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Best Kitchen Taps in the UK 2022

When it comes to choosing taps, there is a tremendous variety available with all manner of styles from art deco taps to Roman-style taps, Scandinavian taps, modern taps and everything in between. 

Taps often aren’t cheap, and choosing the right one the first time is important as once fitted, they’re a hassle to remove.

Taps are high-quality fittings that are built to last and good taps can come at a cost, but these costs are falling all the time and there are more affordable taps available than ever. 

Therefore, it’s important you find the right tap for you.

This article will review the best kitchen tap brands in the UK and other factors to consider before buying a kitchen tap.

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Best Overall – Hapilife Single Lever Swivel Spout Tap

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This is a superb tap with swivel spout and a single lever for straightforward control.

Simple and elegant, it sports a contemporary design that will fit in with almost any kitchen easily.

Made from copper with a multi-polished plating, this tap is durable and stylish with top-quality valves that have been tested 500,000 times. Lead content is extremely low at under <0.25%, well within legal limits.

Valves are one of the most important aspects of taps – if you consider how many times you operate a tap then their components need rock-solid reliability. The valves in the Hapilife Single Lever tap feature a multi-stage design with a ceramic cartridge for excellent longevity and performance. 

There is also a bubbler installed in this tap’s spout, ensuring that the water stream is solid and consistent. Installation is simple with just two hoses that connect to the hot and cold water hubs. It should be easy to fit yourself. 

Key measurements include a total height of 30cm and a hole diameter of 3cm, which is suitable for the vast majority of basins. It will work with water pressure from 0.5 bar, which is easily compatible with most UK houses. 

Overall, this tap packs the style, design and quality of expensive taps at a superb price. It’s an elegant piece that comes with everything you need to have a go at fitting it yourself. 


  • Copper tape with chrome plating
  • Mechanism movements tested 500,000 times
  • Aerator included in the spout
  • Swivel design


  • Stylish contemporary design
  • Fits most kitchen basins
  • Quality materials 
  • Built-in aerator


  • None

Bottom Line

A quality contemporary tap with swivel design, the Hapilife Single Lever Swivel Spout Tap is made from high-quality materials and is also easy to fit. For the money, this is a superb tap that is stylish and very hard to beat. 

Great Alternative – JASS Ferry Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Twin

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An excellent contemporary swivel design tap, the JASS Ferry tap features a stylish lever design with quarter-turn operation.

This is a mixer tap with a more conventional lever turning mechanism which has a slightly more classic aesthetic. Still, this tap will clearly suit a variety of kitchens. 

This is a brass tap with high-quality electro-plated chrome surface. It looks great and is designed from top-quality materials complete with a well-engineered brass valve.

It’s very easy with a basic two-hose design that connects to the hot and cold water hubs under the kitchen basin. It does swivel too, so is perfect for double basin sinks. 

Suitable for water pressure systems from just 0.5 bar, this tap is compatible with virtually all houses in the UK. Key measurements include a height of 36.2cm and a mounting hole width of 3 – 5.4cm, which is suitable for almost all kitchen sinks.

It has no aerator so will provide a direct stream of water (which some prefer). The above-average height lends an advantage when washing up larger items or filling up bottles, etc. 


  • Stylish lever design 
  • High-quality brass materials
  • Brass valves
  • Fits all conventional UK sinks


  • Contemporary classic design 
  • Levers for a touch of class
  • Plated mirror chrome
  • UK fittings included


  • Some prefer an aerator 

Bottom Line

The classic feel of this tap works in a variety of kitchens. Built with excellent quality materials, it looks great and performs even better.

Great Mixer Tap – BedeeBasin Mixer Tap for Kitchen Sink

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This mixer tap switches things up with its innovative detachable spray spout system.

The spout can be removed from the body of the tap and used independently. This is perfect for washing up larger items or washing vegetables, etc.

When you want to use it as a normal tap, you simply slot it back in. This can be really attractive for those who find the fixed height and lacking manoeuvrability of a conventional tap annoying.

For an innovative spray tap, this represents superb value. A stainless steel design is also hardwearing and naturally rust-free. The mirror chrome electro-plated exterior is high quality and won’t flake. There is also an aerator included as standard. 

Because of its more complex design, this tap uses extra hoses to enable the removable spout to be lifted out from the fitting. It’s still easy to fit DIY and full instructions and accessories are included.

