Best Ice Makers in the UK 2021

There’s nothing better than having a cool refreshing drink to enjoy and take the heat on a hot summer day.

Have you been to a house party, and it’s come to a particular part of the night, and you have to resort to having warm drinks as the ice has either ran out or has melted?

If you find that you’ve ever had these problems or just want to elevate the convenience in your life, you need an ice maker.

This article will review the best ice maker brands in the UK and considerations when buying an ice maker.

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Best Overall – Duronic ICM 120 Ice Maker

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An ice machine is something you don’t think you need until you need one. The Duronic ICM 120 Ice Maker is great for pretty much everything.

 The Duronic ICM 120 ice maker lets you make your ice in a matter of minutes, where you can store it in the freezer for later or use it for your drink right away.

Chill food, bottles, champagne, wine, buckets of beer, and anything else you can think of with this fantastic ice-making machine.

In just 7 minutes, the ICM 120 creates a batch of 9 ice bullets. The machine will continue to work until the ice bin is full, holding up to 600g of ice before needing to be emptied.

This ice maker will produce up to 12kg of ice throughout the day, perfect for parties and events that could require more than you first imagined.

One of the great things about the ICM 120 is the stylish compact design. Contemporary white colours match every kitchen, no matter the aesthetic.

It will sit on your countertop without taking up too much space or being an eyesore. No plumbing is needed. Just plug into your mains plug socket, fill with water, and switch the device on and let it go to work.

It’s as simple as that. You will be alerted when the ice bin is full, preventing any chance of overflowing ice. 

For added convenience, a soft-touch control panel is featured, providing you with the extra touch of modern comfort. Easy to operate and also better for cleaning. The touch screen characteristics mean there aren’t physical buttons that will attract dust, dirt or grime.

Instead, three LED lights indicate whether your ice bin is completely full, the machine needs more water, or ice-making is in process. You can switch the ice machine on and off using the button located towards the bottom of the front panel.


  • Touch screen control panel
  • Stylish compact design
  • LED indicators for emptying ice and refilling water


  • No plumbing required
  • Fast operation making ice in just 7 minutes
  • Large 12kg ice production in a single day


  • The touch screen is sometimes unresponsive.

Runner Up – Fooing Ice Maker Machine

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The Fooing ice maker does its job in quick times. In just 6 minutes, you can be on your way to enjoying cooled drinks full of fresh ice.

This cooling efficiency is thanks to the finned cooler and large area for heat dissipation. Wait just 6 minutes, and you will be greeted with nine pieces of bullet-shaped ice cubes.

After a total of 24 hours of operation, this ice machine can create up to 15kg of ice. All materials used are to a food-grade standard, ensuring there are never any nasty odours or chemicals found with the consumed ice.

A great feature of this ice maker is the self-cleaning mode. Having this mode makes maintenance an easy fix, never becoming a chore. With a simple press of the on/off button, the machine will automatically begin cleaning, leaving you with the freshest ice cubes every time.

The control panel is easy to use, add water to the device, select the size of ice cube you desire, and let the ice maker go to work. LED indicators can be found on the control panel to notify you if more water needs to be added or the ice bucket is full and needs to be emptied.

In addition, the thickened foam provides better insulation to keep the ice machine as cool as possible with a regulated temperature.

One of the best things about this ice maker is how quietly it runs. Creating less than 35db during operation, there are no chances that you will be disturbed when it is turned on.

This ice maker is also energy efficient due to the copper aluminium condenser, powerful compressor, and 21g R600a refrigerant. 

The Fooing ice maker can hold up to 2 litres of water and has the capacity to hold between 70 and 100 ice cubes depending on the size of the ice cube that you want.

Having variable ice cube choices gives you the opportunity for using large glasses and small bottles. The standard bullet-shaped ice cubes take longer to melt and stick together, meaning your drinks will be cooler for longer.


  • Holds 2 litres of water
  • Can produce nearly 60kg of ice in a single day
  • Features removable ice bucket and scoop


  • Holds between 70 and 100 ice cubes
  • Quiet operation at only 35db
  • LED indicators on the control panel
  • Self-cleaning abilities


  • Fragile scoop handle

Best Portable – Avis Ice Maker Machine

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If you need an ice maker on the move, the Avis Ice Maker Machine is one of the best portable devices currently on the market.

The Avix will make nine ice cubes in just 7 minutes, filling the generously sized 700g ice cube container.

The great thing about this ice maker is that no plumbing is required; that’s why the portability is so good. No matter where you are, simply plug into the mains power, add water and let the machine work.

The Avis is easy-to-use, making ice cubes with just a touch of a button. The control panel has a simplistic design with LED indicators to show you when the water needs to be refilled or when the created ice cubes need to be removed.

In addition, a large viewing window shows you the ice making in operation, allowing you to see your ice cubes being made in front of your eyes.

There are multiple moulds to choose from, creating different sized ice cubes. This is great if you are using a large glass or wanting to cool a bottled drink. Accessories are included with every purchase, including an ice bucket and a scoop to retrieve your ice.

You can also use these accessories to service your drinks much more straightforward. 

This cool kitchen device has a compact, lightweight design, developed to fit on nearly any kitchen top. With this compact and stylish design, noise operation is at a minimum.

At just 43db, you won’t disturb anyone around you, no matter where you are. So at parties, gatherings, events, or holidays, your guests will have the coolest refreshments without being bothered.


  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Multiple ice mode choices
  • Easy to use


  • It comes complete with accessories
  • LED indicators
  • Viewing window
  • Quiet operation


  • Removable buckets are sometimes hard to manoeuvre.

