Best Heat Guns in the UK 2021

Heat guns come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be used for different applications ranging from card making arts and crafts to bending copper pipes and helping strip paint for any home DIY improvements.

When looking for a heat gun, there are various things to consider. The most important thing to worry about with a heat gun is the temperature. Safety is a crucial area, so choosing the best heat gun for safety will be the central design factor.

This article will review the best heat gun brands in the UK and considerations when buying a heat gun.

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Best Overall – DeWalt 1800W Heat Gun

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The DeWalt 1800W heat gun holds the usual high-quality construction and materials that people have come to expect from DeWalt.

This high quality isn’t missed with this heat gun either. The durable design has extra protection for the heating element, keeps you safe, and extends the heat gun’s overall lifespan.

Increased comfort is given due to the ergonomic, compact design of the heat gun, great for long durations of use without feeling any strains, aches, or pains. In addition, maximum control is delivered with the inclusion of dual air flows excellently for most applications.

If you’re completing stationary jobs, there is significant support that improves safety when creating a stable platform allowing you to target precise areas for the heat gun to work.

Included in the purchase of the DeWalt 1800W heat guns are two cone attachments. With these attachments, you are given more versatile applications for different kinds of work.

No batteries are included as this heat gun uses a mains AC power supply. This gives you unlimited power for an entire day of work. In addition, the power cable is extra long, giving you more freedom when completing different applications.


  • AC 1800W mains power supply
  • Compact design
  • Dual airflow


  • Lightweight design
  • It comes with a stand for safety when not in use
  • Extra-long cable for maneuverability


  • It only comes with two cone attachments.

Bottom Line

The DeWalt 1800W heat gun offers a lightweight, compact design perfect for long durations of use. The long cable allows for great maneuverability, making application much more manageable.

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Runner Up – Wagner Furno 750 Heat Gun

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The Wagner Furno 750 heat gun can handle nearly any job it is faced with. With the extreme heat and variable temperature settings, this is a versatile device that can be adjusted to suit specific jobs.

The primary purpose of this heat gun is to act as a paint stripper, but it can be used for lots of different applications such as removing vinyl tiles, defrosting pipes, lighting barbecues, shrink wrapping and more.

Although this isn’t the lightest heat gun on the market, the comfort and weight distribution allow for use over long periods of time without feeling fatigued in hands or arms.

A unique feature about this heat gun is that the Angle-LOC carry case can also be doubled as a hands-free gun holder allowing you to manipulate plastic and pipework by heating and bending.

Additionally, with each purchase, a large selection of accessories are included. These accessories consist of:

  • A wide concentrator nozzle
  • A glass protection nozzle
  • Reflector nozzle
  • Concentrator nozzle
  • And a 5-in-1 detailed scraper tool designed for curved and flat surfaces.

Each accessory that comes with a purchase fits tidily into the box along with the heat gun for a better and more compact storage solution. 

With the Wagner Furno 750 heat gun, the power rating of 2000W delivers a temperature from 50°C to 650°C. The variable temperature can change the airflow to suit your specific needs, with changes in 10-degree increments available.

This temperature element is adjusted with the convenient 4-click switch and can be monitored by the digital display. There are six different speed settings available that can be combined with any temperature you choose.

A memory feature is available for more significant tasks that let you continue with the last setting you used, outstanding if you’re completing a job that takes more than one day.


  • 4-click temperature switch
  • Digital display
  • Carry case that also acts as a stand


  • Variable temperature settings
  • Variable speed settings
  • Extreme maximum heat
  • It comes with lots of accessories


  • A little heavier than some other options available

Bottom Line 

The Wagner Furno 750 heat gun is the most powerful option in the Wagner range. It offers variable temperature and speed settings making it perfect for all kinds of jobs. In addition, the carry case is a great selling point, keeping all the accessories securely in place as well as being used as a stand for hands-free heat gun use.

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Best Budget – VonHaus 2000W Heat Gun

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If you’re looking for a mighty heat gun, the VonHaus 2000W is one of the best choices on the current market.

With multiple available temperatures, this heat gun can go from 350°C with a minimum airflow of 250L to a maximum temperature of 550°C with a 550L minimum airflow. 

With temperatures reaching such highs, the VonHaus heat gun is perfect for DIY jobs such as paint stripping, bending copper pipes, lighting barbeques, loosening rusted bolts, and even more DIY restoration projects.

