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Best Cordless Tyre Inflators in the UK 2022

Cordless tyre inflators are incredibly useful bits of kit that are ideal for pumping up car, bike or motorbike tyres.

Today, cordless tyre inflators are exceptionally good quality and make light work of most tyres. They’re cheap, quick and easy to use.

However, it’s a good idea to do your research first to ensure you get one that’s right for you. 

This article will review the best cordless tyre inflator brands available in the UK as well as the factors to consider before purchasing a cordless tyre inflator.

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Best Overall – Oasser 20V Tyre Inflator Air Compressor Cordless Car Tyre Pump

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The heavy-duty Oasser 20V Air Compressor is a high-powered, efficient cordless tyre compressor.

This is a superb device that is capable of inflating an average car tyre in some 3 minutes, largely due to its powerful 20V rating which is notch up from other 12V models.

With a 2000mAh battery, the Oasser 20V can pump some 6 car tyres on a single charge, equating to 15 motorbike tyres or 42 bike tyres. The device itself is well-made with a grippy handle, LCD display, heat dissipator and powerful LED lights.

The 6 LED lights are an excellent addition that help illuminate the working area at night – superb for late night work. 

This compressor is really well-made with an ergonomic handle and durable rubber hose. It’s a little bulky, but dissipates heat very well which is crucial when inflating multiple tyres in quick succession. 

This air compressor also comes with a needle valve and two nozzle adapters. Overall, the Oasser is a substantial air compressor device with a large battery, efficient cooling system and powerful 20V motor.

It makes light work of even large car tyres and the LCD display makes it extremely easy to use by displaying pressure in PSI, BAR, KPA and kg/cm². The target pressure can be set with auto-cut-off. 


  • 20V motor 
  • 2000mAh battery 
  • 6 LED light torch 
  • LCD display with 4 pressure units 
  • Accessory pack with 4 adapters
  • USB charging


  • Inflates car tyres in around 3 minutes
  • Well-made and robust 
  • Long-lasting battery 
  • Powerful LED torch 


  • No 12V adapter

Bottom Line

An excellent, robust air compressor with above-average power and battery life. Powerful LED lights and a quality LCD display round off the Oasser 20V, a superb air compressor device.

Runner-Up – AUTDER Cordless Tyre Inflator Portable Air Compressor

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This heavy-duty tyre inflator is extremely powerful and comes with two batteries.

It comes with two batteries, which is great. One battery is USB-powered and the other is specifically designed to work with your car’s 12v port.

Of course, if your car has a USB port or you have a 12v-to-USB converter then you can charge both batteries from your car. 

This is a fast tyre inflator. It can pump a car tyre to 35PSI in just 2 minutes! It has an impressive LCD screen where you can monitor the PSI and other units if you desire, including bar, KPA, kg/cm2, etc.

The AUTDER Cordless Tyre Inflator Portable Air Compressor has an automatic pump feature where you set a PSI and the pump will run automatically until it reaches the specified PSI.

It inflates to a max PSI of 140PSI which is fine for even high-pressure road bike tyres. 

This inflator is highly durable and rugged, designed for outdoor use. The air hose is also well-designed and durable. It comes with 4 valve adapters which can be stored in the base of the battery.

Overall, the AUTDER Cordless Tyre Inflator Portable Air Compressors is a powerful and durable tyre inflator that comes with two batteries, which is a real bonus. 


  • 150PSI max
  • USB and 12v charging
  • 2 minute pump time for average car tyre 
  • Rugged build
  • Two batteries


  • Strong and efficient pump 
  • Comes with two batteries 
  • Quality LCD display 
  • Intelligent automatic pump feature


  • Bulky

Bottom Line

The AUTDER Cordless Tyre Inflator Portable Air Compressor is a close runner up courtesy of its two batteries, one which charges from the mains and one from the 12v car socket. It’s a well-built and powerful cordless tyre inflator.

Great Budget – TOOLTRONIX Digital Tyre Inflator

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This superb budget tyre inflator packs all the features of more expensive models at a slimmer price.

It’s a rugged, hardy tyre inflator that is suitable for almost any inflatable item including car, motorbike and bike tyres as well as sports balls and inflatables.

It’s fully cordless and will charge from either any mains socket or 12v car sockets. This adds flexibility if you’re using the inflator at home as well as inside your car. 

The TOOLTRONIX Digital Tyre Inflator has an LCD display to show PSI, battery charge, etc. It’s built from rugged plastic and has handy clips for the hose and valve adapters.

It has an automatic charging function – simply set the desired PSI and let the pump run. It will automatically cut off once it achieves the specified PSI. 