It will fit normal conventional basins with hot and cold water hubs, so don’t worry about it potentially not fitting with your system.

Key measurements include a height of 180cm and a hole width of 5cm, which is designed for most conventional UK kitchen basins. 

Whilst fitting instructions are included and easy to follow, always seek the assistance of a trained plumber if you are unsure. This will probably work best with water pressure systems of at least 1 bar (very common in the UK). 


  • Innovative detachable spray design
  • Full fittings included
  • Stainless steel 
  • Aerator 


  • Detachable spray function
  • Built-in aerator 
  • Fittings and hoses included
  • Fits most UK sinks


  • None 

Bottom Line

For a tap of this type, this brings tremendous value to the table. The innovative built-in spray is extremely useful. Full fittings and a good instruction booklet are provided for DIY fitting. It’s a little more complex than some taps but works very well and provides numerous benefits vs conventional taps. 

Great Budget Alternative – GRIFEMA GRIFERÍA DE COCINA-G4008 Stainless Steel Kitchen Mixer Tap

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This minimalist tap is gorgeous and has the aesthetic of much higher priced models.

Not only does it look the part with its brushed steel exterior but it also has a high-tech valve for water preservation. As a swivel spout tap, this is suitable for dual-basin sinks and the simple one-lever design is modern and easy to use. 

With full fittings included, this tap is ready to go with any compatible UK sink. It’s supplied with UK fittings and will be easy to fit in the vast majority of UK sinks.

All you’ll need to do is insert it into the basin hole and connect it to the hot and cold water hubs. It has a stainless steel, lead-free construction with a ceramic valve that has been tested comprehensively for longevity. 

This excellent kitchen tap combines class and value and it also comes in C and L shaped versions. Key measurements include a height of 38cm, which is above-average and makes washing up larger items easier. 


  • Modern brushed steel design
  • Ceramic valve
  • C and L shaped versions
  • Above-average height


  • High-tech valve
  • Full stainless steel construction 
  • C and L shaped versions available
  • Built-in aerator 


  • None

Bottom Line

A cracking tap for the money, the GRIFEMA GRIFERÍA DE COCINA-G4008 Stainless Steel Kitchen Mixer Tap brings brushed steel elegance to the table at real value. The valve is superb and it’s quite tall which makes washing up and filling up bottles easier.

Great Value Alternative – Hapilife Traditional Kitchen Sink Tap Monobloc Single Lever Swivel Spout Mixer Chrome

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Hapilife has become a highly reputable manufacturer of kitchen taps and this is one of their classic models. This traditional swivel mixer tap is super-easy to use and has a simple yet elegant profile that will fit in any kitchen – it also swivels 360 degrees.

At its core, this is a great-quality chrome-plated copper tap with extremely low lead content (well within legal requirements). The ceramic valve cartridge is highly tested and is sure to stand the test of time, which is one of the most important aspects of any tap. 

A built-in aerator ensures a steady flow with water-saving benefits. All fittings are included including hoses suitable for the vast majority of UK sinks. Key measurements include a height of 13cm and standard hole diameter of 3 – 5.4cm, suitable for virtually all UK sinks. 

This tap is not overstated or complex, but is a real kitchen staple and features a tried-and-tested design that is sure to go the distance. 


  • Traditional chrome tap 
  • UK fittings included
  • High-quality brass and copper construction 
  • Ceramic cartridges


  • Superb traditional tap 
  • Highly tested valves 
  • Comes with fittings for UK sinks
  • 360-degree swivel


  • Short height

Bottom Line

For those who just want a functional, traditional tap, this is hard to beat. It has a 360-degree swivel design with lever control and is very easy to use and fit. A high-quality ceramic valve ensures long-lived functionality. 

Highly Recommended – Funime Traditional Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap 

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Rolling back the years, this classic vintage style kitchen tap is perfect for rustic or traditional style kitchens. It has a dual lever mixer design with separate controls for hot and cold water. It does also swivel 360 degrees so is well-suited to dual-basin sinks.  

This tap is best suited for vintage style kitchens courtesy of its classic levers and vintage aesthetic. It’s still a great quality tap made from high-quality brass and has a modern durable valve and cartridge for longevity and durability. 

