Best Dog Car Seats in the UK 2021

Travelling with dogs can be very stressful indeed.

Some dogs love travelling but others hate it and though any dog can learn to enjoy car travel, safety is always a priority. 

When travelling with dogs, there are two main options. You can opt for a dog crate that usually fits in the car boot. The problem with car dog crates is that they take up valuable boot space. They’re also unsuitable for dogs that don’t enjoy car travel as they can’t see their owners and can become anxious and stressed. The boot area isn’t that comfortable either and takes a lot of knocks and bumps. 

The superior option is the dog car seat. These are a brilliant innovation that secures your dog safely on a car seat in either the front or back passenger seat (not the driving seat, obviously!)

This article will review the best dog car seat brands in the UK and what to consider when buying a dog car seat.

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Best Overall – Pecute Dog Car Seat Cover 

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This brilliant large dog seat cover and dog car seat combo is extraordinarily good value. It’s very flexible and has 4 uses rolled into 1. Firstly, the Pecute Dog Car Seat Cover can be used as a large double-seat cover, offering 360-degree coverage of all upholstery and trimmings. When used like this, it isn’t a dog car seat as such, but more of a large contained backseat area which is perfect for bigger dogs. 

Pecute Dog Car Seat Cover can also be used as a safer hammock-style dog car seat. This pulls the sides of the cover up towards the roof of the car, forming a container in the middle of your back seats. This would be a more secure option for long distance travel. 

The hammock configuration can also be set up on just one back seat, allowing a passenger to sit in the other. Lastly, it can simply be used as a durable seat cover or even a picnic blanket. 

Made from super-strong waterproof multi-layer fabric, this dog cover is also very durable –  a brilliant option for lively dogs! The fabric is very easy to wipe clean – perfect for muddy walks. 

Pecute Dog Car Seat Cover also comes with a dog strap connectable into seatbelt ports. 


  • Large double seat size (146 x 136cm)
  • Suitable for wider or larger family cars
  • Fully waterproof 
  • 4-in-1 configurations


  • Superb value and flexibility
  • Large enough for bigger dogs and bigger vehicles
  • Enclosed hammock-style dog car seat option 
  • Comes with safety strap


  • On the big side for smaller cars

Bottom Line

A superb 4-in-1 dog car seat cover, this doubles up as a protective hammock as well as a standard car seat cover. The hammock function is ideal for dogs that need to be more enclosed. Durable waterproof fabric ensures that the Pecute Dog Car Seat Cover is easy to clean. 

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Runner Up – MuttStuff Dog Car Seat Cover

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For smaller dogs that love to ride shotgun in the front seat, this is a superb option. It takes a conventional basket style, allowing your dog to sit safely in a basket that is strapped safely to the seat. This is perfect for dogs that like to sit upright and look out of the window. There will be enough room for smaller dogs to sit down, but this is definitely best suited to smaller breeds, e.g. Chihuahuas, Terriers, Beagles, Corgis, Daschunds, etc. 

The MuttStuff Dog Car Seat Cover does double-up as a car seat cover too if your dog doesn’t like/doesn’t need the basket. It’s strapped in via two straps that go around the back of the seat, which makes it easier to install in the front. It can be installed in the back too.

900D waterproof heavy-duty Oxford fabric means that the MuttStuff Dog Car Seat Cover is also durable and easy to clean – perfect for keeping grubby paws off the car seats! The fabric is nicely soft and quilted too. 

It comes with a high-quality safety strap that can be plugged directly into any seatbelt port. Remember to only ever fix this to a harness and not a collar. 


  • Smaller single-seat size for smaller and medium-sized breeds (52 x 52 x 58 cm)
  • Strong Oxford fabric 
  • Doubles up as seat covers
  • Comes with safety strap


  • Safe basket design
  • Fully waterproof and easy to clean
  • Excellent safety strap
  • Soft fabric


  • Only suitable for smaller breeds 

Bottom Line

An innovative design that combines a dog car seat and a dog seat cover. By forming a basket, this is perfect for smaller dogs that need to be enclosed in their own seat. The 900D Oxford fabric is superb – very warm, comfortable and waterproof. The MuttStuff Dog Car Seat Cover also comes with a safety strap. Perfect for smaller breeds. 

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Best Large – Meadowlark X-Large Dog Car Seat Cover

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This is a large dog car seat that comes in two sizes; standard size (137 x 147cm, which suits all cars and some larger vehicles and SUVs, and XL (152.5 x 162.5 cm), for large SUVs, 4x4s, vans, etc.

The seat can be fitted in multiple ways, e.g. as a fully enclosed hammock, a half hammock, enabling someone to sit in the passenger seat, and as a seat cover. There are 5 securing straps for fitting the seat cover to both the back and front seats. 

