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Best Long Handled Dustpan and Brush in the UK 2022

Long handled dustpan and brushes are designed to clean up spills or dirt without the need for bending.

There are many different options when you buy online so it’s worth taking some time to research them first.

This article will review the best long handled dustpan and brusgbrands available in the UK as well as the factors to consider before purchasing a Bluetooth FM transmitter for your car. 

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Best Overall – TDBS Stiff Bristle Long Handled Dustpan and Brush

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If you’re looking for a top-quality long handled dustpan and brush to use in both your home and garden, this offering from TDBS should be top of the pile. 

The stiff bristles make it ideal for sweeping a lot of dirt from hard surfaces and the large capacity pan means you very rarely need to empty it before you’ve finished cleaning. The pan is 29cm wide, which makes it easy to sweep dirt into.

There are small metal teeth in the pan. These are so you can remove rubbish and dirt from the brush but are a little small so don’t always get everything they should.

The pan itself sits flush with the floor, allowing you to get all the dirt inside will just one motion and saving you from having to repeatedly sweep back and forth. 

Replacement brush heads are available, so you don’t need to replace the whole setup when the bristles wear out. 


  • Handles clip together for easy storage
  • 29cm large capacity dustpan
  • 93cm handles


  • Stiff bristles work great inside the home and in the garden
  • Wide brush and pan make sweeping quick work


  • Teeth in the pan are a little small so don’t clear out as much dirt as some of the competition 

Bottom Line

The Stiff Bristle Long Handled Dustpan and Brush was originally designed for commercial use so is well built and durable enough to handle anything your home has to throw at it. The wide brush and pan make quick work of even large floor areas. 

Best Budget – Vileda DuActiva Broom and Long Handle Dustpan

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This DuActiva long handled dustpan and brush from Vileda is a great, budget-friendly alternative. It’s lightweight and has a telescopic handle, so is comfortable to use for people of all heights and ages. 

The wide pan can be folded up for storage in a cupboard or tight space. It can also be left standing if that is easier for you.

There’s a rubber lip on the outer edge, which ensures no dirt or hair can escape under the pan while you’re sweeping. 

The brush head is made of stiff plastic bristles and a foam layer.

This combination means you can have sparkling floors with just a single motion as all dirt, hair and dust is picked up in one go. The foam can be easily washed with just water between uses.

There are also rubber bumpers around the hard plastic brush so you don’t damage or mark your walls and furniture while cleaning. 


  • Foldable pain
  • Foam and bristles on the brush head
  • Telescopic handle


  • Adjustable handle suits people of all heights
  • Brush head cleans incredibly well


  • Pan is not enclosed so dirt can easily escape

Bottom Line

Vildeda’s Broom and Long Handled Dustpan is another cheap setup that cleans well and is durable enough for use in even the most hectic of homes. It can be easily stored, is lightweight and the bristle/foam brush combination gives amazing results.

Runner Up – UMI Long Handled Brush and Dustpan

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Coming in as a close runner up is the Long Brush and Dustpan by UMI.

With a very similar design to the previous option, the brush has a 103cm handle as standard but this can be extended up to 137cm using the additional pole. The dustpan handle is 96cm long.

The dustpan can be pivoted for easy emptying and comes with a rubber lip and teeth to ensure that no dirt escapes while you’re cleaning.

This also makes storing the dustpan and brush really easy. The dustpan and brush handles clip together, allowing you to store them in gaps just 15cm wide!

The brush bristles are made of recycled materials and also angled slightly. This makes it much easier to sweep along the bottom of walls and is especially good for getting into tight corners.

UMI’s Long Brush and Dustpan setup is available in a range of colours.


  • Rubber teeth in the dustpan
  • Angled brush bristles
  • Optional extension pole


  • Great for sweeping along walls or in corners
  • Eco-friendly 


  • Quite heavy

Bottom Line

UMI’s Long Brush and Dustpan is another eco-friendly choice that makes sweeping up any mess a real doddle. It’s easy to empty the dustpan and the brush is well designed to get to mess that normal brushes would miss. 

Highly Recommended – TreeLen Extendable Long Handle Dustpan and Broom

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The TreeLen Broom and Dustpan is great quality at an affordable price. 

The brush handle is 103cm long but for taller users, this can be extended to 137cm using the optional extension pole. The brush is 24cm wide at the bristles, meaning you’ll spend far less time sweeping than with a smaller option. 

TreeLen’s dustpan is more than wide enough to accommodate the brush, keeping the cleaning process quick and easy. The dustpan handle is 96cm. When not in use, the dustpan pivots up 90 degrees and can be used to cradle the brush, making the setup easier to store. 

