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Best Hamster Cages in the UK 2022

Hamsters are one of the most popular pets of all time and have become adored additions to millions of families worldwide. 

Whilst hamsters love roaming and exploring, they are still burrowing rodents that love their homes. A hamster will become attached to its home like we are to ours, it becomes a safe haven for them to play, sleep and eat. 

Settling your hamster into a quality cage is one of the best things you can do for its wellbeing and quality of life.

This article will review the best hamster cage brands in the UK and what to consider when buying a hamster cage.

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Best Overall – Little Friends Savoy Gerbilarium Cage with Accessories

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This is a deluxe hamster cage that is well named after the famous Savoy Hotel! It’s suitable for hamsters as well as other larger rodents. It is suitable for dwarf hamsters but due to its larger size, it is marginally better suited to Golden/Syrian hamsters. 

First and foremost, this hamster home is large, far exceeding the minimum specifications for hamsters in the UK. This hamster home has two levels with shelves and ladders, vastly increasing its floor space. It measures 58.5L x 38W x 47.5H cm, equating to 2250 cm squared of ground floor space (though there is also levelled floor space). 

The exterior cage wire is made from super-strong chew-proof steel and is narrowly spaced, preventing escape. The door is also very secure. It comes bundled with a little hamster house at the top level, a bowl and a hamster wheel. You may need to add a further house in the base as well as other toys. 

The defining feature of this excellent hamster cage is its reinforced glass base. This is impressively deep, enabling any hamster to create a large bed and network of burrows or tunnels. You could fill this out with tunnels and toys, as well as bedding. 

The benefits of glass here is that it allows you to see your hamster and is chew-proof, dig-proof and strong. Glass is also a better insulator than plastic and this will help keep your hamster warm.


  • 58.5 x 38 x 47.5cm size for Syrian/Golden hamsters 
  • Two levels with ladders
  • Comes with 3 accessories 
  • Deep glass base 


  • Large enough for hamsters to roam at will 
  • Glass base allows hamsters to dig and tunnel 
  • Durable throughout 
  • Secure door


  • Quite heavy

Bottom Line

Very well-built and with a hard glass base, the Little Friends Savoy is an excellent all-purpose hamster cage for any and all hamsters. The glass base is superior to a standard plastic base. Two levels and bundled accessories complete this great top-rated hamster cage. 

Runner up – Favola Hamster Cage

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As an excellent blend of value, size and features, the Favola Hamster Cage is a strong runner up. This is a standard sized, classic format hamster cage with 1 level. The total size is 59.9L x 36.6W x 30H cm, which is easily big enough for dwarf hamsters.

It is big enough for larger Golden/Syrian hamsters too, but would be quite marginal for some that are clearly very active or younger. 

One excellent feature of this hamster cage is its side-mounted port. This allows you to connect tunnels, and these can connect to another cage.

This means that if you do find out that your hamster is very active then you can connect it to a secondary smaller cage. The cage is built from narrowly-spaced high-quality chew-proof steel.

The Favola Hamster Cage does have a very deep base, which is great for hamsters that like to dig or create larger nests. The base is transparent, keeping the entire cage relatively lightweight.

There are also 4 accessories; a 5-inch hamster wheel (can be replaced with a bigger one), food bowl, water bottle and hamster house. 


  • 59.9L x 36.6W x 30H cm size suitable for dwarf and Golden/Syrian hamsters
  • Plastic and steel cage build
  • Comes with 4 accessories 
  • Deep transparent plastic base


  • Excellent value wide rectangular hamster cage
  • Side-port for connecting tunnels
  • Reasonably lightweight (3kg)
  • Good-quality accessories


  • On the small side for active Syrian/Golden hamsters

Bottom Line

With its classic low-lying rectangular shape, this hamster cage will fit into many household spaces. With decent bundled accessories and a deep transparent hard-plastic base, this is a reliably built hamster cage suitable for most hamsters. 

Best Budget – Rosewood Abode Dwarf Hamster Home

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This is an enclosed plastic hamster home that is suitable for dwarf hamsters only. It’s very cozy, small and compact, yet easily big enough to meet the requirements for dwarf hamsters.

It measures 55L x 39W x 26.5H cm, with an impressive floor space of over 2000cm squared on its base level. Despite its compact size, the sizing of this enclosed hamster home is pretty generous considering it has 3 levels also. 

