Best Expandable Hoses in the UK 2021

The main advantage of using an extendable hose comes from its lack of space and storage requirements, unlike conventional hoses which are rigid and usually need wall-mounted reels.

Expandable hoses have the benefit of being able to shrink down to sizes that are easy to store in a bag or box while maintaining their lightweight properties.

There are various different brands of expandable hoses online, so it’s important to do your research first.

This article will review the best expandable hose pipe brands in the UK and considerations when buying an expandable hose pipe.

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Best Overall — Flexi Hose Expandable Garden Hose

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The Flexi Hose Expandable Hose is durable, the hose has super strong latex combined with a woven polyester sleeving which prevents damage to the hose while also keeping the hose lightweight.

This expandable hose comes in variable lengths ranging from 50–100 ft in length which means that it’s able to fit almost any garden environment.

The added benefit of this particular variant of the hose is that the water head has eight different modules, this makes the hose flexible and adaptable depending on the applications which it is expected to undertake which are shown below:

This particular version of the Flexi Hose has been upgraded to be more durable and more reliable, the brass fittings which are used as its connectors ensure damage is limited from multiple uses further increasing its value on this list.


  • Available in 50ft, 75ft & 100ft (perfect for the majority of gardens)
  • Better design increasing reliability and durability
  • Less storage space needed
  • Works reliably at up to 12 bar of pressure


  • Polyester sleeving can make it prone to getting caught on surfaces or shrubbery

Runner Up — Yodifra Expandable Garden Hose

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With an offering of four different lengths (25ft, 50ft, 75ft & 100ft) Yodifra has brought an expandable hose to the market which also caters for the smaller gardens or areas.

The Yodifra expanding hose has 12 settings for the nozzle meaning you can quickly switch between steady stream to a concentrated pulse with ease

It also contracts to its original size within minutes of pressure being lost and offers a slide down connector mechanism which makes connecting to the main water supply or different nozzles easy.

The hose pipe itself is durable due to triple latex layering rather than thicker latex and they also offer a storage bag which is definitely an appealing feature if you are lacking in overall space to store it yourself.

This expandable hose comes with a 12-month warranty speaking volumes for the quality manufacturing of this device.


  • Double layered latex for flexible durability
  • Storage bag included
  • 25ft length included for smaller gardens


  • Expansion varies from specified lengths

Best Budget — Pathanor Garden Expandable Hose

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The Pathanor expandable hose is on this list due to having a great balance of pricing and features. The hose comes with a storage bag, gloves, connection adapters for the main supply, and nozzle guns as well as being manufactured out of reasonably durable materials.

Coming in three length variants being 25ft 50ft and 100ft this hose is adaptive to a significant amount of gardens and work areas.

The hose has ABS fittings offering more resistance and rigidity than standard plastic components. There is also a 180-day refund policy meaning that if you’re unhappy with the performance or characteristics of the hose then the company will return all money.

Pathanor’s included nozzle gun has nine settings that fit almost all applications.

The relatively low price in combination with its features means that this expandable hose offers some great value for money especially if you’re on a limited budget.


  • 9 nozzle gun settings
  • Includes storage bag & gloves


  • Plastic fittings
  • No 75ft variant

Cheap, But Good — Suplong Expandable Hose

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The Suplong Expandable Hose has everything which a low-frequency user could need. The hose has a cheap price in comparison to its counterparts and maintains satisfactory features to make it a fairly dependable garden hose.

Coming with 7 nozzle head settings along with 100ft and 150ft variations the hose has some appeal, especially if your garden is larger than most.

This particular design has been upgraded to prevent leakage of the connectors which were primarily basic plastic previously, this is also combined with a brass style connector for the mains supply allowing for ease of use making garden applications even more efficient.

Suplong Expandable Hose also like the others on this list protects the inner expandable hose with a webbing material that is satisfactory, however, may not be particularly robust especially if running the hose line across a course or sharp-edged surface.

The hose, like many on this list, isn’t able to be stored outside in adverse weather conditions such as direct sunlight and cold temperatures, however, this isn’t much of an issue due to this brand also offering a storage bag that makes space-saving easy.


  • 7 settings on nozzle head
  • 150ft expansion available


  • Plastic fittings and connectors used
  • No smaller lengths available

Well Reviewed — FIXKIT Expandable Hose

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This FIXKIT Expandable Hose finds itself on this list for being well-reviewed rather than for its market-separating features.

The hose comes with a storage bag and hose hanging bracket, has copper connectors rather than plastic or brass, and also operates within a nominal value of 3–12 Bar of pressure like the majority of brands.

The nozzle spray head features 8 settings as standard along with silicon seals throughout the connections in order to prevent leakage as much as possible.

Inside the hose sits a 3 fold natural latex material for expansion as well as moderate protection from possible cuts or punctures, around the latex you’ll find a woven fabric type shielding which has the appearance and texture of rope, shielding varies across brands but this seems to be moderate-satisfactory for general average garden use.

The pricing for this hose is around the middle to high end in comparison to the other hose types we have mentioned on this list, and the features of the hose are reasonable for this price mark.

The sizing/length of the hoses has the general standards of 50ft, 75ft & 100ft, however, lacks the smaller 25ft variant which could offer a much better sizing for smaller gardens or smaller distances from mains supplies.

This is a great choice for somebody looking for a middle-tier featured, dependable expansion hose.


  • Operates Between 3–12 Bar
  • 8 Nozzle Head Settings


  • Not extremely robust hose shielding
  • Plastic fittings
  • No 25ft Hose Option

Considerations When Choosing an Expandable Hose Pipe

The market for expandable hoses is pretty saturated and it can become confusing to work out which brand or design works best for you.When considering which hoses are best equipped for your needs is important to decide the following:

Nozzle Head

All brands on this list and in the market claim to have anywhere from 7–10 nozzle head settings featuring concentrated pulses, steady jets and steaming functions which are all useful depending on the applications you will be using your hose for.

It’s best to identify what uses your hose will have and then find the brand or design which meets or exceeds these expectations.

Hose Shielding

Expandable hoses due to their expanding traits are quite prone to punctures and easily being cut causing frequent leakages, brands vary between synthetic and natural latexes.

They also offer different styles of shielding for these latexes using rope-like webbing or woven polyester, which is the best for you depends on the surfaces you’ll expect the hose to run on and the risk of the hosing being caught or damaged by sharper objects.


Brass, copper, ABS Plastics as well as standard plastic connectors are the most popular materials. Expandable hoses frequently leak from their fittings due to poor fitment or poor sealing within the actual connector.

The general best connector would be brass which inhibits corrosion from outside variables such as sunlight and temperature although a plastic composite with good silicone sealant may be satisfactory enough for you depending on usage frequency as brass/copper alloy fittings are longer lasting and more durable.

To Sum Up

Overall the list features something for everybody whether it’s budget low usage applications that you need or if you’re more of a high-frequency user.

The Flexi-Hose offers a high-quality option for consumers who are planning on using it frequently while also needing reliability.

Of the budget options, we have Pathanor which offers great features and better than plastic connectors due to them being ABS variants. If you want rapid-release features and don’t want to purchase the extra fittings then Yodifra offers this with their handy slide-down fitments.

The hoses mentioned are all around the same ballpark in terms of specifications with only materials and design sets them apart and which one is correct for you depends on the considerations mentioned in the article.


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