Best Fogging Machines in the UK 2021

A fogging machine – also known as a ‘fogger’ – is a deep cleaning appliance that emits a fine spray chemical solution to eliminate bacteria, odour, pests, and mould growth.

With the recent virus concerns and society now returning to their usual places of work, the demand for first-rate deep cleaning solutions is higher than ever.

Fogging machines are able to disinfect and decontaminate spaces far faster than traditional manual cleaning – offering an attractive and cost-effective solution across almost every sector in helping to satisfy the increasingly strict safety standards.

This article will review the best fogging machine brands in the UK and considerations when buying a fogging machine.

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Best Overall – SuperHandy Fogger Atomizer Sprayer

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If you’re looking for a combination of practicality and excellent performance, the SuperHandy Fogger Atomizer Sprayer is a clever choice. Designed and developed by the notable SuperHandy brand, it comes with an array of appealing features that enable it to stand out among its competitors.

This first-class atomiser fogger generates ultra low volume (ULV) droplets, equipping it with the means to effectively tackle the entire spectrum of hygiene hassles from pests to pathogens.

Thanks to its strong 1200W 240V motor, a 12L tank capacity, and a maximum flow rate of 750ml, the SuperHandy Fogger can achieve wide distribution and intense penetration of the aerosol content across a horizontal and vertical coverage of 6m and 2m respectively.

In addition, the model’s sizable tank has a wide mouth that’s easy to fill, with a screen filter to prevent the accumulation of dirt and an extended coiled hose.

Also suitable for evaporative cooling, the ability of the SuperHandy Fogger to cover extended areas effectively makes the equipment ideal for use in larger spaces such as hospitals, schools, theatres, and factories.


  • 1200W/240V AC electric motor
  • Tank capacity of 12L/ 3 gallons
  • Ultra-low volume particles
  • Maximum Flow Rate of 750ML/min


  • Ideal for larger areas
  • Easy-fill tank
  • Works at a high speed
  • Simple to use


  • Uses European plug, so requires UK adapter
  • Cable slightly on the short side

Bottom Line

For a straightforward yet sophisticated device that can speedily address the deep cleaning needs of spacious areas, the balance between economy and efficiency of the SuperHandy Fogger Atomizer Sprayer makes it a worthy winner.

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Runner Up – INMAKER Portable Fogger Machine

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Coming a slick second on the list of our first-rate fogging UK machines is the portable Fogger Machine From the INMAKER brand.

Compact and comfortable, this machine is easy to use and, thanks to its long, flexible hose, can access even the most awkward of areas.

Fitted with a fierce 1400W motor and an adjustable droplet diameter, this gadget can generate particles ranging from 5 to 50 microns in size – giving it high-performance capabilities and generous maximum coverage of up to 17m.

With an enormous, easy-fill tank capacity of 13.25L/ 3.5 gallons. its clever filter screen feature prevents nozzle blockage, maintaining prime performance during even challenging cleanups.

Manufactured in an ergonomic shape and a crisp white colour, the INMAKER Portable Fogger includes a corrosion-resistant mist blower – a feature that makes the machine more resilient.

Designed to maximise both comfort and convenience, the INMAKER Portable Fogger Machine is versatile enough to use in a variety of indoor and outdoor business and residential spaces.


  • 1400W/220V electric motor
  • Sizable tank capacity
  • Adjustable droplet diameter
  • Meets European Standards BS EN 14476


  • Great for larger areas
  • Great for hard to reach spots
  • Durable design
  • Easy to use


  • Quite loud

Bottom Line

The INMAKER Fogger Machine Disinfection is an excellent tool fit for a range of deep cleaning and disinfection tasks. Easy to carry around and efficient, it’s perfect for getting the job done in larger spaces.

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Best Premium – G Garden Sprayer Fogger Machine

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For browsers seeking a top-class cleaning aid with additional fancy features, the G Garden Sprayer Fogger Machine could be just what they are looking for.

Equipped with an ergonomically designed handle and padded straps and belts, this device is designed to minimise discomfort even over longer periods of use.

Made in a steel grey shade, a mighty 1400W motor and hefty 12L tank enable this machine to achieve maximum horizontal coverage of 5m and vertical coverage of 2m.

With a Maximum Flow Rate of 750ML per minute and an extra-long commercial hose, this is a fogger that can deliver rapid, rigorous cleaning to suit almost any needs.

Its Ultra Low Volume (ULV) droplets have an adjustable diameter of 0-50 microns. This enables the fogger to be used in a wide cross-section of indoor and outdoor spaces with minimal disruption – making it suitable for use even in areas housing animals and delicate vegetation such as flowerbeds and crops.


