Best Garden Forks in the UK 2021

The best garden fork tools are an indispensable item to any keen gardener. 

The long-handled character of these tools makes light work for soil and groundwork, making them a vital part of any garden shed.

Although easily recognisable, it can be tough to know which one is right for you with all the options available online.

This article will review the best garden fork brands in the UK and considerations when buying a garden fork.

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Best Overall – Roamwild Multi-Digger Garden Spading Fork

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The RoamWild Multi-Digger is our best overall choice when it comes to the best garden fork. With this one tool, you have everything that you could need when it comes to digging.

The reinforced materials are durable and lightweight, while the lump chopping blade has been designed with a diamond pointed taper that makes for much more efficient digging and breaking up of soil.

This non-clumping tapered design is unique to the RoamWild fork creating a large surface area that provides one of the easiest in practice solutions to garden work available on the market.

The extended length of the fork also adds to this ease of use, leaving less need to bend over when working.

The inclusion of two grip sets has been added, giving you more options when it comes to digging. Having an extra grip gives a much more comfortable feeling when in use.

In addition, the air-light design is innovative and works well, allowing the user to create the maximum close up control needed for powerful digging. 

The grip and handle have been ergonomically designed to offer more flexibility and control compared to other options available on the market.

The shaft has been made using reinforced fibreglass for extra strength and a lightweight structure overall. All materials used are designed to be UV stable to add a prolonged lifespan.

This fibreglass shaft, light AIR ergonomic handle design and coated durable blade ensure that this fork gives a comfortable and lightweight digging experience every time.

With every purchase, a RoamWild warranty is included giving you 100% of your money back if you do not feel completely satisfied with your product. 


  • Fibreglass reinforced shaft
  • Double-grip handle
  • Lump-free prongs


  • Easy digging with a wide footplate
  • Unique shaped blade promotes efficiency
  • Comfortable dual-grip handle


  • A little more expensive than some other options

Bottom Line

This is our best overall choice when it comes to the best garden forks available. It is a little more expensive than other options available, but if you are willing to invest a little extra, you will have the perfect garden tool for a lifetime.

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Runner Up – JCB Professional Solid Forged Garden Fork

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The JCB Professional Forged garden fork, with its more extensive than average characteristics, is a solid forged, single-piece garden fork with no joins or welds to minimise any chance of weak spots.

Made with lightweight materials, this garden fork is the perfect choice for removing tones, digging and weeding. 

High carbon steel is used in the construction of this long-handled garden tool, making it durable.

A fork made of wood will deteriorate over time when left outside, but the ergonomic YD handle made from high-carbon steel will not. This should be an ideal addition to the gardening forks you currently own if you require one.

The specifically designed JCB Hotstamp to Socket forks use tapered lines that advocate a clean and precise cut into the dirt. This design also deters clumping on the forks for more efficient use, allowing you to retract and dig without any extra pressure or power needed.

The carbon steel materials used in this garden fork make it the perfect choice for home improvements, ideal for work on garden turf and borders.

You will see this garden fork come into its own when performing delicate tasks such as turning over soil beds and weeding. In addition, this fork is excellent for jobs such as digging, loosening soil, aerating the soil and removing any excess stones.

JCB is a well-known manufacturer around tradespeople, and for a good reason. All of their tools have been designed for experienced builders, horticulturists and gardeners.

To complete the range, this fork is a part of a collection of site shovels, socket shovels, grafting spades, and fence post auger’s all available within the JCB tool lineup.


  • YD handle for extra comfort
  • Lightweight design
  • Weather-resistant materials


  • Lightweight
  • Durable materials
  • Tapered lines create a clean cut


  • A little more expensive than some other options

Bottom Line

Overall the JCB Professional Solid Forged garden fork is one of the best. With a trusted brand like JCB, this fork was always going to be a good performer. With a lightweight design and durable materials, this is a fork that will last a long time.

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Best Budget – Spear & Jackson Traditional Stainless Steel Digging Fork

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If you’re looking for the best budget option, the Spear & Jackson Traditional Stainless Steel digging fork is the perfect addition to your garden shed.

The entire shaft is made from a single piece of wood that splits to a wishbone-styled handle offering the most comfort possible. In addition, this use of a single piece of hardwood provides better durability and a more stylish finish.

This garden fork is so stylish, but it doesn’t mean more functional areas have been overlooked. The entire garden fork has been covered with a weatherproof finish allowing you to work in any type of conditions.

Another feature that Spear & Jackson excels in is the head. Constructed with mirror polished stainless steel, this fork is resistant to rust and damage caused by rust.

The smooth finish of the mirror polish also helps prevent any soil adhesion, making both cleaning and digging much easier.

Spear & Jackson has been delivering high-quality products that meet the standards that you deserve. First founded in 1760, Spear & Jackson have been using the best quality materials in their tools to provide durability and longevity.