Best Budget – Netta Ice Maker Machine

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The Netta Ice Maker is an easy to use, compact ice machine that will have your drinks feeling as cool as ever at lightning-fast speeds.

After just 10 minutes, your ice cubes will be ready. Fill the machine with water and wait. The compact ice machine will have your ice cubes ready just when you need them.

Although it has a compact design, you still get a large capacity. With a 1.8L water tank, you can make nearly 2kg of ice cubes. After a full day of running, you will get around 12kg worth of ice.

This won’t be from one load of water, though, and you will need to refill after each 2KG of ice is made. So keep your cocktails, beers, and just about anything you like cool all day long with the Netta Ice Maker Machine.

The compact design makes it the perfect addition to your kitchen worktop. The machine will fit neatly with your microwave, toaster, and kettle while still producing lots of ice. 

There is no complicated controls insight with this ice maker. Easy to use, just fill with water, turn on, and your machine will begin creating those cool cubes.

If more water is required, an LED indicator will start to flash. There is also an indicator when the ice made needs emptying. Ice can be viewed at any time showing as the ice bin fills up.

This ice machine has lots of accessories, such as an ice scoop and a removable ice basket. Remove your ice out of the bin with ease, adding it to your freezer, beer bucket, or drinks as soon as you like.


  • Low running noise
  • No plumbing required
  • It comes with a scoop and removable bucket


  • Generous 12kg capacity
  • Convenient view window
  • Creates ice cubes quickly 


  • Ice scoop hasn’t been ergonomically designed.

Best Commercial – Terradise Freestanding Commercial Ice Making Machine

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The Terradise Free Standing Commercial ice-making machine is great if you need something with more power than you would get from a personal device.

The high operation of this machine allows for up to 24 hours of uninterrupted running. Ice is created in a super-fast time, with just a 9-minute wait needed when the water temperature falls below 5 degrees celsius.

Throughout the day, the Tarradise can produce up to 59kg of ice.

The 495W power capacity keeps this ice maker running without any hiccups. So get continuous power the entire time it is switched on. Ice cube storage is excellent, with each tray holding up to 36 pieces and the bin holding up to 10kg of ice.

While producing incredible amounts of ice at fast speeds, the Terradise Freestanding Commercial ice-making machine has a quiet operation, ensuring that it does not affect your day to day life when running. The max volume of the machine is a subtle 40db.

Many safety features have been included in this ice maker with a protective oxide layer to stop rust that is sometimes a problem with these kinds of machines due to the nature of moisture and temperature. Having this protective layer keeps your ice free from bacteria.

All Terradise machines are solid and durable, with each cube created as fresh as possible, free from any chemical pollution. The stainless steel materials used also make cleaning easy, keeping maintenance from becoming a chore.

An advanced control panel includes automatic overflow protection that will automatically turn your machine off when the ice bin is full or when there is no water in the machine.

This will protect your ice maker, keeping it functional for longer. A light indicator also informs you when you need to add water to the device or frozen.

All the possible design implications have been thought out with this machine making it one of the most efficient on the market.


  • Advanced control panel with automatic power on/off setting
  • Made with a protective oxide layer for fresher ice
  • Fast running speeds of just 9 minutes


  • 10kg ice storage capabilities 
  • Produces up to 59kg of ice in 24 hour period
  • Low volume operation


  • Commercial size not suitable for home use.

Considerations When Choosing an Ice Maker

When it comes to buying your ice maker, there are a few considerations you need to make. Here are a few to get you started on the right path of choosing the best ice maker for you.

Ease of Use

The majority of ice makers that you will come across are pretty straightforward. The controls are pretty self-explanatory, and the majority of these machines don’t need any installation, just a main electrical outlet.

The more intuitive ice makers have LED indicators alerting you when the ice is packed or if the water needs replenishing.

So overall, you shouldn’t be very intimidated by the idea of a new ice-making machine; you’ll be able to work it out in no time at all.

One handy extra feature is the refreezing of melted ice. Filters catch the water from any new ice cubes meaning you won’t need to refill your machine often.

In some instances, this filter will also drain away any excess water. Of course, if your ice maker does have this feature, it doesn’t remove the need to clean, but some more advanced machines do have self-cleaning mechanics.


Most people will keep their ice maker on the kitchen worktop, and if that’s the case, you want it to look good. So lots of contemporary designs are available in a range of cool colours that will accompany the rest of the gadgets in your kitchen.

The most common colours and finished you will find are stainless steel, white, and black; however, a splash of colour is often found with lots of yeti products coming in a striking range. 

Size and Capacity

The majority of the best ice makers for your home will be compact, perfect for your kitchen. However, there is a chance that they may still be a little bigger than you first imagined.

This is because to get any practical use out of them; the ice bin needs to be a generous size to hold a decent amount of cubes.

All manufacturers will provide the size, capacity and dimensions of the ice maker, giving you a good feel for how big the device will be before you make a purchase.

If the weight and size of your ice maker isn’t a big concern for you, your main characteristic could be capacity. You’re looking for a machine that will hold as many ice cubes as possible, meaning fewer trips to the freezer after you have bagged up the full ice bucket.

Of course, having a small ice maker won’t keep you completely satisfied, while a larger one may hold more ice, but the efficiency is not going to be as good, and the power consumption will be much more.

To Sum Up

Ice makers come in all shapes and sizes, the perfect accompaniment to your kitchen gadgets. Keep your drinks cooling the freshest way possible by choosing here one of the best ice makers.

They can save you a lot of time and money in the long run, and with the portable and lightweight designs, you can enjoy them no matter the occasion.

How much will your project cost?