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Best Dish Drainers in the UK 2022

Whether you’re a veteran of the washing up game or newbie coming up through the ranks to take on your first serious washing up duties, dish drainers definitely make life easier. 

They’re not only great at organising your various kitchen equipment after washing up, but they also allow you to space items efficiently so you’re not stacking everything up like a game of Jenga. 

This article will review the best dish drainer brands in the UK and other factors to consider before purchasing a dish drainer.

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Best Overall Dish Drying Rack – OXO Good Grips Foldaway Dish Rack

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From a top brand OXO, this is a superb dish drying rack that should last for many years.

The dish rack itself is quite large, so measuring your drying area is critical. It measures 51.3L x 33W x 10.4D centimetres, which is correctly sized for most medium to large sink areas. 

The OXO Good Grips Foldaway Dish Rack features a hard plastic construction with a metal wire frame. There are numerous sections designed to keep cutlery and utensils segregated.

Two rows of spikes are perfect for resting glasses over and a central plate rack allows plates to be stacked safely for optimal drainage. 

The plate rack can also fold down in case you need to place larger cookware in the rack like saucepans, colanders or pots, which is awesome. Dual containers sit either side of the drying rack enabling storage of cutlery. 

One innovative feature of the OXO Good Grips Foldaway Dish Rack is its drainage system. When water collects in the bottom of the rack, it can be drained via a small drainage hole that can be opened or closed. Note that the drainage hole is mounted on the short side of the rack, so will only be usable if your sink area is oriented in the same way. 

Finally, this drainage rack is also fully collapsible for storage. Fold-out legs help you position it properly for your sink. 


  • Measures  51.3L x 33W x 10.4D centimetres
  • Plastic and wire metal design 
  • Collapsible design 
  • Fold-down plate rack
  • Drainage system


  • High-quality build and material 
  • Convenient drainage hold
  • Easy to store
  • Multiple compartments 


  • Too big for smaller sink areas 

Bottom Line

From a top brand, the OXO Good Grips Foldaway Dish Rack delivers a superb dish rack with plenty of features. It’s quite large but the drainage system and collapsible legs are nice little innovations that make this rack well worth the money. 

Best Alternative Dish Drying Rack – Sincalong Over Sink Dish Rack

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This premium drying rack elevates above the sink area. This yields two important benefits.

Firstly, it means that drying utensils and cookware is positioned somewhere it can catch a draft and dry more quickly. Secondly, it allows you to organise utensils and cutlery and in kitchens where storage is limited, it doubles up as a storage area. 

This over-sink drying rack is relatively large but will fit comfortably over most sinks. The measurement to watch out for is the width which is some 101.6cm and the total height is 50cm. There are many compartments to this excellent drying rack – it has no less than 8 compartments and features!

There are knife and chopping board holders, a plate rack, a bowl rack, compartments for washing up liquids and detergents and hooks for hanging cutlery. It can hold some 12 bowls and 11 plates!

The Sincalong Over Sink Dish Rack can be safely secured to the kitchen worktop thanks to 4 suction cup feet. It’s made from premium stainless steel and is incredibly sturdy, able to withstand the weight of 54kg.


  • Measures  101.6cm wide and 50cm high
  • Large over-sink drying rack
  • 8 sections for drying and storage
  • Suction-cup feet
  • Strong steel construction


  • Can hold a remarkable number of items
  • Very strong and durable
  • Doubles up as a storage device
  • Fits over most sinks


  • None

Bottom Line

A strong and fully-comprehensive drying rack, the Sincalong Over Sink Dish Rack has everything you need to efficiently dry items and it doubles up as a superb storage system too.

Great for Small Spaces – Zova Premium Stainless Steel Dish Drying Rack

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Compact and stylish, the Zova Premium Stainless Steel Dish Drying Rack is perfect for smaller drying areas. It measures 40.5L x 35W x 16.5D centimetres, which is a convenient size for many sinks.

Despite its small size, the Zova Premium Stainless Steel Dish Drying Rack has plenty of interior drying room. It has a plate rack for 10 plates and a large rear-mounted compartment for cutlery. 