The Rosewood Abode Dwarf Hamster and Mouse Home has a top vent for air flow, ensuring that hamsters remain warm but well-ventilated. This also features a mounting hole for water bottles. Built-in to the hamster home, you’ll find a wheel, hamster house on the top level and food bowl. Available in two colours, it’s also stylishly designed.

As mentioned, this hamster home is suitable for dwarf hamsters only and is built to keep them warm, safe and secure.

The high-quality plastic is easy to maintain and it’s easy to clean and open to replace bedding, etc. The base is quite deep, allowing hamsters to dig, burrow and build nests to their heart’s content. 


  • 55L x 39W x 26.5H cm size suitable for dwarf hamsters only
  • Solid plastic two-piece building
  • Built-in hamster house, wheel and bowl
  • Deep opaque plastic base


  • Great looking compact yet large hamster home
  • Comes with built-in components
  • Warm and secure
  • Lightweight (2.5kg)


  • Still a bit small for very active pairs of dwarf hamsters

Bottom Line

For dwarf hamsters only, this cosy and warm abode-style hamster home is built from high-quality transparent plastic. It’s easy to move and clean and the built-in accessories are also excellent. 

Great Value – Little Friends Hamster Cage

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Little Friends have built a very sound reputation for their excellent pet homes and cages and the Grosvenor ranks a close 2nd to their flagship cage, the Savoy.

This cage is more rectangular than boxy and has a very wide base. It does sacrifice some height in the process, but is still tall enough for Golden/Syrian hamsters. 

Overall, though, it is best suited to dwarf hamsters or Golden/Syrian hamsters that tend to not roam the cage so much/don’t enjoy or use the height of a taller cage. 

Despite a slightly lower height, this cage still has excellent floor space. It measures 77L x 47W x 36H cm. That means a whopping floor space of 3600cm. As mentioned, the Little Friends Grosvenor Rat and Hamster Cage does sacrifice some height in the process and it only has 1 level. 

Made from super-strong narrowly spaced steel and strong plastic, this cage is certainly built with quality in mind. It also comes with a hamster wheel, food bowl and hamster house. The base is deep and there’s ample room for bedding so your hamster can get nice and cosy.


  • 77L x 47W x 36H cm size suitable for all hamsters
  • Strong metal and plastic build
  • Comes with 3 accessories 
  • Deep plastic base


  • Fits in spaces where vertical height is at a premium 
  • Comes with wooden level and ladder
  • Free accessories including wheel, bowl and hamster house
  • Lighter weight than some (5kg)


  • Possibly on the small side for very active and young Golden/Syrian hamsters

Bottom Line

Another awesome cage from Little Friends, the Grosvenor Hamster Cage combines a compact form with ample floor space. High-quality accessories and a deep plastic base top it all off – a great shout for all hamsters. 

Great for Syrian Hamsters – Ferplast Cage for Hamsters, Small Rodents

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The Ferplast Cage for hamsters and small rodents is an excellent budget two-tier hamster cage with opaque ground floor and a tough steel mesh cage. Measuring 78L x 48W x 39D centimetres, this is a compact cage that is suitable for smaller hamster breeds rather than the larger Golden Hamster.

This cage is very easy to access and clean thanks to a fully opening top with a hamster-proof catch. 6 accessories are included; a feeder, a drinking bottle, a small hamster hide/house, a wheel and a shelf with ladder access. There are two connecting ports, so this hamster cage can easily be extended if need be. 

The cage itself is sturdy with a thick plastic base and thick-gauge wire. It’s relatively small but cosy for smaller hamsters and it can be extended to another cage if necessary. Overall, this is a cost-effective, no-hassle hamster cage with a decent accessory set and is well-made in terms of access for cleaning, maintenance, etc. 


  • 78L x 48W x 39D cm
  • Deep opaque plastic base
  • Easy-open top lid
  • 6-piece accessory pack


  • Well-made 
  • Connecting ports
  • Good-quality accessory pack
  • Easy to clean and maintain 


  • Only suitable for small hamster breeds

Bottom Line

A quality, budget hamster cage for smaller hamster breeds. The Ferplast Cage for Hamsters and Small Rodents ticks all the boxes courtesy of its 6-piece accessory pack and easily maintainable design. The best budget hamster cage. 

Also Great – Ferplast KARAT 60Glass Hamster and Mice Cage

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Another very large cage, this hamster cage is another glass-based hamster cage with ample room and two levels. It’s suitable for both dwarf hamsters and Golden/Syrian hamsters. 

Whilst it might seem too tall for dwarf hamsters, the levels are well-spaced and ensure that there’s not a huge distance to fall.

