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Best Glass Kettles in the UK 2022

Traditional kettles often come with one clear issue, you can’t see how much water is really in the kettle. We’ve all been there, you fill up your kettle, boil it and pour, only to find you didn’t have enough in to fill your cup. 

The solution of course is to get a glass kettle. These offer you the ability to see through the kettle and get a clear view of the level of water inside, allowing you to put in only the right amount of water you need.

In this article, we will cover the best glass kettle brands in the UK and what to consider when buying a glass kettle. 

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Best Overall – Russell Hobbs Glass Filter Kettle

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The combination of the Brita filter and the excellent build quality of the well-known brand being its key defining feature.

The key feature, the filter, is an excellent way for those who are health conscious to get clean filtered water whilst making their tea and coffee.

The Brita filter ensures that you don’t get that slightly tainted taste in your brew of choice, also meaning that the water you boil is free from chemicals and additives often introduced by the water companies to reduce waterborne viruses. 

The filter also works to reduce limescale in the kettle, and protect you from consuming harmful copper and lead, which can sometimes be found in water. 

The kettle has a large capacity, sitting at 1.5 litres overall with a 1-litre boil capacity, it will give you plenty of water capacity should you need to make a full round of drinks, or boil enough to fill a large pan. 

The kettle is composed of glass, with a plastic handle and a 3000w power rating. The Russell Hobbs also comes with a blue light which illuminates the water in the kettle once it reaches boiling temperature.

On top of the kettle is a small display, allowing you to see the lifespan of your filter, as well as reminding you of when the filter needs to be changed.


  • 1.0 litre boil capacity
  • Brita filter attachment
  • Blue boil light
  • Digital lid display


  • Comes with filters
  • Removable washable filter
  • Cartridge replacement reminder


  • No specific measure lines

Bottom Line

The Russell Hobbs is a fantastic kettle for those looking to invest in a kettle that does more than simply boil water. The filter provides fresh, purified water with a significant reduction of limescale build-up for those living in hard water areas. A great choice for your list of considerations. 

Runner Up – Pohl Schmitt 1.7L Electric Kettle with Upgraded Stainless Steel Filter

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By the highly reputable and world-renowned Pohl Schmitt, this large 1.7L kettle combines style with functionality and a trademark build quality. The kettle itself is made from high-quality brushed stainless steel and borosilicate glass.

No plastics make contact with the boiling water during use, even when full. The thermostat will auto-cut-off once the water reaches boiling point, and will also detect when there’s no water in the kettle, in which case the kettle will also automatically shut off. 

The kettle will boil a full load of water in some 3 to 7-minutes which is well above-average considering the size of the kettle. It has an LED indicator light that illuminates the water during use.

This is clearly a well-made kettle with a family-sized reservoir. It also has a stainless steel microfilter which filters out scale and other impurities. 

This kettle looks the part and will suit all manner of kitchen designs. Pohl Schmitt has an international reputation for high-quality kitchenware and this kettle is kitted out with all the mod-cons such as boil-dry protection. 


  • 1.7L kettle 
  • Stainless steel and glass construction 
  • Boils in 3 to 7 minutes
  • Auto-shut-off 
  • Boil-dry protection
  • Microfilter 


  • Superb build quality and aesthetics
  • Shuts off when there’s no water in the kettle 
  • Beautiful LED indicator 
  • No plastics make contact with the water


  • Rather heavy 

Bottom Line

An aesthetically beautiful kettle with a large 1.7L reservoir. Fully equipped with all the safety features you need to shut the kettle off when there’s no water inside, or when it’s fully boiled. The runner-up. 

Great Functionality – ON2NO Electric Kettle 1.7 Litre

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For a budget price, this powerful 3000w kettle will boil water in around 6 minutes. That’s impressive considering its 1.7L reservoir.

It’s well-made from a combination of borosilicate glass and food-grade 304 stainless steel, and has a double wall to improve durability and sturdiness. It’s a large kettle which will suit families and larger households. 

This kettle shuts off within 30 seconds when water is fully boiled and auto-shuts-off when it detects there’s no water in the reservoir.

It also has a ‘keep warm’ feature that keeps boiled water warm until it’s completely switched off. There’s an LED indicator to show when the kettle is on/keeping the water warm or completely switched off. 

This is clearly a well-made kettle for the price. It’s quite bulky and heavy but is structurally sound and has a no-mess drip-free spout and a high-quality lid. The base itself is sturdy and allows the kettle to be put on at any angle. For the price, this superb kettle has plenty of useful modern functions and features. 


