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Best Loft Ladders in the UK 2022

Utilising all aspects of your home is something everyone should take advantage of and one of the most forgotten spaces in the loft. A place for storage, or even a bedroom, has many options you can choose when it comes to your loft.

These options also include the way of getting into your loft. Loft ladders come in all shapes and sizes, so sometimes, it is hard to know which one is the best.

This article will review the best loft ladder brands in the UK and considerations when buying a loft ladder.

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Best Overall – Youngman Telescopic Loft Ladder 2.9m

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The Youngman Telescopic Loft Ladder is our best overall choice when searching for a loft ladder for your home. Made from anodized aluminium, this telescopic ladder has strength and durability with every use.

Adjustable to three different lengths, this ladder is a great choice no matter the kind of space you’re working with.

Safety is a crucial feature promoted with this loft ladder due to the strong materials used, and the rubber footing included provides much more when it comes to grip on the ground.

Overall, this is an easy loft ladder to install and would be no challenge for even the least experienced DIYers. Unlike other loft ladders, there is no need to cut this one to shape.

In addition, the telescopic characteristics allow it to be functional in multiple positions. With an overall height of 9.5 feet, this loft ladder is excellent for any home it is used.


  • Telescopic design
  • Anodised aluminium construction
  • Space-saving option


  • Easy installation
  • Rubber feet for extra grip
  • Telescopic design reaches any height up to 9.5 feet


  • Not the most visually appealing

Bottom Line

Our best overall loft ladder is the Youngman Telescopic loft ladder. It is easy to install and has many safety features to keep you comfortable and confident when climbing up and down. The telescopic design enables use in nearly all homes, with adjustable heights anywhere up to 9.5 feet.

Runner Up – Alufix 9-Tread Concertina Loft Ladder

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The Alufix 9 Tread Concertina loft ladder is our runner up choice. If you don’t have much room to work with, this ladder is a perfect choice.

Stored away above the trap door directly, this aluminium constructed ladder will sit in the specially designed carriage. This carriage features a safe and secure dual-sprung mechanism making operations easy.

If you’re struggling to reach your loft trap door, one great thing about the Alufix Concertina loft ladder is that it comes with a hook accessory that can be attached to the handle of a broom to make opening and closing easier than ever.

This loft ladder is excellent for floor to floor heights between 2.19m and 2.46m with a swing clearance of just 470mm, allowing you to fit in even the narrowest of landings and hallways.

When climbing, safety is promoted with the oversized 78mm deep treads for better grip. This is especially useful when carrying boxes or suitcases into your loft.

Easy fitting is delivered with all the components included to make assembly as easy as possible. The max loading weight is 100kgs showing the heavy-duty capabilities of this, our runner up best loft ladder.


  • 100kg max weight capacity
  • Hook accessory
  • Dual spring mechanism for easy use


  • It folds up into a very compact size
  • Easy to install
  • Durable construction 


  • Weight capacity is not as good as some others
  • Sometimes stiff when opening and closing

Bottom Line

Our runner up choice is the Alufix 9-Tread Concertina loft ladder. It is the only concertina loft ladder on our list but makes for an excellent option for your home. The oversized tread makes it much more comfortable and safe when climbing up and down, while the extra accessories such as the included hook make for more convenient use.

Best Compact – WolfWise Telescopic Extension Loft Ladder

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The WolfWise Telescopic Extension Loft Ladder is the best compact ladder on the current market. Unlike traditional ladders, the telescopic characteristics this ladder features allows it to be packed away easily

The compact design isn’t a gimmick either, and rustproof thickening aluminium alloy has been used, giving more durability and resistance against rust and even strong winds.

When retracted fully, the WolfWise sits at a quarter of the maximum height, making it convenient for storing around the home when you’re not using your attic or loft.

In addition, heavy-duty straps are available for convenient transport and storage. These safety straps ensure that the ladder will always stay in place when not in use.

Safety features have been introduced, such as the firm grip cap ends that hold the ladder firmly in place when in use, plus each section has been designed to open and close in the safest way possible.

Each section of the WolfWise Telescopic loft ladder can be unlocked in single foot stages allowing you to precisely choose the ladder height tailor to your needs.

