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Best Glue Guns in the UK 2022

Glue guns are an excellent DIY and crafts tool that can bond hundreds of materials together in seconds.

Glue guns are widely used in DIY, hobbies, crafts and construction. Most commercial-grade glue guns will heat glue sticks to a suitably high temperature for bonding virtually all materials including plastics and metals. 

If you’re planning to buy a gue gun online, it’s worth doing your research beforehand since there are many glue guns online and quality can vary considerably.

This article will review the best glue gun brands available in the UK as well as the factors to consider before purchasing a glue gun.

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Best Overall – Einhell TE-CG 18 Li – Solo Power X-Change Cordless Hot Glue Gun

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Einhell has built a stellar reputation over the years and this superb glue gun works with their excellent active battery system.

That means you can use it in conjunction with any of their battery-powered tools as the batteries are interchangeable between each tool.

Einhell offer many batteries with varying capacities – any battery can be used in this glue gun and they provide working times of some 14 glue sticks on one charge up to 50 glue sticks on one charge. 

This is a high-quality glue gun. Despite being battery powered, this glue gun heats up in around 2 minutes, which is great.

However, once it’s up to temperature, it effortlessly melts glue sticks and deposits the glue accurately onto various surfaces. It takes larger 11mm glue sticks too, so can deposit a fairly large volume of glue in a short space of time. 

There is an LED display to show the heat status of the glue gun and it auto-shuts-off after 5 minutes if it’s not in use.

There are two nozzles too, one standard precision nozzle and a flat-shaped nozzle which is ideal for depositing glue into smaller cracks and incisions. 

A professional glue gun with a superb battery system, the Einhell TE-CG 18 Li is a quality tool that is perfect for DIY and crafts users who want to invest in the exceptionally good Einhell rechargeable ecosystem. 


  • Cordless glue gun
  • 2 minute heating time
  • Takes 11mm glue sticks
  • LED heat meter 
  • Rechargeable battery system
  • Two nozzles


  • High-quality cordless system 
  • Takes large glue sticks
  • Auto-shut-off for safety 
  • Superb reviews all round


  • Pricey for battery system – most economical if you have other tools by Einhell

Bottom Line

An excellent glue gun by a top brand. The rechargeable battery system is an investment, but a wise one. Einhell is a great brand and this is a top-quality glue gun that delivers reliable, professional performance.

Runner Up – Tilswall 50w Mini Melt Glue Gun

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A compact but powerful standard glue gun, the Tilswall 50w Mini Melt Glue Gun boasts awesome attention to detail and it rates as a close runner-up, and one of the best-corded glue guns on the market.

This is a corded glue gun, so it will have to be plugged into the mains at all times during use.

However, it does also have a dedicated on/off switch, which is great from a safety perspective as you can turn it off whilst leaving it plugged in.

This is a simple glue gun that takes 7mm glue sticks. It heats up in around 3 minutes. Once heated, it will provide an accurate stream of hot glue that feeds upon the use of the trigger.

The trigger itself is high-quality, built to withstand 60,000+ uses. The heating chamber is efficient and melts glue consistently throughout to ensure an even flow of glue. 

There are some added safety features too. For example, the nozzle itself has a silicone sheath to avoid accidental contact with fingertips when concentrating on precision work.

There is also a heat-proof stand that allows you to prop the glue gun up in-between uses. 

This is a powerful, compact glue gun that is suitable for a range of craft and DIY uses. Taking 7mm standard glue sticks, it’s extremely cheap to maintain and represents superb value. 


  • Corded glue gun
  • Takes 7mm glue sticks
  • 3 minute heating time
  • On/off switch
  • Silicone nozzle sheath 
  • Heat-proof stand


  • Compact and efficient glue gun
  • Takes any standard 7mm glue stick
  • Excellent trigger 
  • Rapid heating time


  • Best for precision work due to thinner 7mm glue sticks

Bottom Line

Small, compact and powerful, the Tilswall 50w Mini Melt Glue Gun boasts a well-made trigger that should last through thousands of uses. With a precision nozzle and 7mm glue sticks, this is a great option for precision DIY work and crafts.

Great Brand – Bosch Glue Gun PKP 18 E

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From DIY legend brand Bosch, the Bosch Glue Gun PKP 18 E is a superb compact glue gun that uses larger 11mm glue sticks.

It has a sturdy design and electronically-controlled efficient heating element that ensures that heating is consistent throughout the glue stick. 

