Best Handheld Scanners in the UK 2021

From home business to warehouse operations and even retail stores, handheld scanners can be a vital aspect of all companies, especially those supplying products to customers.

With so many options available, it’s sometimes hard to know what the best product to choose from and what will enhance your needs the most.

This article will review the best expandable snowflake projector brands in the UK and considerations when buying a snowflake projector.

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Best Overall – Eyoyo Handheld Barcode Scanner

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The Eyoyo USB barcode scanner comes with a USB wired connection and complete convenience. The plugin and play technology do precisely that. There’s no need to install any software or drivers; simply connect via USB and get to work.

Compatible with a range of operating systems such as Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, and IOS. This barcode scanner also works with standard software such as Word, Quickbook, Novell, Excel, and more.

If you’re looking for a multi-functional barcode scanner, look no further.

The Eyoyo handheld barcode scanner can detect 1D and 2D barcodes on various materials such as paper, plastic, screen, and label. In addition, there is support to include prefixes or suffixes before or after the data has been scanned.

Quiet environments can also be catered to with the handy volume control that allows you to continue to work without disturbing anyone around you.

This scanner has been built to last, including anti-shock technology that can withstand drops of 1.5m/5ft onto a concrete floor.

The plastic has been designed explicitly for durability, enhancing the lifespan of the scanner, ensuring it is still working as well as you first bought it after years of use.

In addition, they are ergonomically designed for extra comfort even after long durations of use. This is only helped more with the lightweight nature of this scanner.

You can use the Eyoyo handheld wired scanner in various environments such as convenience stores, supermarkets, warehouses, retail shops, POS, inventory tracking, and much more.


  • USB wired connection
  • Volume control
  • Programmable support 


  • Plugin and play technology
  • Comfortable design even after prolonged use
  • Durable design


  • Not as much freedom as the wireless versions available

Bottom Line

Our best overall handheld scanner has to be the Eyoyo. It has everything you need to complete all scanning tasks. Compatible with 1D and 2D barcodes placed on all kinds of materials. A durable and innovative design on the scanner market.

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Runner Up – Tera 2D Wireless Handheld Barcode Scanner

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The Tera 2D Wireless handheld scanner gives you complete freedom when in use. The wireless capabilities offer an unrestricted experience with every use.

With multiple ways to connect, this handheld scanner is convenient too. The Tera 2D uses a 2.4ghz wireless connection with a transmission range of up to 100m.

Of course, if you’re not in a barrier-free environment, the transmission range falls to 35m, but we still think that is more than enough space to work with. Another way to connect is via Bluetooth, giving solid and stable use. 

Advanced German engineering has helped develop the Tera 2D wireless handheld scanner, even reading the most deformed barcodes.

These imperfections could be things such as damage, smudging, fuzziness, reflections, and much more. Along with the superior scanning technology, this wireless barcode scanner has been built to last.

The durable materials provide extreme drop resistance, while the advanced materials have a dust-proof finish keeping your scanner looking as good as the day you bought it.

If you are working in a quiet environment, you can set the Tera 2D to vibration mode. This function allows you to recognise that the barcode has still been detected without disturbing the people around you, keeping working efficiency at an all-time high.

On the other hand, suppose you’re looking to speed up the process and want to detect barcodes in a hands-free way.

In that case, the continuous mode allows you to attach the barcode scanner to the provided stand and automatically detect any barcodes that pass by.


  • Vibration mode
  • Drop resistance
  • Multiple scanning modes available
  • Bluetooth and Wireless connection


  • Wireless freedom
  • Automatic scanning mode
  • Durable
  • Multiple connection options



  • Black and orange design may not be for everyone

Bottom Line

The Tera 2D is our runner up handheld scanner, and it was a close call. This piece of German engineering gives you complete freedom with wireless technology and even allows you to switch to vibration mode when working in quieter environments. An excellent scanner and one to consider.

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Best Budget – Tera Wired Handheld Barcode Scanner

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The Tera wired barcode scanner is our best budget scanner available. Even though it has a lower price, do not let that fool you.  This scanner comes with many unique features competing with even some of the more premium models on the market. 

Plugin and play technology give you more freedom with the devices powering your barcode scanner.

Easy to use, simply plug into a laptop or computer and begin scanning. No drivers or additional software is needed, and this barcode scanner is compatible with a range of operating systems such as Mac, Windows, and Linux.

In addition, existing software on your computers such as Novell, Excel, Word, or other common programs is compatible with the Tera Wired Handheld Barcode Scanner.

The decoding and scanning ability is faster than ever before, with speeds of up to 300/sec. There are different modes to choose from with manual and continuous auto-scanning that gives a hands-free approach.

These modes can be switched between very quickly, and instructions can be found in the included manual.

Protective orange silicone provides a scratch-resistant layer around the scanner and also offers shock protection from any potential falls from heights of up to 1.5 meters.

In addition, IP54 resistant materials are used to protect this scanner even further from dust and moisture that could potentially find their way into the device.

Choose from multiple settings such as upper/lower case, suffix/prefix, volume settings, and terminator settings. The Tera Wired handheld barcode scanner also supports various languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, and more.