It’s no slouch either and will charge an average car tyre in some 5 minutes or so.

A max achievable PSI of 150PSI is easily enough to pump the vast majority of inflatables, including high-pressure road bike tyres.

It also has an LED torch built-in, which is awesome. 


  • 150PSI max
  • Mains and 12v charging
  • 5 minute pump time for average car tyre 
  • LED torch 


  • High max PSI
  • Mains and 12v battery charging 
  • Auto pump feature
  • Rugged build


  • Noisy

Bottom Line

This is an excellent rugged tyre inflator that benefits from two charging methods; mains and 12v. TOOLTRONIX Digital Tyre Inflator represents superb value and even though it’s pretty noisy, it gets the job done at a slim price.

Great Value Alternative – Autojack CTI-12V 12 Volt Digital TYRE INFLATOR Cordless Handheld AIR Compressor

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Another great-value cordless tyre inflator, the Autojack CTI-12V is powerful, efficient and highly portable.

It charges from both the in-car 12v socket and mains sockets, which is great. The pump itself is well-built and has a built-in red SOS light and torch that can be set to flash intermittently – excellent for breakdown safety.

This is a pretty simple cordless pump but it still has all the key features. The LCD display shows key information like PSI and other pressure units. It has an auto-pump feature too where it will pump until a specified PSI is achieved. 

The max PSI is 150PSI, which is good enough for nearly any inflatable including high-pressure bike tyres. It’s also very fast and can reportedly pump a car tyre in around 2 minutes, which is very quick indeed.

It comes with multiple valve adapters and a good-quality lengthy hose. 


  • 150PSI max
  • Mains and 12v charging
  • 2 – 3 minute pump time for average car tyre 
  • Red torch light with SOS function


  • Lightweight and easy to use 
  • Useful red SOS light and torch 
  • Long hose
  • Dual charging methods (mains and 12v)


  • Can’t replace the batteries

Bottom Line

The Autojack CTI-12V is a small and efficient portable cordless pump. It’s easily powerful enough to pump car tyres but can equally pump bike tyres, motorbike tyres and inflatables like blow-up mattresses, etc. Being able to charge it from a car’s 12v socket as well as mains is an excellent bonus.

Well Reviewed – VonHaus 12v Car Tyre Inflator with Digital Pressure Gauge


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From VonHaus, a top brand with renowned reliability, the VonHaus 12v Car Tyre Inflator is a superb device.

It’s a highly portable tyre inflator that can inflate tyres and other inflatables such as sports balls, blow-up mattresses, pool accessories, etc. It features trademark VonHaus build quality throughout and is comfortable and ergonomic to use.  

This excellent tyre inflator comes with two chagrin options; mains and 12v. You’ll be able to charge it when you’re driving or at home. The inflator itself is well-built and ergonomic. It has a built-in torchlight with both white and red light functions.

You can also set the light to flash red if you break down and need to use it as a hazard light. It comes with a selection of valves suitable for most appliances and tyres. 

The VonHaus 12v Car Tyre Inflator has a quality LCD display and auto-pump feature. Simply dial in the PSI you need and the inflator will automatically pump until it reaches the target PSI, at which point it will cut off.

The max achievable PSI is 125PSI, which sits below some other models but in reality, it’s still easily enough to pump nearly any inflatable including high-pressure road bike tyres.  

A well-built device that benefits from dual charging options and a two-colour red and white torchlight, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the VonHaus 12v Car Tyre Inflator with Digital Pressure Gauge is one of the most popular and well-reviewed tyre inflators on the market. 


  • 125PSI max
  • Mains and 12v charging
  • 2 – 3 minute pump time for average car tyre 
  • Red and white torch light with SOS function


  • Excellent built quality throughout 
  • Dual charging methods 
  • Both red and white torchlight
  • Fast and efficient 


  • Lower max PSI threshold than some (but negligible in daily use)

Bottom Line

From legendary brand VonHaus, the VonHaus 12v Car Tyre Inflator with Digital Pressure Gauge is an excellent tool which pumps tyres and inflatables rapidly. It charges via both the mains and 12v in-car socket. A red and white light torch completes this great cordless tyre inflator.

Highly Recommended – Ryobi R18MI-0 ONE+ Cordless Multi Inflator, 18 V

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By the highly reputable Ryobi, this powerful multi-purpose inflator is designed for inflating both car and vehicle tyres as well as a vast array of other inflatables.

It has dual hoses, one high-pressure hose for car tyres and vehicle tyres, inflating to a maximum of 150PSI, and one lower-pressure hose for the rapid pumping of airbeds, pool inflatables, etc. 