  • 1.7L kettle 
  • Stainless steel and glass construction 
  • Boils in 3 to 6 minutes
  • Auto-shut-off 
  • Boil-dry protection
  • ‘Keep warm’ mode


  • Sturdy large kettle 
  • Auto-shut-off when boiled and dry 
  • LED indicator 
  • Useful ‘keep warm’ feature


  • Heavy 

Bottom Line

Another large kettle with great functionality. The Gaberlee 1.7L kettle has all the features and functionality you need combined with a sturdy, well-made and structurally sound build quality.

Best Budget – Ansio Glass Electric Kettle


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For those who are looking to buy a really good-looking kettle on a tighter budget, the Ansio may be your perfect choice. The budget kettle comes with some of the features that are best overall and a huge capacity for the price. 

The capacity sits at 1.7 litres, which for the price is a great size. Similar to our top choice, the base of the kettle is made of metal and plastic for easy cleaning.

The kettle comes with a long cord that can be stored in the base of the unit, as well as an LED light ring, set into the bass of the kettle which lights up when the kettle is set to boil. 

The safety features are powered by Strix technology, the filter set into the spout prevents any limescale from passing through the spout. The spout is an easy pour spout, which makes it simple to use and pour without causing a mess. 


  • 1.7 litre capacity 
  • Blue light indicator
  • Strix thermostat


  • Attractive design
  • Large capacity 
  • Easy to clean


  • The spout isn’t as wide as others 

Bottom Line

The Ansio is the perfect choice for those who are shopping on a budget. It has a larger capacity than most kettles of the same price range, along with steadfast safety features and an attractive design. This is an excellent option for your next glass kettle.

Best Portable – Russell Hobbs Compact 0.85L Glass Kettle

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The Russell Hobbs compact is a miniature kettle of epic proportions for those who are on the move and need to take their kettle with them.

The cordless operation is the best selling feature of this compact little kettle, allowing it to be moved from location to location, and takes up less space than you would think.

Don’t let the compact size put you off buying the kettle, it holds up to 0.8 litres, which is plenty if you have a smaller household or if you need to take it with you to work.

The design is slim and unassuming, whilst the glass body makes the kettle fit for use in any style of kitchen. 

Similar to the others on our list, the compact comes with a blue ring that lights up when you start to boil your water, the silver accents on the kettle are stainless steel, meaning that they are resistant to rust and staining.

The stainless steel is also very easy to clean. 

The heating element in the kettle is concealed, and the spout is removable, allowing you the ability to clean limescale without any issues. 


  • 0.8 litre capacity 
  • Cordless operation
  • Stainless steel accents
  • Washable filter


  • Easy to clean
  • Fast boil time
  • Energy efficient 


  • Smaller capacity

Bottom Line 

The Russell Hobbs compact is a small, portable kettle that allows you to easily transport it between households as well as being a perfect permanent fixture in your household if you only need a smaller capacity of the kettle. A fantastic choice if you are on the move. 

What to Consider When Buying a Glass Kettle


When buying your glass kettle you must consider the build quality of the product you are buying. It is important to make sure that the kettle is made of a rust-resistant material due to the humid conditions.

By considering this you will potentially increase the life span of your kettle and prevent the build-up of rust sections on both the inside and outside of your kettle. 


When considering your next glass kettle, be sure to take into account the quantity of water you will need.

If you are a smaller household or a house of one resident, you may not need to purchase a larger capacity kettle, this means you will ultimately save money by buying a smaller kettle such as the Russell Hobbs compact which measures 0.8 litres.

Using a smaller capacity kettle can save you money in the long run as you will not need the kettle to boil for as long, therefore saving you money on electricity. 

Kettles come in varying sizes, ranging from our smallest at 0.8 litres to the largest at 2.0 litres. The standard size for most kettles, particularly on our list is 1.7 litres, giving you a nice middle ground if you are purchasing the kettle for general use. 

Heat Variable 

Some of the kettles on our list have the ability to vary the temperate in which the water is boiled. This can often be used for certain coffees, which prefer a sub-boiling temperature in order to get the perfect brew.

If you are requiring water for cooking but don’t have the time to wait for the water to cool to the exact temperature, the variable heat option is a great way of remedying this particular issue. 

Keep Warm Function

A number of our glass kettles on the list come with a handy keep-warm function. This essentially maintains the kettle’s internal temperature, keeping your freshly boiled water hotter for longer. 

This will reduce the number of times you have to reboil your kettle, saving both time and electricity. 


This has been a very close list, the options are very similar in their styles and composition.

The clear winners however are the Kettle Decen and the Russell Hobbs Brita Purity. Both kettles are excellent value for money, providing a wide range of options for the prospective buyer. 

If you are looking for a large capacity option, the HadinEEon is an excellent choice, whereas the Russell Hobbs compact is perfect for those looking for a smaller, more portable kettle without sacrificing the high quality of the others on our list.