This tap comes with fitting kits for UK sinks and should be easy to fit to the hot and cold water hubs below your sink. The chrome coating is electro-plated and won’t flake. There is also a built-in aerator to save water while maintaining a steady flow. 

Key measurements include a height of 35cm, which is above average and makes washing up larger items easy. It will fit in the vast majority of UK sinks. 


  • Vintage style tap 
  • High-quality brass
  • 35cm height 
  • Built-in aerator


  • Traditional/vintage lever styling 
  • Quality durable cartridges
  • Above-average height
  • Full fittings included


  • Vintage design won’t suit every kitchen 

Bottom Line

A more traditional tap with a vintage aesthetic, this two-lever tap will suit vintage style or rustic kitchens. It has a high-quality construction with excellent valves and built-in aerator. A built-in aerator ensures a steady flow with water-saving benefits.

What to Consider When Buying a Tap 

Taps share basic fundamental features. They connect to the water supply in our homes via two hoses, one for hot water and one for cold water, which are located below the basin. 

It is possible to have other hoses, e.g. for multi-feature taps or taps that also have instant boiling water. Generally, though, there are just two hoses and DIY fitting is relatively easy. 


Taps are generally made from brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, or copper alone. Stainless steel is another possibility, but it’d be rare to find taps made from other materials. All of these metals have very low toxicity, are hard and tough, and can easily be plated in hard-wearing, attractive and stain/rust-free coatings like chrome.

Coatings include chrome, coloured ceramic coatings, brass and bronze. Coatings are available in pretty much any finish and style but chrome and other reflective metallic coatings are by far the most popular and flexible to most kitchens and design purposes. 

Types of Tap

In UK bathrooms, two individual taps are used in most sinks, one for hot water, one for cold water. Mixer taps are almost the only type of tap used in kitchens though and they are becoming more popular in bathrooms too. 

Mixer taps have just one spout with two controls, allowing water to be mixed in the spout. This allows for precise control of the water heat – especially handy when washing up. One powerful stream is also much more convenient than two in bathrooms. 

Some taps also have built-in extendable sprays that can be removed from the tap on a flexible hose. These are great for washing vegetables, washing up large items and using when the tap itself will not reach where it’s needed. 


Aerators installed into the nozzle of the tap disrupt its stream and mix the water with the air to aerate it. These are also called ‘flow disrupters’. 

They essentially slow down the stream of the cap to make it less forceful and more bubbly, which can be an advantage for washing up or for reducing the power of high-pressure water systems. 


Most taps will only handle certain water pressures. These typically range between 0.5 and 1 bar. Water pressure in the UK must be around 0.7 bar minimum but it’s usually much higher downstairs ranging up to 2 bar, which means nearly all taps will work easily. 

Every tap in this list works with 0.5 bar and 1 bar water pressure which is fine for downstairs kitchen use 95% of the time. 

However, it is worth checking with a plumber if you are unsure. 


Taps have valves in their levers which have to open and close each time you use the tap to allow water through. Over a tap’s lifetime, it will be opened and closed thousands of times, possibly even millions! 

Valves these days are very hardwearing and durable and are usually tested for their longevity. Most modern taps come with long warranties and should survive years of rigorous daily use.

They’re also effective at saving water by preventing it from flowing back down the tubing. 


Needless to say that style matters a lot when choosing a tap. Taps come in many styles but there are some reliable staple designs that look superb in most homes.

Contemporary taps usually feature one lever and have more angular design aesthetics. Traditional taps often have two-lever control.


Some superb taps here all at excellent prices. The spec of taps these days is very high and all of these taps feature a high level of manufacturing prowess and attention-to-detail.

The Hapilife Single Lever Swivel Spout Tap is a modern classic with durable ceramic valve; a great blend of performance and value. Similarly, their Traditional Kitchen Sink Tap Monobloc Single Lever Swivel Spout Mixer Chrome is a straightforward traditional tap at a great price and with great components. 

The Funime Traditional Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap is perfect for vintage-styled kitchens and has a classic two-lever mixer tap design. The value choice, the GRIFEMA GRIFERÍA DE COCINA-G4008 Stainless Steel Kitchen Mixer Tap is remarkably stylish and also has great components. 

Finally, the BedeeBasin Mixer Tap for Kitchen Sink is modern and innovative with its highly functional removable spout.