This is a simple corded glue gun. It heats up in around 7 minutes, which is fine but slower than other corded glue guns.

The real advantage though is the thicker 11mm glue sticks – this will partially account for the longer heating time.

11mm glue sticks provide greater glueing volume across a wider area and are useful when high coverage is needed for materials such as timber and floor tiles. 

The nozzle included is an extra-long precision nozzle, great for precision work and hard-to-get area.

It has a non-drip construction to ensure glue flow is steady and not messy. The glue gun itself has a sturdy trigger and metal stand for safe placement in between uses. 

This is a simple, sturdy glue gun from a trusted manufacturer. 11mm glue stick compatibility ensures that it’s up to the mark for heavier duty glueing tasks. 


  • Corded glue gun 
  • 7 minute heating time
  • Takes 11mm glue sticks
  • Sturdy trigger 
  • Metal stand


  • Simple corded glue gun
  • Easy operation 
  • Takes larger 11mm glue sticks
  • Durable


  • Longer heating time

Bottom Line

A compact hand-held glue gun that takes larger 11mm glue sticks. By Bosch, this glue gun has a solid construction with a great, easy-to-use trigger. It does have a higher heating time but that’s partially accounted for by the larger 11mm glue sticks.

Best Heavy Duty – Stanley STA0GR25 Heavy-Duty Glue Gun

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From popular world-famous brand Stanley, this is an ultra-cheap heavy-duty glue gun with a few advantages on higher-priced alternatives.

This is a heavy-duty glue gun and it does not perform well for intricate jobs. It has a wider tip and takes larger 11mm glue sticks and Stanley’s own DualHeat sticks are recommended. 

The DualHeat function means that there are two available heat settings. Some glues, like Stanley’s DualHeat sticks, are receptive to both hotter and colder heating temperatures.

Higher temperatures are more suitable for sticking larger, heavier materials and is optimal for non-porous materials too such as metal. 

Low heat is best for fabrics, foam and craft materials where high heat could otherwise warp or damage the material. Being able to select this on a budget glue gun is great. It is also compatible with other glue sticks, but Stanley’s will work best. 

This glue gun also has a rapid heating time of just 60 seconds. It’s built from hard plastic and has a fold-down stand that is easy to operate.

It’s a simple but powerful corded glue gun that is best suited to heavy-duty applications and larger, high-surface-area materials. 


  • Corded glue gun 
  • 60 seconds heating time
  • Takes 11mm glue sticks (Stanley DualHeat sticks are recommended)
  • Dual heating mode
  • Plastic stand


  • Heavy-duty glue gun
  • Takes large glue sticks
  • Dual heat mode for a variety of bonding tasks
  • Exceptional price


  • Less suitable for precision work

Bottom Line

Heavy-duty glue gun with dual heating mode. This is a simple 11mm glue gun that represents superb value. The Stanley STA0GR25 Heavy-Duty Glue Gun heats up quickly and can bond many materials easily. 

Best Budget – GoFriend Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

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A budget option, the GoFriend Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun is a compact glue gun that comes with 80 glue sticks.

This is a small, handheld precision glue gun that is suitable for many DIY and arts and crafts purposes. It takes mini 7mm glue sticks and will heat up in some 3 – 5 minutes.

Despite its compact size, this glue gun has a well-made heating element that ensures consistent and reliable heating. It provides a steady flow of glue once heated and has a precision needle for accurate glue distribution.

The GoFriend Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun has a metal stand and on/off switch mounted in the handle, which is useful for turning the device off in between uses without disconnecting the glue gun altogether. 

With a simple and design and high-quality, ergonomic build, this glue gun represents remarkable value bundled with 80 glue sticks. It’s perfect for crafts use but is also suitable for light DIY jobs. 


  • Corded glue gun 
  • Takes 7mm glue sticks
  • 3 – 5 minute heating time
  • Metal stand
  • On/off switch


  • Excellent value with 80 glue sticks included 
  • Convenient on/off switch
  • Rapid heating time
  • Precision nozzle


  • None

Bottom Line

A superb little glue gun, the GoFriend Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun has a decent heating time and courtesy of 80 bundled glue sticks, you can get up and running almost immediately. It’s compact and easy to use and has an on/off switch mounted in the handle.

Great Cordless Glue Gun – Bosch PKP 3.6 LI Cordless Glue Gun

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Bosch’s cordless glue gun, the Bosch PKP 3.6 LI, boasts some superb characteristics.