Like many other auto-inflators, you can use this pump to set the desired pressure and then activate the pump which will automatically switch off once the target pressure has been set.

It contains multiple nozzles and adapters for everything from bike tyres (e.g. presta valves) to sports balls, with the needle valve, and airbeds, etc.

This device runs on the One+ power system, which is Ryobi’s inter-compatible battery system that provides one battery and charger for a huge range of 100+ Ryobi power tools. The battery and charger are not included, so will have to be purchased separately. 

The Ryobi battery system is very well-regarded – this inflator can pump as many 105 bike tyres or 29 double mattresses on a single charge, which is quite remarkable. 


  • 18V multi-purpose inflator 
  • Automatic PSI cut-off 
  • Two hoses; one high-pressure and one low-pressure
  • Runs on the One+ battery system by Ryobi (not included) 
  • LCD display
  • Rugged design 


  • Excellent brand reputation 
  • Superb performance with a Ryobi One+ battery (not included) 
  • Two hoses; high-pressure and low-pressure
  • Great set of integrated adapters and nozzles 
  • Above-average battery performance


  • Rather bulky 

Bottom Line

Ryobi and their One+ range are well-regarded, so this multi-inflator is a superb choice for anyone who already owns some Ryobi tools. This is a truly multi-purpose inflation device that is suitable for both automotive and recreational use.

Cordless Tyre Inflators Buyer’s Guide

Cordless tyre inflators are all battery-powered and run without wires, but there are some different features to watch out for:

Auto Cut-Off

Some cordless tyre inflators have an auto cut-off feature. You set the desired PSI and the pump will run automatically until it detects it’s reached that PSI. It will then cut off automatically. You can set-and-forget the pump, leaving it unattended whilst you go do something else, which is very useful when performing car maintenance work or repairs. 


Pumps have a max PSI rating. This is typically only an issue if you plan on inflating high-PSI road bike tyres (120PSI+). This is pretty rare, though. Most pumps will hit a max PSI beyond 100PSI, which is fine for 99.9% of inflating tasks. 

Battery Capacity

Pumping a tyre is arduous and portable cordless inflators will usually only manage 2 to 4 car tyres on one charge. 

However, that’s still 25 or so bike tyres and up to 35 sports balls!

Charging Port

Cordless tyre inflators may charge via the mains, USB or your car’s 12v power supply. USB and 12v charging are great -it allows you to charge the pump whilst you drive. 

USB is probably the most flexible option for charging inside your car and at home. You can get cheap 12v to USB converters for your car if you don’t have built-in USB ports. 

Cordless Tyre Inflator Benefits

Corded tyre inflators typically plugin to your car’s 12V ‘cigarette lighter’ socket. Most modern cars do still have these.

Cordless tyre inflators are instead battery-powered and have no wires. You’ll only need to plug them in to charge them. 

This has many benefits vs traditional 12v corded tyre inflators:

Works When Car Battery is Flat

If your car’s battery is totally flat then the 12v socket won’t work – you won’t be able to run a corded tyre inflator when the battery is dead. 

This can pose many problems in the event of a breakdown. 

You might need to push your car to safety when your battery is flat and if you have a flat tyre then you’re in hot water!


It’s an obvious one but cordless inflators are portable and flexible. If you buy a 12v corded inflator then it’ll likely live in your car – you can’t use it without the 12v socket. 

If you buy a cordless inflator then you can take it anywhere; bike rides, holidays, beach trips, etc. 

Many cordless inflators can also be charged via the mains or from a car’s 12v power socket, allowing you to charge them from your vehicle. 


Cordless inflators are as powerful as their wired counterparts. They can often pump a car tyre in under 5 minutes. Some can even inflate a car tyre from flat in just 2 minutes! 


Some excellent and very well-priced cordless tyre inflators here. 

The SKEY Car Mini Tyre Inflator, 150 PSI Cordless Air Compressor is an awesome high-tech device that inflates car tyres quickly and efficiently. It has to rate as the best option overall.

In second position, the AUTDER Cordless Tyre Inflator Portable Air Compressor is rugged and durable. It also comes with two batteries.

The TOOLTRONIX Digital TYRE INFLATOR and Autojack CTI-12V 12 Volt Digital TYRE INFLATOR Cordless Handheld AIR Compressor are both superb value options. 

By main brand VonHaus, the VonHaus 12v Car Tyre Inflator with Digital Pressure Gauge unsurprisingly has high build quality and is well-reviewed. 

Finally, the SKEY Cordless Car Tyre Inflator Portable Air Compressor is yet another high-quality tyre inflator that gets the job done remarkably quickly.