slightly larger size also means that the pill container is larger than in other devices.

It is fully USB rechargeable, with four hours of charge offering an incredible ten hours of use!

The triple blades make quick work of bobbles and the wide surface area means fewer strokes are needed to completely renew your clothing.

You’ll also notice three different sized holes in the mesh cover so bobbles of all sizes can be removed with relative ease and the height adjustable cover means it is safe to use, even on delicate items. 

The inbuilt auto-shutdown will stop the blades spinning if the safety cover is removed or comes loose so you can be sure this bobble remover is safe for users of all ages.

As a divergence from the norm of these devices, the Lzonunl Bobble Remover works well to remove lint and hair as well as pilling.


  • Height adjustment cap
  • Three different sized mesh holes
  • USB rechargeable 


  • Amazing battery life
  • Removes lint and hair as well as bobbles


  • Bulkier than other bobble removers

The Bottom Line

The Lzonunl Bobble Remover is comfortable to hold, has excellent battery performance and removes pilling quickly. Add in the large pill container, high end cutting blades and inbuilt safety features and you’re left with a really good value bobble remover. 

Well Reviewed – Sunsmiler Fabric Shaver

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Sunsmiler’s Fabric Shaver comes incredibly well reviewed. This small, portable bobble remover is perfect for use at home or on the move.

It’s ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold and the powerful motor makes short work of those bobbles. With separate speed settings of up to a maximum of 9000 rotations per minute, you can be sure this de-pilling device will work on whatever material you require. 

It has a six-blade setup, which makes de-pilling up to 60% faster than the usual three-blade machines, especially when combined with the large surface area of the outer mesh guard. This mesh has been scientifically designed to have multiple sized holes in the most efficient spots to make bobble removal even faster!

The pill container is a good size which is critical for such a speedy bobble remover. Batteries are not included so ensure you have a couple of AAs ready to go if you want to use this bobble remover as soon as it arrives. 

There is an inbuilt auto shutdown as soon as the guard is removed, so your fingers will never be in danger.


  • Adjustable speed settings, up to 9000 rotations per minute
  • Six blade setup
  • 1-year warranty


  • Up to 60% faster than other bobble removers
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Batteries not included

The Bottom Line

The Sunsmiler Fabric Shaver is great for travellers thanks to its small, yet powerful design. It’s fast and efficient, making easy work of pilling and bobbles on a wide range of materials. 

Highly Recommended – Duronic Fabric Shaver

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Duronic’s Fabric Shaver follows a slightly different design principle to the other electric bobble removers on this list. The handle can swivel 180 degrees, allowing you to hold it however you find most comfortable. 

The three blades quickly work their way through bobbles and the pilling is stored around the outer edge of the blades. This makes it incredibly easy to see when the pill container is full and in need of emptying. 

The height adjuster allows you to work on delicate fabrics without risk of damaging them and the different sized mesh holes mean bobbles of all shapes and sizes are effortlessly removed.

This bobble remover is USB rechargeable, with each full charge offering up to 50 minutes of run time. If you require more time, you can even use the device while it is plugged in.

You can easily store, or move, this de-pilling tool in the handy storage pouch which is included with each purchase. 


  • Triple blade setup
  • Different sized mesh holes
  • Movable handle 


  • Good run time
  • Can be used plugged in as well as on battery


  • No auto shut off when the guard is removed – watch out while cleaning
  • Pill container needs emptying regularly

The Bottom Line

The Duronic Fabric Shaver is highly recommended thanks to its unique movable handle and elegant design. As long as you are careful when cleaning (there is no auto shut off for when the guard is removed) this bobble remover is a really good option.

Considerations When Buying a Bobble Remover

Electric vs Manual

Most bobble removers are electric and require either single-use or rechargeable batteries to operate. However, the eco-conscious among you will be pleased to hear you can find manual bobble removers relatively easily. These generally work by pulling the blade along the surface of your clothes to remove any bobbles or pilling. 

It’s worth noting that some older style bobble removers may not be battery operated and will need to be plugged in to work. Adjustability 

There’s no point buying a bobble remover to only find out that it’s too aggressive for your best sweater or not heavy duty enough to deal with your favourite blanket. 

Some bobble removers are adjustable and can be used on a multitude of fabrics. The more adjustable, the more versatile they will be. 

Often you’ll find bobble removers with adjustable blade height and speed settings. These allow you to remove pilling from a wide range of garments without risking damaging them. Likewise, the best bobble removers will have different sized holes to ensure they snatch up all the pilling, no matter how big or small. 

Pill Cup Size

After being removed, the pilling needs to go somewhere. Rather than have it spit out all over the floor, most bobble removers will have a designated storage space, called the pill cup or container. Make sure this is large enough that it won’t need to be emptied every five minutes!

Safety Guard

When it comes to sharp spinning blades, you can never be too safe. Check that your bobble remover of choice has safety guards and an automatic shut off to prevent injury!

Rotations Per Minute

Faster spinning, more powerful bobble removers will remove lint quicker than lower-powered variants. If you have a lot of clothes to bring back up to scratch, find an option with plenty of grunt but if you are removing the pilling from more delicate clothes, a slower option may be better. 

To Sum Up

There are plenty of great bobble removers here. The Phillips Fabric Shaver is a great all-rounder that works fast and well. The Lzonunl Bobble Removers is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a cheap but quality fabric shaver too.