  • Lightweight design
  • Lifespan enhancing qualities
  • Wishbone handle design


  • 10-year warranty
  • Rust-resistant materials for a longer lifespan
  • Weatherproof shaft adds to the durability


  • Better for light digging

Bottom Line

Overall the Spear & Jackson is our best budget option. The lightweight design and comfortable handle allow for comfortable use, although this garden fork may not be the most suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

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Great Value Alternative – Draper Carbon Steel Garden Fork

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The Draper Carbon Steel Garden Fork is our great value alternative, a great option if you’re looking for the best garden fork without the high price tag.

This garden fork has been made using epoxy coated carbon steel that has been hardened and tempered for improved durability. Fitted With a YD handle, this is a fork that has been designed with comfort in mind.

Just as with all Draper tools, the Draper Carbon Steel garden fork has been designed to be used for a long time with durable materials that are tough and great value for money.

No matter if you’re an experienced professional who has been using this kind of tool for years, or an early DIYer looking to make a start at some home improvements, the ergonomic design gives quality to all that use it. 

For over 90 years, the Draper name has brought the best quality tools to people worldwide. However, with their strict ethical nature and high-intensity vetting process, all their materials are at their very peak.


  • 2kg in weight
  • Epoxy coated for extra durability
  • YD handle


  • Ergonomically designed for extra comfort
  • Carbon steel made for durability


  • Not ideal for more heavy-duty work

Bottom Line

The Draper Carbon Steel Garden Fork is an excellent option for anyone looking for true value for money. Although this isn’t the ideal choice for more heavy-duty work, any home improvements needed can be easily made with this garden fork.

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Well Reviewed – Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Border Fork

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The Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Broder fork offers high-quality and durability with each use.

The materials used give top-tier performances only elevated further with the ergonomically designed ash handle that is both comfortable and weatherproof. 

This garden tool has been made using mirror polished stainless steel providing better entrance into the soil. Not only does this material give a good cut into the earth, but it also makes the fork easy to clean, helping prolong the life of the fork while also offering resistance to any rusting that could occur.

The Wilkinsons Sword Stainless Steel Border Fork is the perfect accompaniment to your flower beds at home, plus any herbaceous areas that surround your garden area.

This garden fork is also the ideal option if you need to lift any plants and fork in manure or any other fertilising agent. 

The head found on the garden fork is a little smaller than the standard sizes found, but this works in your favour if you find that the area you’re digging is a little smaller than average.

With a ten year guarantee, you are sure to get good use out of this fork, and if you find that it is not working as well as it should, you’re covered for a long time.


  • Stainless steel materials
  • Designed for resistance against weathers
  • Designed to create a clean cut into the ground


  • Lightweight 1kg design
  • Rust resistant 


  • Lightweight design makes heavy duty work more difficult

Bottom Line

Overall the Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Garden Fork is a great choice. It sits in the middle ground in terms of price but still offers some of the fantastic characteristics you would find on the more premium models.

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Considerations When Choosing The Best Garden Fork

There are many considerations that need to be made when it comes to buying the best garden fork, with many people opting to try and spend as little as possible and be on their way, but this shouldn’t be the case.

Let us look at some of the features and considerations you should look out for in your new garden fork.

The Head and Tine

The head and tine are probably the most crucial part of the entire fork. If possible, you should buy a garden fork with a forged steel tine and head due to its robust characteristics.

This means you can overwork your fork without any bending or breaking. On the other hand, Cheaper forks made from materials such as aluminium are great for light-duty work, although these are not recommended for all gardening jobs as they can bend with heavier duty work.

Tine Shape

Depending on the purpose of your best garden fork will determine the tine shape you need.

It is worth remembering that tines are not equipped for turning over or digging the ground. If this is the kind of garden work you want to complete, a flat-faced tine fork is a perfect option.

If you’re looking to harvest crops, a fork with blunt tips should be chosen. It is always recommended to get a garden fork with four tines.


A long handle is a great option to choose as it will reduce the amount of effort expelled when working.

The standard fork handle size has a 30-inch long handle and will help you work as efficiently as possible.

There are many options available regarding material, with the best-being hardwood, steel, and fibreglass.

Although a wooden or steel option will be a little less expensive, expect your fork to be heavier. Steel is also susceptible to rust. 

Shape of Handle

When it comes to the handle shape, you can choose a few options: T, D, round or straight. The efficiency doesn’t change with the handle you decide. It is based on personal preference. It should be noted that T handle forks do tend to break easier than others, so if you buy a cheap plastic T handled fork, after heavy use, it could break.


There are multiple ways you can build the best garden fork. Traditional forks with wooden handles are usually created by heating the metal collar and inserting the handle into a sleeve.

The entire tool is finally plunged into cold water to shrink the metal and seal the handle and fork to the wooden areas of the tool. A handle made using this method can work loose, so a riveted head is a better choice.

Another good option is with a bolted head that will keep the fork securely in place. Modern forks can also be made using one piece of steel.

To Sum Up

When it comes to the best garden fork, it’s sometimes hard to choose.

However, with many people opting for the cheapest available to them, spending a little extra will ensure that your garden fork goes a lot further.

With a more durable design, they will handle the strains of even some of the most heavy-duty tasks.

How much will your project cost?