It’s a compact, ergonomic glue gun with a built-in rechargeable battery that charges via micro USB. It takes 7mm glue sticks, so is suitable for precision work and crafts, as well as light DIY.

The rechargeable battery is convenient and effective, though it’s not interchangeable as it is with the Einhell Glue Gun. Still, with trademark Bosch quality, this is a superb cordless glue gun. 

Remarkably, this glue gun heats up in just 15 seconds. It has a glue retraction system that pulls the glue back after you depress the trigger, preventing extra glue from protruding through the nozzle.

An auto-shut-off time of 5 minutes means the glue gun will turn off automatically if it detects that it hasn’t been used.

This is one of the most popular glue guns around and it represents remarkable value at its price for a cordless glue gun.

Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use for long periods of time and micro USB charging is great as it means you can use it with any charger – and then use the glue gun itself anywhere without cords. 


  • Cordless glue gun 
  • 15 seconds heating time
  • Takes 7mm glue sticks
  • Micro USB charge
  • Compact design


  • Excellent small cordless glue gun 
  • Easy to charge
  • Rapid heating time
  • Lightweight


  • None

Bottom Line

An excellent compact glue gun, the Bosch PKP 3.6 LI Cordless Glue Gun is a fantastic cordless option that works with 7mm glue sticks. It heats up extremely quickly and micro USB charging is quick and innovative. 

Glue Gun Buyer’s Guide

Glue guns are simple and fairly easy to use but they do have a reputation for becoming frustrating and fiddly if you don’t use them properly. Grabbing a quality glue gun and using it correctly is important. 

Feed Type 

The vast majority or glue guns have a trigger feed. You load the glue stick, pull the trigger and this feeds the stick into the heating chamber where the glue is melted and deposited through the nozzle. 

When operating a glue gun, it’s important to let it reach temperature before you start pulling the trigger. If you try and feed solid glue that hasn’t been sufficiently heated then you’re increasing the risk of blockages. Let the gun heat up before pulling the trigger! 

Heating Time

Glue guns reach use temperature in varying times ranging from seconds to 5 minutes or more. It’s important to wait for the whole duration to ensure smooth flow of glue. 

Cord vs Cordless

Most glue guns are corded and need to be plugged into the mains. But, some are cordless and run via rechargeable batteries. Cordless glue guns are very useful when you’re repairing items away from a standard mains socket, whether it’s in the garden, workshop shed or out and about. 

Dual Temperature

Some glue guns have a dual temperature mode, low temperature is suitable for bonding porous materials such as fabrics whereas higher temperatures are best for bonding solid, non-porous materials. 

Glue Stick Size 

Glue guns take two main sizes of glue stick; 7mm and 11mm. 11mm glue sticks will work for longer and can deposit more glue which is best for when you need to disperse a larger amount of glue over a wide surface area. 7mm sticks, also known as mini sticks, are better for precision work where you don’t need a lot of glue. 

Glue Gun Uses

Glue guns can be used for a variety of DIY and arts and crafts use. The main type of glue used in hot glue guns is called EVA. EVA is flexible, durable and UV resistant. 

Its flexibility means that it’s ideal for bonding materials that require some level of give. This makes it less suitable for glueing materials that need to remain totally stationary. 

Glue guns can bond a wide range of materials together ranging from textiles to metal and plastics. They can bond most of these materials to each other, too.

Glue guns are great for some of the following:

  • Bonding timber for non-weight-bearing purposes
  • Upholstery 
  • Arts and crafts
  • Bonding electronics and circuit boards
  • Floor tiling 
  • Sealing and reinforcing wooden and plastic joins
  • Sealing picture frames 
  • Leather and footwear repair
  • Toy repair


Some great glue guns here. The Einhell TE-CG 18 Li – Solo Power X-Change Cordless Hot Glue Gun is an advanced cordless glue gun that is suitable for a plethora of pro and hobby uses. 

The Tilswall 50w Mini Melt Glue Gun is a powerful corded glue gun with some well-made features and solid performance across the boards.

Trusted brand Bosch provides the Bosch Glue Gun PKP 18 E corded glue gun which takes 11mm sticks and Bosch PKP 3.6 LI Cordless Glue Gun, a cordless, high-quality glue gun. 

The GoFriend Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun is a superb budget choice with 80 bundled glue sticks. Lastly, the Stanley STA0GR25 Heavy-Duty Glue Gun has dual heating options and takes 11mm sticks for heavy-duty use.