Though this dish drying rack looks quite enclosed, it has an air vent to maximise airflow through the rack, speeding up the drying process. The key innovation of this dish rack, though, is its clever drainage system. 

The drainage system allows you to direct water from the drainage rack in any direction. It works by a spout that can be swivelled 360 degrees – very clever! Overall, this is a very flexible and clever little drying rack that is perfect for smaller spaces. Don’t expect massive storage capacity or anything like that – this is best suited for smaller households, individuals or couples. 


  • Measures 40.5L x 35W x 16.5D centimetres 
  • Small size for smaller sink areas
  • Plastic and wire metal construction 
  • Drainage spout 
  • 10 plate rack and cutlery compartments


  • Strong and stylish design
  • Innovative 360-degree drainage spout
  • Designed for smaller sink areas
  • Air vent for quicker drying


  • Not ideal for larger families or house shares with lots of washing up 

Bottom Line

If you need a compact but high-quality dish drainer, the Zova Premium Stainless Steel Dish Drying Rack ranks a super choice. Its clever drainage system is highly usable. 

Over Sink Dish Drainer Rack – OGORI Over Sink Dish Drainer

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Another suspended dish drainer rack here. The OGORI Over Sink Dish Drainer is slightly smaller than other over-sink racks and measures 83cm wide by 51cm tall. It’s obviously very important to measure your sink area to make sure that this will fit properly. 

This is a very comprehensive drying rack that doubles up as a storage system. It’s perfect when you don’t want to/can’t put everything away after washing.

It has a pretty stunning array of compartments and features including a plate rack able to take up to 10 plates and a bowl rack for 12 bowls (albeit smaller bowls). 

It doesn’t end there, though! There’s also a knife and chopping board holder, holders for washing-up liquid and/or soap, a side-mounted glasses rack and hooks for utensils. It also has a side-mounted attachment for holding kitchen rolls. 

Made from solid premium stainless steel, this drying rack can take a lot of weight and won’t rust. Suction-cup feet mean it can be safely anchored to kitchen work surfaces. Overall, this is a solid, comprehensive drying rack for those that want to try storing their cookware and utensils above the sink rather than beside it. 


  • Measures 80cm wide and 51cm tall
  • Large choice of compartments
  • Strong stainless construction
  • Plenty of storage
  • Suction cup feet


  • Fits over most sinks
  • Perfect for both drainage and storage
  • Enough space for a family’s worth of washing up 
  • Rush-proof


  • None 

Bottom Line

Suitable for slightly narrower sinks, this is a superb drying rack with tons of space. The OGORI Over Sink Dish Drainer is an innovative dish drainer with a premium steel frame. 

Best Budget – Master Class Aluminium Anti-Rust Dish Drainer Rack

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We’re back to basics with the Master Class Aluminium Anti-Rust Dish Drainer Rack. This is a simple and minimalist drying rack with no frills.

It’s designed for almost any sink with measurements of 42L x 30W centimetres. It’s actually made from high-quality anti-rust aluminium rather than stainless steel. 

This is a basic drying rack but it still has plenty of space for plates and cookware. It has a side-mounted removable cutlery compartment. The open wire frame design is very easy to use and maintain and it ensures excellent drainage for any cutlery and utensils. 

If you’re unconvinced by the more complex, flashy dish drainers then this might be your number! 

The Master Class Aluminium Anti-Rust Dish Drainer Rack is stylish and functional. Its standard size means it can fit in any sink drainage area. Backing it all up is a superb 5-year warranty. 


  • Measures  42L x 30W centimetres
  • Wire frame design 
  • Side-mounted cutlery container 
  • Anti-rust aluminium 


  • Simple and effective design 
  • High-quality aluminium construction 
  • 5-year warranty 
  • Will fit almost all sinks 


  • Basic drainage area size 

Bottom Line

A brilliantly simple dish drainer, the Master Class Aluminium Anti-Rust Dish Drainer Rack does the job courtesy of a high-quality anti-rust aluminium frame. It’s sized to fit by most sinks. 