You’ll notice rubber teeth in the large capacity dustpan. These are to ensure you can remove all dirt from the brush and don’t risk spreading it around your clean floors.

Likewise, the rubber lip on the bottom of the pan allows it to sit flush on the floor, eliminating the chance of dirt getting underneath while sweeping. 

Old plastic bottles are recycled into bristles for this brush, which means they are not only waterproof and stop dirt clinging to them but they are also more eco-friendly than much of the competition.

The handles are made from a series of small aluminium poles which are easily screwed together, before attaching the brush and dustpan into place.


  • Rubber teeth in the dustpan
  • Wide brush
  • Optional extension pole


  • Eco-friendly 
  • Good for taller and shorter users


  • Brush bristles become a little chaotic if not stored carefully

Bottom Line

TreeLen’s Long Handled Dustpan and Brush set is perfect for use around the home. It sweeps well and the dustpan can hold a lot of dirt before needing to be emptied. As well as this, it is easy to store and the extension pole means it’s suitable people of all heights.

Best Heavy Duty – TDBS Long Handled Dustpan and Brush

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This Industrial Long Handled Dustpan and Brush from TDBS is our best heavy-duty option we could find. 

The pan is made from a thick, durable plastic which is robust enough to last years of use. 

The brush bristles splay out to a width of 29cm while being used so you can cover a large floor area with ease. The dustpan is even wider so sweeping the dirt into it is quick and easy. You might find that the bristles are a little too long though. Dirt can sometimes get trapped in them and with no teeth on the pan, it can be a little tricky to remove. 

The pan is huge when compared to the competition and you’ll easily be able to sweep most of your house before having to empty it. 

With 93cm handles, this setup is a good height for most people but the tallest among you may want to look elsewhere as it cannot be extended further. 

Finally, this dustpan and brush is incredibly easy to store and can even be hung on the wall if that is most convenient for you. 


  • Wide brush
  • Durable thick plastic pan


  • Robust design
  • Can cover a large floor area quickly 


  • Brush bristles are a little too long, which can create a spongy feeling while in use and allows dirt to get trapped

Bottom Line

TBDS’s Long Handled Dustpan and Brush can be used in an industrial setting or in the home and thanks to its durability, shouldn’t need replacing for years on end. Its large capacity pan means you’ll rarely need to empty it in the middle of cleaning and when not in use, it’s easy to store.

Considerations When Buying a Long Handled Dustpan and Brush

Length of Broom

Ensure your dustpan and brush of choice has the correct length handle for you. There’s little point using one if it’s too short, as even needing to bend a little can cause back issues over the long term.

If you are average height, aim to get a dustpan and brush set with 80-95cm handles but if you’re taller, go for a longer option. Anyone over six feet will require handles of around 85-130cm for maximum comfort. 

You can get telescopic options which will suit households with many people or if you’re just not sure which size is right for you.

Size of Brush and Dustpan

A wide brush makes sweeping quicker and a wide dustpan means you can get all the dirt into the pan with one quick and easy motion.

Likewise, a large capacity dustpan will be able to store more rubbish, saving you from having to empty it every two minutes. 

Flush Lip 

Ensure the dustpan sits flush against the floor. This makes it much easier to sweep dirt into quickly and will stop you need multiple attempts to get it all in. 

Enclosure of Dustpan

An enclosed dustpan stops dirt escaping and needing to be cleaned up again.

You’ll find some options have small raised edges to keep the dirt inside while others will be completely sealed except for the entry point.

These fully sealed options are often the best choices as there is nowhere the rubbish can escape. 

Moveable Pan

If your dustpan can pivot and lock into place, it’ll be much easier to carry around and empty without spreading mess around the house. This movability often makes the dustpan and brush easier to store as well!

Replaceable Head

Being able to replace the brush head will save you having to replace the entire setup every time the bristles wear out.  

Dustpan With Teeth

The helpful addition of teeth helps remove dirt and hair from the bristles, ensuring you can keep your home as clean as possible.


The best long handled dustpan and brushes available are easily the TreeLen Broom and Dustpan, as well as the UMI Long Brush and Dustpan.

Both offer durability and great cleaning potential. Each one is lightweight, easy to store and as they both use recycled materials, are eco-friendly. 

If you are on the hunt for an even more robust choice, the Industrial Long Handled Dustpan and Brush from TDBS is the best option but if budget is a big concern, the DuActiva long handled dustpan and brush from Vileda is one of the top-rated options. 

No matter whether you suffer from back issues or just want to avoid bending where possible, there is a long handled dustpan and brush on this list to suit your needs.