The material is padded, durable and fully waterproof. It’s super-easy to clean which is vital when your dog gets wet or muddy. It has 3 layers and is double-switched to prevent fraying and tearing.

Build quality here is high and it’s evident that this dog car seat is built to last. It even comes with headrest covers to prevent any damage to rear vehicle headrests. 

All straps and buckles are well-made and heavy-duty, adding to the thoughtful design qualities of this large dog car seat. It also has a non-slip backing to prevent it from sliding down the seats which is a common problem with some other car seat covers. 

The Meadowlark® X-Large Dog Car Seat comes equipped with a dog seat buckle that connects to his or her harness or collar (harnesses are always recommended when dogs are travelling in vehicles). Overall, a top-notch dog car seat cover suitable for practically any vehicle. 


  • Two sizes; XL for large 4x4s, vans and SUVs, and standard, suitable for most vehicle types
  • Durable waterproof fabric 
  • High-quality straps and buckles
  • Comes with headrest covers
  • Equipped with dog seat belt 
  • Can be installed in multiple ways, e.g. as a cover, hammock, etc


  • Fits larger vehicles
  • Superb build quality throughout 
  • Strong, waterproof fabric
  • Easy to fit and secure


  • Not suitable for smaller vehicles 

Bottom Line

A top-notch dog car seat, the Meadowlark® X-Large Dog Car Seat ticks all the boxes and is suitable for a range of larger vehicles. Superb build quality throughout. The best large dog car seat. 

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Best Budget – Bonve Pet Dog Car Seat Cover

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This brilliant dog car seat cover represents tremendous value. It has a simple car seat configuration similar to the OMORC Dog Car Seat Cover and Pecute Dog Car Seat Cover, but is slightly smaller at 147W x 137L cm.

This makes it much easier to fit inside smaller cars, although it can fit in most cars just fine.

By converting the seats and doors, trimmings and all upholstery, this dog car seat cover provides total protection of your interior. 

Unlike other similar dog car seats, this one can’t easily be used as a more secure container, it functions only as a seat cover. If you want to keep your dog more secure then this may not be the dog car seat for you.

Of course, you can still strap your dog into the seatbelt using a seatbelt clip (one is included). Remember to fix this to a harness and not a dog collar. 

The Bonve Pet Dog Car Seat Cover is made from high-quality 600D waterproof coated Oxford fabric which is warm, strong and offers good waterproofing. It can be easily hosed down too, making this dog car seat very easy to clean. 


  • Medium-large double-seat cover (147W x 137L cm)
  • Suitable for the vast majority of cars
  • Strong and waterproof Oxford 600D fabric
  • Comes with a seatbelt clip 


  • Superb value
  • Decent waterproofing
  • Flexible size (not too big for smaller cars)
  • Easy to hose down and clean


  • No secure container configuration 

Bottom Line

For a basic double car seat cover that provides ample protection for seats, this represents brilliant value. It has a simple no-hassle design but is still made from high-quality 600D Oxford fabric which is fully waterproof. A quick and easy-to-use double seat cover. 

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Great Value – SHINE HAI Dog Car Seat Cover 

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Following the same popular style, this is yet another superb value double seat cover for dogs. Again, this has a simpler design than the OMORC Dog Car Seat Cover and Pecute Dog Car Seat Cover.

It works as a seat cover to cover the entire back seats. Unlike other dog car seats, there are no side flaps to cover the doors. It’s probably less suitable for dogs that like to chew or claw at upholstery. 

For well-behaved dogs, though, this is a simple and effective solution. It covers the main area of the back seats and the reverse of the back seats, allowing you to strap your dog into the usual seatbelt ports. 

Made from waterproof 600D fabric, the SHINE HAI Dog Car Seat Cover is also very easy to clean and can be hosed down. It’s an excellent budget choice for travelling to and from walks, etc, with larger dogs especially. 


  • Large double seat size (146 x 136cm)
  • Suitable for wider or larger family cars
  • Fully waterproof 
  • Simple and easy-to-install design 


  • Very good value for well-behaved dogs
  • Doubles up as a normal seat cover
  • Strong Oxford fabric
  • Lightweight and foldable


  • No seatbelt strap included

Bottom Line

For dogs that don’t mind car travel and simply need somewhere to sit comfortably, this is a great option. It’s simple to use and quick and easy to fit into any car. It doesn’t offer the same level of protection for doors as other dog seat covers, but is still made from high-quality waterproof and easy-to-clean Oxford fabric. 