This cage measures 78.5L x 52.5W x 45.5H cm, meaning it has a floor space of over 4000cm squared! With two levels, it has even more floor space than that, and will easily provide enough space for larger, more active younger hamsters. 

The levels and ladders are made from high-quality wood and there are 3 accessories bundled in for free. These include a hamster wheel, hamster house and bowl. 

The front door is very secure and this cage also features a reinforced glass base. The glass base is very deep and allows hamsters to dig and tunnel, creating nests from a thick base of bedding. It’s ideal for placing a tunnel network in too. 

Glass is a good insulator and can help keep your hamster warm, and it is also dig-proof and chew-proof compared to conventional plastic bases. 


  • Large 78.5L x 52.5W x 45.5H size is large enough for Golden/Syrian hamsters
  • Comes with two levels and ladders
  • 3 accessories included
  • Deep glass base


  • Very large, suitable for free-roaming, adventurous and young hamsters
  • Glass base excellent for digging and tunnelling 
  • Durable build 
  • Comes with 3 accessories


  • Quite heavy and difficult to move around

Bottom Line

Another superb glass-based hamster home, the Ferplast Cage for Hamsters and Mice is very large and suitable for all hamster breeds. With a strong glass dig-proof and chew-proof base, it rates an excellent choice for hamsters that tend to claw at plastic-based cages. 

Considerations For Buying a Home for a Hamster

The first and most important consideration for any hamster or pet home is size. 

Although there are many species of wild hamsters, most pet hamsters are either Golden or Syrian hamsters (which are the same species) or one of 4 different breeds of dwarf hamsters. Chinese hamsters are also becoming more popular to keep as pets. 

Golden/Syrian hamsters are considerably bigger than their dwarf counterparts. They need much bigger cages and more time outside of the cage where possible. The UK National Hamster Council suggests that larger Golden/Syrian hamsters require no less than 1000 square cm floor space with a cage height of 19 cm (7.2”) or more. 

Bigger cages are always better and a height of 18cm or 7.2” is barely sufficient for larger hamsters. Most cages are much, much bigger than these minimum requirements. 

Dwarf hamsters need small cages, no less than 750 square cm floor space, and a height of 18 cm (7”) is generally recommended as an absolute minimum. Again, this is the absolute lowest required space.

Bigger is Better

Despite these minimum sizes, the consensus is that bigger is always better when it comes to housing any rodents. 

If you frequently let your hamster roam freely outside of its cage then a smaller cage might be sufficient, but generally, most cages exceed 50cm x 50cm x 50cm (equivalent to 2500cm squared floor space). 

Levels are Important

Hamsters can be dynamic and agile creatures that love to explore larger areas. They’re also quite daring and like to climb. Levels help stimulate a hamster, widening the areas that it can explore whilst in its cage. It also gives the impression of a wider environment, as the base layer forms the hamster’s home whilst the upper layers form its territory. 

Whilst levels and height is more important for Syrian/Golden hamsters, it is still important for dwarf hamsters. 

But, too tall and you might risk injury if your hamster falls – some are more clumsy than others! 

Enrich Environments with Toys and Tunnels

As well as levels, hamsters like to interact with objects in their environment. The hamster wheel has become synonymous with the pet and these are a great way for a hamster to engage themself whilst getting exercise. 

It’s a good idea to enrich whatever cage or home you buy with an array of hamster toys. Many cages do come with an assortment of accessories to get you started. 

3 Different Types of Hamster Cage

Hamster homes come in three different formats:

  • The Covered Home/Abode

Covered hamster homes are made from plastic, not wire, and so are completely covered aside from their air vents. These are only suitable for dwarf breeds that prefer to be safely enclosed and warm. 

  • Wire Cages

Wire cages are by far the most popular option. They allow air to flow freely through the cage whilst also enabling the hamster to see outside clearly and easily. 

  • Glass and Wire Cages

Some wire cages come with glass bottom sections. Glass holds bedding in at the bottom of the cage, allowing a hamster to dig down into the base of the cage. Glass is also totally non-chewable and won’t scratch or chip when a hamster claws at it.


From the lofty heights of the Little Friends Plaza to the luxury of the Savoy and compact, homely Rosewood Abode, there’s something for every breed of hamster here, small or large. 

As a rule of thumb, the younger, bigger and more active your hamster is, the bigger cage they need. Some older or lazier/more lethargic hamsters will be fine in smaller cages, provided you give them some much-needed time outside of their cages.