In addition, with such high heat, the addition of a thermostat is welcomed, helping to combat any overheating issues and extending the heat guns life.

With the heat gun, a selection of nozzles is available, all the better for specific applications. The nozzles that are included are:

  • Air spreader nozzle
  • Reflector nozzle
  • Glass protection nozzle
  • Concentration nozzle

These nozzles are designed for specific task applications, concentrated flow, and targeted heat penetration.

The VonHaus has been ergonomically designed to distribute the weight as evenly as possible lowering user fatigue allowing you to work for longer. In addition, the construction of this heat gun uses a strengthened polypropylene composite that offers better resistance against high temperatures and improved durability. A 2-year warranty is also included giving you more confidence in your purchase. 


  • Constructed from a strengthened PP composite
  • 2-year warranty
  • Reaches extreme temperatures


  • Includes a large selection of task-specific nozzles
  • Has a thermostat to control overheating issues 
  • Ergonomic design distributes weight evenly


  • The single trigger is sometimes difficult to control

Bottom Line 

The VonHaus 2000W heat gun includes many additional task-specific nozzles that help complete different jobs in the most efficient way possible. In addition, the ergonomic design lets you work for more extended periods due to the weight distribution: an overall excellent heat gun and a must-have in your toolset.

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Best Small – TACKlife Mini Heat Gun

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The TACKlife mini heat gun is a heat gun with a difference. It still includes the superior quality expected with the best heat guns on the market, but the small size makes it the perfect addition to anyone who loves arts and crafts.

The wire heating structure is made with nickel-chromium as the conductor, along with a mica bracket. Vents are included that dissipate any excess heat to keep the gun working as efficiently as possible to extend the overall lifespan of the device.

Although it is smaller than other heat guns on the market, substantial power is still delivered with a maximum of 350℃. Furthermore, the heating time is extremely quick, reaching the maximum temperature in seconds.

In addition, an extra-long 2M cable is included giving lots of freedom when in use, much more than other models on the market.

The TACKlife Mini heat gun comes equipped with nozzle attachments that help you manipulate the direction of heat, blowing air in a particular direction and spot that you need.

The lightweight design and mini size let you hold the heat gun like you would a pen or pencil, giving a familiar feeling that is easy to use. The TACKlife mini heat gun is the perfect companion to any arts and crafts, but it doesn’t stop there.

You can use this heat gun for multiple applications such as electronic repairs, clay, DIY, catalytic adhesive, enabling quick-drying, and much more.


  • Reaches temperature in seconds
  • Nozzle included for targeted heat dispersion
  • Lightweight, pen holding design


  • 2m long cable
  • Lightweight
  • Heats up in seconds


  • Small design isn’t the best for larger projects.

Bottom Line 

Overall the TACKlife mini heat gun is the perfect tool for lovers of arts and crafts. The small penlike design makes it easy to control, and the fast climb to high temperatures means there is not much time to wait before you can begin your work.

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Highly Recommended – Seekone 2000W Variable Heat Gun

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When it comes to heat guns having a variable temperature gauge that allows you to change heat settings is ideal as not all jobs require the same heat.

For example, with the Seekone 2000W variable heat gun, you are given a six temperature dial that allows you to change the settings for the specific task you’re completing. As well as temperature, you can also switch between two different airflow speeds to decide how powerful you want the heat to travel.

The max temperature of the Seekone heat gun is 600℃, but this heat can only be reached in room conditions.

If you happen to be using this heat gun outside in freezing conditions, the temperature will not get the maximum. There are four heat nozzles, each for a specific application.

No matter the nozzle you choose, you must always wait until the entire device has cooled down after use before packing away. The nozzle can cause severe burns if it comes into contact with your skin.

Temperature resistant materials have been used to keep this heat gun protected. ABS plastic, stainless steel, and heat-resistant nylon are all used in the construction, allowing you to work at the highest temperatures without harming the gun in a single way.

The handle has also been ergonomically designed with a sidebar that helps to prevent you from accidentally touching the heating element. If you still don’t feel that is enough when it comes to safety features, built-in overload protection is included that promotes safety even further.

This Seekone heat gun has six multi-purpose attachments that are great for multiple jobs such as paint stripping, mobile phone repair, shrink wrapping, arts, crafts, and much more.