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Highly Recommended – GoBuyer Waterproof Dog Car Seat Booster

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If you’re looking for a more enclosed, secure dog car seat then this is a superb choice. It isn’t the same style as other dog car seat covers, instead acting more as a booster seat.

That means it’s only suitable for smaller-sized breeds. The advantage here is that having smaller dogs roaming the back seats over double seat covers still leaves them liable to flying about when you’re driving around. A more secure booster seat like this is better for smaller dogs. 

The GoBuyer Waterproof Dog Car Seat for Dogs is only suitable for dogs weighing 8kg or under. It has a flexible design that can be placed on either the front or rear seats thanks to a set of straps that can be fixed to both front and rear seats. 

With waterproof and strong 600D Oxford fabric and PVU mesh, this is strong enough for smaller dogs that love to wriggle around a lot. There’s a strap attached allowing you to strap your dog into their harness within the seat. 


  • Small dog car seat for dogs equal or under 8kg
  • 600D waterproof Oxford fabric
  • Can be fitted in either the front or back
  • Safety strap built-in


  • Perfect for small dogs that need to be enclosed and secure
  • Excellent build quality
  • Waterproof and easy to clean 
  • Works in the front or back


  • None

Bottom Line

Representing brilliant value, the GoBuyer Waterproof Dog Car Seat Booster Car Booster Seat for Dogs is a great choice for small breeds. With its booster seat design, it allows small dogs to sit upright, keeping them secure and relaxed. It has a built-in safety strap and is made from high-quality waterproof fabric.

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Choosing a Dog Car Seat

There are only really three major considerations when choosing a dog car seat. 


Dog car seats can be made of soft fabric like cotton or fleece or more durable waterproof materials. If you want a seat for transporting a small well-behaved little dog then fleece is great as it’s also warm and comfy. For bigger dogs that love to get muddy and wet, you’ll be glad of waterproof fabric! Waterproof fabrics are also much easier to clean. Most car seats/covers use Oxford fabrics which are waterproof. You can easily deck out the seat/cover with blankets of your own. 


Dog car seats come in two main formats. Firstly, you have dog car seat covers. These are durable seat covers that turn your seat or seats into areas suitable for dogs to sit. They are best for large dogs that need more room to sit or lie down. They protect upholstery and trimmings and are often waterproof.

Secondly, you have dog booster seats. These resemble child booster seats and are more suitable for smaller dogs. They can elevate smaller dogs, enabling them to see outside of the car. They’re also more secure for smaller dogs that are more vulnerable to sudden movements when the car is moving. 


Dog car seat covers usually cover one or two seats. Single-seat covers fit over one seat and often have a basket for your dog to sit in. They’re generally best for smaller dogs. One of their major benefits is that they can be fitted into the front passenger seat, which is excellent if your dog likes to stay close to you in the car.

Larger double-seat dog car seats cover the entire back of the car. These generally fit across the entire back of the car. They’re suitable for bigger dogs, or multiple dogs. Some are multi-purpose and can be installed in just one seat.

The Many Benefits of Dog Car Seats


Safety is the greatest priority when travelling by car, though. Dog car seats usually feature a basket or reinforced sides, keeping your dog tucked in safely. This doubles up with a safety strap that you plug directly into your car’s seat belt. 

Bear in mind that it’s absolutely essential that you strap your dog into your car. Most dogs are considerably lighter than humans and they can move suddenly if you have to brake the car quickly. When strapping a dog in, make sure you use a harness and not a collar. 


Dog car seats place your dog in a part of the car where they can see outside and see their beloved owner! That can be crucial for anxious dogs who don’t like car travel. The closer they are to you, the more comfortable and secure they feel. 

Made with soft materials, dog car seats are also comfortable, warm and soft. 

Can Help Prevent Motion Sickness and Chewing

Some dogs can suffer badly from motion sickness. By keeping dogs upright at a higher eye level, motion sickness is greatly reduced. Dogs can also chew upholstery and car trimmings, especially when they’re anxious. Dog car seats cover the upholstery, preventing chewing altogether (as well as mud and claw marks).


Some brilliant options here. Your choice depends on whether you want a bigger seat cover-style configuration or an actual dog car seat (like a booster seat). 

Seat covers like the Pecute Dog Car Seat Cover and OMORC Dog Car Seat Cover are best for bigger dogs that like to or need to ride in the back. Booster seats like the MuttStuff Dog Car Seat Cover and GoBuyer Waterproof Dog Car Seat Booster are only suitable for smaller breeds and are much safer for them as they’re much lighter and vulnerable to sudden movements.

In any case, you’ll be able to strap your dog in safely into any of these products. Just make sure you attach them to a harness and not a dog collar. 


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