If you need a loft ladder for more than just a loft ladder, this is a great option. It can be moved indoors and outdoors, wherever you need them the most.

From changing lights in your living room or cleaning the gutters, the WolfWise Telescopic Extension Loft Ladder is our best compact choice.


  • Telescopic capabilities are great for storage.
  • Heavy-duty straps keep the ladder securely in place when not in use.


  • Rust-proof aluminium design
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Durable construction


  • Pretty heavy design
  • A lot of care is needed when opening and closing 

Bottom Line

Our best compact loft ladder has to be the WolfWise Telescopic loft ladder. Folding into a quarter of the size when being stored is the best option for people with less space in their homes. However, if you want to utalise your entire loft space, this ladder is a brilliant choice with the capabilities to be transported to a new place.

Best Budget – Abru 3 Section Compact Loft Ladder

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The Abru 3 section compact loft ladder is our best budget option, and for a good reason. It offers low price but premium features, ensuring you feel safe every time you go up into your attic or loft, allowing you to get the most out of this sometimes forgotten area of the home.

Made from a sturdy and practical aluminium construction, this ladder is lightweight and manageable. The three overlapping sections slide over one another when open and back, resulting in a compact size for storage.

Fixing the ladder to your loft space is made easy with all the parts included for an easy DIY job. When completely fitted, the ladder can be lowered and returned as and when you need it the most.

The three sections of this loft ladder lock automatically with the self-locking catch with slip-resistant technology, giving you more confidence to climb up and down.

A universal stowing pole is also included in the purchase price, giving you an easier way to open the loft hatch door and retrieve the ladder.

Each section of the Abru 3 Section Compact Loft Ladder measures a height of 139cm and 30.5cm wide and is suitable for a total height of 3 meters.

In addition, D-shaped rungs are included on the ladder for added security that also helps for a more comfortable experience.


  • Three-section sliding loft ladder
  • Aluminium construction
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Self-locking mechanism to keep the ladder securely in place
  • Easily fitted into place
  • Includes D-shaped rungs for added comfort and security


  • Instructions could be more straightforward
  • Narrow ladders are not suitable for all users

Bottom Line

The Abru 3 Section compact loft ladder is our best budget option. A cheap alternative to some other ladders available on the market but offers some great features such as self-locking abilities and lightweight construction.

Great Design – BPS Access Solutions Deluxe Wooden Loft Ladder

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If you’re looking for a good alternative to the standard options available on the market, the BPS Access SolutionsDeluxe Wooden loft ladder is ideal.

It features a twin red handrail for more safety when climbing up and down and a wooden construction made from deluxe wood, adding more strength overall. In addition, this ladder is stylish and durable, the perfect complement to any home that wants to take full advantage of its loft space.

You will be hard-pressed to find a loft ladder as luxurious as the deluxe at this price range. They are made with the best quality materials available and including some of the best safety features.

For example, non-slip feet have been placed on the bottom to keep you firmly in place, while the wooden construction will hold a maximum capacity of 150kg. Another excellent safety feature is the extra-wide treads that make your climbing experience filled with more confidence.

Storage is made easy with the ladder folding up into the attic rather than being positioned before use. This is great but does require that you have space left in your loft area.

In addition, the top section of the ladder can be positioned an extra foot away from the hatch hole, giving you more comfort and space when climbing, not always available on ladders on the market.

The loft ladder comes with a finish to trap door, making decoration unneeded, made even better with the easy wipe clean abilities.

In addition, the hatch door has a double sprung, counterbalanced mechanism that makes operation easy. Another great feature about this loft ladder is that the hatch door includes rubber seals around the edges to insulate the heat in your home even better. 

The ladders have been designed to fit most spaces available. There are four different sizes you can choose from, fitting nearly all applications available.


  • Premium wooden construction
  • Non-slip safety feet
  • 150kg weight capacity


  • Easy to use the open and closing mechanism
  • Extra-wide treads for better foot placement
  • Luxurius wooden finish


  • Twin rails could be longer for added safety
  • Not as compact as some telescopic versions

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for luxury and safety all in one place, the Deluxe wooden loft ladder is a perfect choice. It offers double railings for added security along with extra-wide tread for better foot placements. A stylish design finishes it off, making this a great choice.