  • Uses IP54 resistant materials
  • Supports many languages
  • Various modes to choose from


  • Compatible in a range of different languages
  • Orange silicone offers shock and scratch resistance 
  • Convenient plug-in and play technology


  • Wired USB doesn’t offer the same freedom as wireless versions

Bottom Line

The Tera wired barcode scanner is our best budget scanner. However, it has a lower price, the premium protective materials off drop and scratch resistance. In addition, the clever technology supports various languages, plus continuous shooting mode can be used for a hands-free approach. 

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Great Value Alternative – Netum Handheld Laser Scanner

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The Netum Handheld Laser scanner is our Great value alternative for those who don’t mind using a scanner that doesn’t have the big names usually found on the market.

This is no means the Netum cannot perform. On the contrary, it comes with a range of features rivaling even the more premium options on the market.

If you need to scan or decode coloured linear one-dimensional barcodes, the Netum Handheld Laser Scanner is ideal, especially with the convenient plugin and play technology. 

This scanner is connected via a USB cable compatible with Laptops, PCs, and other USB supported devices. No drivers or external software needs to be downloaded.

Instead, simply plug the scanner in to provide power and use it with common software such as Excel, Word, Quickbook, and more.

The materials used are ergonomic for extra comfort after long durations of use. Comfort is also promoted with the lightweight construction to prevent your arms from feeling weighed down after scanning all day.

This ergonomic construction also helps to enhance durability, with ABS plastics used that can withstand the inevitable few bumps and crashes over time.

The overall finish is stylish and contemporary, making it the perfect fit for nearly every user. The black and grey colours bring an unoffensive look, subtly blending into any environment it is placed.

Directions of use are made easy with the point and shoot characteristics of this scanner. These simple operations allow the Netum Wired Barcode Scanner to be used in lots of different environments such as warehouses, department stores, shopping centres, retail shops, Picking facilities, and much more. 


  • ABS shock-resistant materials
  • Plugin and play technology
  • Point and shoot characteristics


  • No external drivers or software needed
  • Ergonomic design
  • Strong and durable materials 
  • Easy to use


  • It only works with D1 coloured barcode

Bottom Line

The Netum is our excellent value alternative. With a great range of features and a stylish design, this handheld scanner may not be the most known device, but it sure performs just as good as the rest.

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Well Reviewed – Symcode Handheld Barcode Scanner

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The Symcode Handheld barcode scanner is one of our favourites. This Bluetooth scanner gives you the convenient freedom of wireless technology, backed up with a brilliant battery that lasts between 8 and 10 hours of continuous use.

The 1800mah capacity battery only takes a max of 4 hours to charge, ensuring that you’re never without use for long durations of time.

Connection is made easy with the plugin and plays technology that allows you to insert the USB dongle into your laptop, PC, or POS machine.

The Symcode CCD wireless barcode scanner doesn’t need any installation either. No matter the platform, you can take full advantage of the 2.4ghz wireless transmission plug. No driver is necessary.

This barcode scanner is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android systems.

There are various modes available, allowing you to switch to the kind of use you need at a given time. Change from auto-sense, trigger, and continuous modes with just a simple click of a button.

You can alter the settings, programming the Symcode scanner to support different volume settings, upper/lower case settings, prefix/suffix settings, plus adding or hiding characters.

One great thing about the Symcode handheld barcode scanner is the 180-day warranty, giving you complete purchase protection with exchanges or refunds available to customers who have received a faulty product.


  • Plugin and Play 
  • Continuous mode/auto-sense/trigger mode
  • Long battery life


  • Amazing battery life
  • Changeable settings
  • Plugin and play technology
  • 180-day warranty


  • Quality is a little lower than some more premium products

Bottom Line

Overall, the Symcode Handheld Barcode Scanner is a robust barcode scanner that conveniently works with a number of different platforms such as Mac, Windows, and Linux, meaning the connection is never an issue!

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Considerations When Choosing the Best Handheld Scanner


If you’re looking for portability when buying your new handheld scanner, a wireless option may be the best choice.

It is important to remember that not all wireless scanners have the same functionality. Some features are only found in wired counterparts, your required tasks figure out your use and determine whether your scanner can complete all the tasks you require.

If you want to update and capture data on the move, a Bluetooth-enabled scanner is what you need.


The majority of handheld barcode scanners do not need any specific drivers or software when sending information to your laptop or PC.

Scanners will usually use the same data found on keyboards allowing them to be used with programs such as Word and Excel.

This being said, there are purpose-built barcode scanner applications that can read the barcode image and decode it for you. The most important thing when it comes to compatibility is your inventory management system.

If your barcode scanner works with that, then you’re on the right track.


The hardware found in handheld scanners is usually one of three, Linear Imager, Laser, or 2D Area Imagers.

The kind of product and barcode that you’re going to be dealing with should determine the type of hardware you need. For example, you will be working with UPC codes if you use a laser scanner, while stacked barcodes will need alternative hardware.

On the other hand, investing in an industrial barcode scanner may be a better option if you have a warehouse for your stock in a demanding environment such as manufacturing or industrial work.

To Sum Up

Overall when it comes to the best handheld scanners, there are lots to choose from, and just because you haven’t heard of the brand doesn’t mean it isn’t going to offer you all the features you desire.

We hope our guide has helped you, whether you run a business from home or have a much larger operation. 

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