  • Protective sidebar on the handle
  • Six multi-purpose attachments included
  • Six temperature choices
  • Multiple airflow options


  • Variable temperature dial
  • The construction is made from heat resistant materials
  • Ergonomically designed handle to protect from burning 
  • Extreme heat


  • Max temperature cannot be reaching in cold conditions.

Bottom Line 

The Seekone 2000W heat gun is one of the most powerful heat guns available on the market, reaching a maximum temperature of up to 600℃. In addition, with a variable temperature dial, you can change the heat to match specific tasks making this one of the most versatile heat guns on the market.

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Well Reviewed – Seekone Professional 2000W Heat Gun

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The Seekone Professional 2000W heat gun offers extreme heat in seconds. You can reach a max heat of 600℃ in just a few seconds, letting you get to work as quickly as possible. There are two-speed modes to choose from, the first ranging between 50℃ and 450℃ at 190 to 210L/min, and the second running from 50℃ and 600℃ at 250 to 500L/min.

Unlike some other heat guns with fixed temperatures to choose from, the Seekone Professional heat gun includes a black dial that allows you to increase and decrease the temperature anywhere between 50℃ and 600℃.

In addition, an overload protector is also included that prolongs the heat gun’s lifespan and protects against overheating.

The Seekone Professional heat gun has been ergonomically to prevent any injuries that could occur, such as repetitive strain and musculoskeletal disorders. In addition, the cable length is 1.45m giving you room for moving around while using the heat gun. 

This Seekone Professional heat gun comes with seven different accessories that can be used for various applications. Five different heat gun nozzles help control and focus heat towards a specific area.

This is perfect for completing tasks such as wire stripping, painting, shrink wrapping, plastic welding, loosening seized nuts and bolts, embossing, crafting, glass repair, phone repair, and much more.


  • Overload protection system
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Includes five varying nozzles to choose


  • Temperature can be changed
  • Speed of airflow can be altered
  • Two flow modes


  • Power cable isn’t as long as some other options are available.

Bottom Line 

Overall the Seekone Professional 2000W Heat Gun is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a single device with varying application possibilities. The variable temperature and speed settings make it a perfect choice for a range of different tasks.

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Considerations Choosing the Best Heat Gun

When it comes to purchasing the best heat gun, there are a few considerations that you should make. Let’s take a look at some areas worth thinking about before choosing the best heat gun for you.


Most heat guns are powered by a mains electric current ranging anywhere from 1500W and above. In most cases, the higher the power, the faster your heat gun will reach your desired temperature. This is important when working on jobs such as paint stripping, where very high temperatures are needed.


Airflow is an aspect of the heat gun that can be altered to suit specific tasks. The greater the airflow, the faster heat reaches the targetted area. Having a quicker airflow will also mean that the jobs being completed will most likely be done quicker.


The temperature comes out of the nozzle of the heat gun, with different nozzles being available for other jobs. When choosing a heat gun, it is better to select a device with better control when it comes to temperature giving you more applications to finish.

Variable temperatures come in set heat settings or with more advanced heat guns offering any temperature between the minimum and maximum heat.

Carry Case

To prolong the life of any power tool, a carry case is always recommended. They keep things stored compactly together and provide an extra layer of protection.

The better carry cases will have enough room for any accessories that come with the heat gun, with some even acting as a stand for hands-free use.

Nozzle Accessories

Heat guns usually come with multiple nozzles that change the direction of airflow, optimal for specific jobs. Choosing a heat gun that includes lots of different nozzles will help you out in the long run as it will be more applicable to various tasks. The most common nozzles have a:

  • Reflector nozzle that focuses heat into a more compact area
  • A reflector nozzle that distributes heat over a large extent
  • A flat nozzle for heating thinner areas
  • A glass protection nozzle that keeps heat away from glass areas when working with the framework.

Overheat Cut-out

With such high temperatures being produced by the best heat guns, there is a hazard potential of fires. Thermal and overheating cut-out mechanisms automatically detect if the device is overheating and switches off, helping to prevent potential fires. Overheating happens when a fault occurs, and the air is blocked at the rear or front outlet. Any brand worth the money will include this feature.

To Sum Up

There are some great choices of heat guns here. The DeWalt 1800W Heat Gun is the standout option created by a trusted brand, but there’s a heat gun for everyone in this article.

Do your research and you’ll be on top of your DIY projects in no time.

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