Well Reviewed – Telesteps Silver Mini Telescopic Loft Ladder

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The best ladders work both short and long, offering the same feeling with each use.

They are also easy to transport and stable when in use. The Telesteps Silver Mini telescopic loft ladder has an easy pullout design developed to offer strength and security while also being easy to use.

Red locking catches a feature on the side of the ladder that indicates the ladder is ready for use. Telescopic ladders are known for being a little weaker than some other loft ladder options available, but with the Silver Mini, you are safe with up to 150kgs of weight showing their strength and durability.

The small and tall design makes this ladder great in use, made even better with the steady platform surfaces used, giving you more confidence when in use.

No matter if it’s stability when climbing high or long durations of use in a working day, the Telesteps Silver Mini’s ergonomic design will never let you down.

The Telesteps Silver Mini telescopic loft ladder is simple to assemble and easy to use. In addition, the miniature characteristics mean this loft ladder doesn’t take up much space when being stored and even in transportation.

Innovative accessories can also be included making work even more accessible.


  • 150kg weight capacity 
  • Red locking catches
  • Compact design
  • Stable design


  • Easy to transport
  • Can adjust to different sizes
  • Durable materials


  • Strength required to alter the position
  • Instructions could be clearer

Bottom Line

Overall the Telesteps Silver Mini Telescopic loft ladder is an excellent option if you don’t have much space to work with. The telescopic nature provides compact storage, and the multiple heights available make this a versatile ladder for all users.

Considerations When Choosing a Loft Ladder

Ladder style

The style of the ladder you choose will alter how it works, with not all styles performing in the same light. Here are the different options you have when it comes to loft ladders:

  • Folding – Folding ladders are among the most space consuming types and require the most effort to open and close. These are usually made from wood or metal, making them very durable.
  • Telescopic – Such as a camera lens, a telescopic ladder uses the same method in extending and retracting, making them an excellent option for smaller spaces. For beginners, these ladders are usually the easiest to operate.
  • Concertina – Concertina ladders are the perfect option if you’re looking to save space. The expanding and contracting method makes them lightweight, highly adjustable and easy to use.
  • Sliding – Sliding ladders are easy to operate and quick to use. The simple unlocking of each section allows you to pull them down and slide into position. A handrail is also usually attached, adding an extra safety factor. The only downside is these ladders are generally heavier than other options.


Size is a key area you need to consider for the best loft ladder, and it will depend entirely on the space you have. If your ladder is too short or even too long, you will find it much harder to install and use as intended. So always take note of the space underneath your loft hatch before purchasing a ladder.

The size of your ladder will also depend on the kind of ladder that you choose. Having all the proper measurements before you go shopping will make your decision much easier. Opting for wooden ladders will usually take up more space because they need to be folded away when not being used. Compared to a concertina ladder, you will need much more clearance, making them a much better option if you only have a compact area to work with.

Safety Features

When shopping for any ladders, especially loft ladders, safety is one of the critical components you need to consider. There are many injuries each and every year that occur in the home, with many being the results of falling from ladders trying to access attics and lofts.

The best loft ladders will have a government safety certification award that acknowledges that the particular ladder has reached a certain safety standard.

In the UK, loft ladders will include a certain level of safety standards to help avoid injuries and accidents. The safety features to look out for are:

  • Additional grip is provided by slip-resistant treads on the steps.
  • Stable and balanced ladders have handrails to help with ascent and descent.
  • When not in use, the ladder can be locked securely, not suddenly fall to the ground when opened.
  • Heavy weight can be supported by solid joints without breaking.


If getting into your attic or loft is a frequent thing, choosing a loft ladder that is easy to pull down and put away again is crucial. Telescopic ladders and concertina ladders are the most versatile and straightforward options needing the slightest effort to close and open.

If you opt for a different aesthetic and fancy wooden or metal loft ladders, you may find that they are much more physically demanding to open and close. That is why folding models are a much more suitable option, especially if you need to keep the ladders unfolded for long durations of time.

To Sum Up

With so many fantastic loft ladders, we hope that our guide has given you a better insight into which ladder is best for you.

Our overall favourite is the Youngman Telescopic loft ladder, with its compact design and comfortability, making each experience as good as it can be.