  • 1400W/230V AC electric motor
  • Maximum Flow Rate of 750ML/min
  • Adjustable droplet diameter
  • Extra-long hose


  • Top-of the-range appliance
  • Features allow for versatile use
  • Designed for ease and comfort
  • Excellent area accessibility


  • Filling tank can be slightly awkward

Bottom Line

The G Fogger Machine Disinfectant is a wise choice for those with bigger budgets seeking an industry-standard machine. It’s sturdy yet relatively light that delivers very effective results.

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Best Budget – Zuvo Portable ULV Disinfecting Fogging Machine

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The Zuvo Portable ULV Disinfecting Fogging Machine tops the list for frugal yet functional fogging machines.

A notable feature of this model is its triple nozzle design. This trio of atomisers ensures a more uniform distribution of spray and enables the machine to operate at low-temperature levels.

This reduces its energy footprint, whilst its O-ring feature keeps the fogging machine air-tight and non-corrosive, with a back cover protecting the fan from clogging.

Despite its slightly lower power rate of 1200W, the Zuvo Portable ULV Disinfecting Fogging Machine is still a quick and convenient cleaner.

Its 5L tank capacity tank has an adjustable fixed valve that makes it less labour-intensive, whilst an adjustable flow rate of 150-260ml per minute and slimline form makes it ideal for use in homes and offices.


  • 1200W/220V
  • Triple nozzle design
  • Adjustable spraying speed
  • Waterproof and dustproof cover


  • Even spray distribution
  • Compact and portable
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Cost-friendly


  • Can be noisy when in use
  • Small tank capacity

Bottom Line

For a basic and budget-friendly germ buster that can be used on the go and get the job done with no frills, this little gadget is a great choice.

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Great Value Alternative – Vogvigo Electric ULV Sprayer Fogging Machine

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Another solid cost-friendly option to consider, the Electric ULV Sprayer comes with a power rate of 1200W and an easy 1-button display.

Crafted in a powder blue hue, this fogger is fitted with a 4.5L tank, a shockproof nebulizer nozzle, and a solution tube and air tube both made from silica gel for extra corrosion resistance.

Its special features include two adjustable functions: an adjustable spraying speed and an adjustable angle. Its atomisation flux function enables a user to control the flow of solution, whilst its flexible base can enable the fogger to be positioned to spray at a higher or lower angle within a 60° range.

This allows the fogger to spray up to a decent distance of 10m – making it capable of cleaning roomier spaces in double quick time at the turn of a knob.


  • 1200W/220V
  • Spraying distance of up to 10m
  • Adjustable spraying speed of 150-260ML/ min
  • 4.5L capacity tank


  • Adjustable spraying (speed, distance, and angle)
  • Sturdy construction
  • One-button operation
  • Affordable


  • Limited tank capacity

Bottom Line

The Electric ULV Sprayer Fogging Machine is a choice worthy of consideration for those looking for a fogger with a wider spray coverage and decent functionality at the lower end of the price scale.

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Considerations When Buying a Fog Sprayer

With so many forms, functions, and features to choose from, finding the fogger which fits best can be tricky. The best option will strike an optimum balance between practicality and price – which will vary from person to person.

Below are some of the key factors to consider for any potential buyers at the browsing stage.

Tank Capacity

These can range anywhere from as small as 1L to 15L. As a general rule of thumb, a 5L tank will cover about 600m² and covering roughly 20m² will take about 2 minutes depending on the motor power.

Spraying Range

Depending on the motor power, a disinfectant fogger may be able to covera horizontal area anywhere from 5 – 10m.  

Comfort to Wear

Check if the product has any extra features that help with carrying and wearing the fogger. Look at for padded shoulder straps, belts for the lumbar section for example. Obviously lighter models won’t need as many of these features.

Size and Portability

Foggers exist in different sizes to suit varying needs. Ask yourself whether you may need to transport your fogging machine to other locations or carry it outside or up and down flights of stairs.

Some models will weigh less than 1kg whereas larger models will weigh up to 6-7 kg.

Droplet Size

Ensure that your fogger can generate fog and mist of ultra low volume (ULV) droplets between 0-50μm in size. Droplets these sizes are better for fighting pathogens and vector carriors.

Adjustable Spraying Angle & Flow Rate

Adjusting the angle of spray allows for better coverage as well as the ability to reach higher areas. Flow rates are generally adjustable depending on the scenarios and environment.

Most products have a maximum flow rate of 750ML/minute but there are some that are slightly lower at 650ML/minute


The fogging machines in our lineup share several similar features which appeal to a consumer audience. It is their subtle – but crucial – differences that set them apart as serving certain consumer requirements better than others.

For the decontamination of larger open spaces, the mighty motors and titanic tanks of the SuperHandy INMAKER and G Fogger make them shrewd choices, whereas the more petite, portable Zuvo and Electric ULV Sprayer make them prime picks for smaller-scale interior jobs.

Looking out for the unique specifications which suit your plans – in line with the buying tips shared above – will help you to quickly identify the fogging machine which will best conquer whatever cleaning challenges you throw its way!


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