Great Value Alternative – Kingrack Dish Sink Drainer

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The Kingrack Dish Sink Drainer is an excellent simple dish drainer with 3-in-1 functionality. Primarily, this is a dish drainer that can be placed in the sink’s drainage area like any other dish drainer.

But in addition to that, pull-out sections on either side enable the dish drainer to be placed over a sink which is great for larger dual sinks as it enables utensils and cookware to drain directly over the sink. It can also be used as a strainer or colander. 

A stainless steel design ensures that the Kingrack Dish Sink Drainer is strong and rust-resistant. It can hold 9 plates and has a removable cutlery compartment despite its small size of 35L x 30W x 13.5D centimetres.

Rubber feet keep the drying rack anchored to the kitchen work surface. Overall, this is a simple drying rack that doubles up as a strainer and it’s very useful for quickly rinsing items under the tap. 

Whilst it is a compact dish drainer, it can hold 7 plates and 8 glasses courtesy of a side-mounted glass holder. A simple but effective budget dish drainer. 


  • Measures 35L x 30W x 13.5D centimetres
  • Compact drainage rack
  • Doubles up as a strainer/colander
  • Rubber feet
  • Room for 7 plates with removable cutlery compartment


  • 3-in-1 design 
  • Side-mounted glasses holder
  • Stainless steel through 
  • Non-slip feet


  • Only suitable for individuals, couples and smaller households 

Bottom Line

Compact but well-designed, the Kingrack Dish Sink Drainer has retractable sides allowing it to be used as a colander and strainer. A brilliant smaller dish strainer for general use. 

Dish Drainer Buyer’s Guide

The humble dish drainer takes upon more forms than you might expect. The primary objective of a dish drainer is to organise items in a way to allow for easy drying and drainage. 

The excess water left on cookware, cutlery and utensils has to go somewhere. It’s best if it doesn’t just sit there and accumulate, or worse, run off onto worktops to creep down gaps and cause rotting and mould. Dish drainers solve this issue and allow for kitchen utensils, cutlery and cookware to dry properly whilst also safely storing items before being put away. 

Dish drainers may take the form of traditional dish drainers or over-sink dish drainers. 

Traditional Dish Drainers

Firstly, you have the traditional dish drainer that sits beside the sink in a drainage area. These are easily accessible and have plenty of room for cutlery, bowls, pans, etc.

They’re usually made from metal wire or plastic and feature plenty of containers and compartments. Some even have drainage systems that can direct water back towards the sink for drainage.

Pros of the Traditional Dish Drainer

  • Easily fitted besides most sinks
  • Comfortable and easy to use in a hurry
  • Tried-and-tested design 
  • Room For all kitchen items

Cons of the Traditional Dish Drainer

  • Requires a drying area next to the sink
  • Inefficient use of space

Over the Sink Dish Drainer

Secondly, you have the over-sink dish drainer. These sit over the sink area and allow kitchen items to be suspended over the sink itself. 

This is excellent when there is no dedicated drying area available. Also, by suspending items above the sink, they’ll dry quicker and excess water will just drip straight back into the sink. 

Drainage racks double up as storage and are perfect when you don’t want to put everything away after washing. They can also feature numerous segments designed for draining and drying different kitchen utensils. 

Pros of the Over-Sink Drainer

  • Makes great use of space
  • Elevated drying areas speed up drying (greater airflow)
  • Doubles up as storage 
  • More variation of compartments

Cons of the Over-Sink Drainer

  • Too wide/long/high for some kitchens
  • May not fit over taps


Kitchen dish drainers are clearly a must-have kitchen accessory and there’s more variation you think. The OGORI Over Sink Dish Drainer and Sincalong Over Sink Dish Rack are both premium over-sink drying racks. The former is best for smaller sinks. 

The Master Class Aluminium Anti-Rust Dish Drainer Rack and Kingrack Dish Sink Drainer both represent excellent value and are non-nonsense basic wire frame dish drainers.

The Zova Premium Stainless Steel Dish Drying Rack and OXO Good Grips Foldaway Dish Rack both have innovative features such as drainage systems, and they’re very hard to separate as the best dish drainers.