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Best MIG Welders in the UK 2022

MIG welding is the most popular and widespread welding technique and technology for speed, safety and ease of use. 

From Formula 1 to hobby projects in the shed, MIG welding is highly dependable and provides an effective means to weld many metals together with ease. 

Metal inert gas welding (MIG) uses electricity to weld. Some also use gas to shield the welding process and prevent inconsistencies or other problems in the joint. 

Many modern welders are gasless, though, and do not require gas to run properly. Some also run either gas or gasless. 

This article will review the best MIG welder brands available in the UK as well as the factors to consider before purchasing an MIG welder. 

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Best Overall – R-Tech Mig Welder 180A 240V Portable Inverter

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This powerful 180a max amperage MIG welder by R-Tech is superb by all accounts.

It uses a modern inverter for power, which accounts for the extra cost, but means that this can fit high power into a mains-powered package.

It will run smoothly at high power straight from your 3-pin plug and is therefore ideal for home use, workshops or light industrial use. 

The R-Tech Mig Welder 180A 240V Portable Inverter is a superb outfit that comes with everything you need to weld metals including aluminium with 6mm welds per pass.

This is easily suitable for welding strong bonds for load bearing structures, e.g. cars. It will run at 180 amps on 16a 240v inputs or 160 amp at 13A input.

The latter is suitable for mains power and will enable you to run this MIG welder from any mains outlet, which is great. 

This welder also has an exceptional duty cycle courtesy of its modern inverter. It will uphold a duty cycle of 60% at 150 amps and 35% at 180 amps.

It uses high-quality Euro style welding torches that are readily available and easy to replace.

The power control is infinite too, or continuous, meaning it can be adjusted to any power level instead of having fixed ‘low, medium, high’ settings. This allows you to finetune the welding power to different sheets of metal or required joint size. 

Gas or gasless functionality are both possible too. With power, flexibility, energy-efficiency and plenty of accurate controls, this is a superb welder for hobby and pro uses.

It’s built to last the distance and will perform very well even on heavy-duty tasks. It’s also one of the most powerful welders available for reliable 13a UK mains functionality. 

You can find an excellent video review of the R-Tech welder by Anchor Designs below.


  • Gas/gasless MIG welder
  • 180a at 16a and 160a at 13a
  • Wide voltage control range 
  • Welds all types of steel and other metals including aluminium 
  • 6mm weld size with one pass


  • Professional outfit in mains-connectable package 
  • Welds most typically weldable metals
  • Smooth and low spatter 
  • High power 


  • None

Bottom Line

A pro outfit in a quality package, the R-Tech Mig Welder 180A 240V Portable Inverter has superb max power and will work with 3-pin mains. It has a quality inverter to provide ultra-smooth functionality and energy efficiency. It also has an exceptionally high duty cycle. 

Runner-Up – Sealey SUPERMIG180 Professional Mig Welder with Binzel Euro Torch

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Another superb pro-quality MIG welder in a consumer affordable package, the Sealey SUPERMIG180 is an excellent and close runner-up.

Sealey has built a great reputation in the field for their portable and efficient welders that run efficiently from a 13a mains plug. That means you can plug it straight into your typical 3-pin mains socket. 

This awesome plug-and-play welder has 180a max amperage which is easily sufficient for heavier duty welding jobs.

You won’t need a power supply to run this and 13a is perfectly fine for a wide array of welding jobs ranging from car bodywork to metalwork repairs.

It comes with a high-quality Binzel Euro torch which is well-designed for precision work and vastly reduces spatter. 

This awesome welder retains high duty cycles and you can use it gasless as well as with gas (standard argon and CO2 mixes. It has a forced-air cooling system that uses active intake to cool the transformer during use.

Controls are continuous rather than set at closed intervals, e.g. Low, Medium and High. This allows you to select the exact voltage you need for the job at hand. 


  • Gas/gasless MIG welder
  • 180a max amperage
  • Runs off a 13a standard mains plug (may need 16a for full power)
  • Takes CO2 and argon gas 
  • Binzel torch included


  • Pro-grade welder for professionals and hobbyists 
  • Excellent torch included
  • Runs well off mains 
  • High duty cycle


  • Heavy at 45kg

Bottom Line

A superb MIG welder from a reputable brand, the Sealey Supermig has become a favourite for those working on DIY projects including car renovations and repairs. It will put out a mighty 180a max power and runs efficiently off 13a with a standard 3-pin mains plug. 

Best Budget – Röhr MMA 200FI ARC Welder Inverter Gasless 200 Amp

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Reputable brand Rohr provides this commercial 200 amp inverter that runs off a standard mains 240V plug if desired. It’s an excellent small unit for home welding and small to medium-sized projects, boasting a max amperage of 200a and smooth AC operation. 

This welder has a built-in inverter to dramatically increase operating efficiency and power at lower currents. It’s able to weld many materials ranging from stainless steel and carbon steel, to copper, alloys and other coloured metals. It’s also fairly lightweight and portable for home use. 

This is a fully gasless welder, so will only work with electrical power. It’s still a really capable machine though and enables even newbie welders to perform decent welds with little practice. It does lack the teeth of heavyweight gas welders, but that’s to be expected of a lightweight commercial welder of this price. 

The Röhr MMA 200FI also comes with multiple high-quality accessories, including an earth clamp, clipping hammer, wire brush and mask. It’s pretty much ready-to-go out of the box. 

Rohr is a very well-known and reputable brand of welders and this is a superb piece of kit which is built to last. Overall, a very good, efficient ARC welder that can be run safely and efficiently from mains power. 


  • Gasless MIG welder
  • 200a max amperage 
  • Runs from mains AC power
  • Built-in efficient inverter 


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can weld many metals and alloys 
  • Efficient but powerful 
  • Reliable brand


  • None

Bottom Line

A superb portable welder for home and hobby use. The Röhr MMA 200FI is an efficient inverter-powered welder that is capable of welding most metals. It runs safely and efficiently from a standard mains plug.

Great Value Alternative – Stanley MIKROMIG

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From industry veterans Stanley, the MIKROMIG is a truly portable MIG welder that is suitable for domestic and project use. It has a max amperage of 90a, so don’t expect to perform heavy-duty welding jobs with this.

But, for many projects, its super-simple no-nonsense design is a real asset and resultantly, it’s built a superb reputation amongst novice welders and DIY enthusiasts.

At its core, this is a very simple and straightforward MIG welder. It runs at either 35a or 90a with adjustable voltages, and will run easily from a standard UK mains power supply.

It’s very much a plug-and-play package that will get you welding within minutes!

In fact, the MIKROMIG comes with its own wire and even a welding mask. It’s a 100% gasless system so you won’t need to worry about connecting anything else to it.

The included welding torch is decent, small and accurate, perfect for smaller jobs and joins.

Don’t expect this to run hot and powerful enough for pro-level usage; it’s designed for the hobby/workshop/novice market and this is where it performs admirably. 


  • Gasless MIG welder
  • 90a max amperage
  • Comes with welding mask and wire
  • Lightweight (<10kg)


  • Portable and straightforward MIG welder
  • Decent max power for a small unit
  • Comes with quality accessories 
  • Fully gasless for ease of use


  • Lacks teeth for large-scale welding 

Bottom Line

From reputable brand Stanley, the MIKROMIG is aimed at the hobbyist/novice market and it’s built up an impressive reputation for reliability. It comes in a convenience plug-and-play package with a welding mask and flux wire. 

Highly Recommended Gasless – Rohr MIG Welder Inverter Gas/Gasless

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This powerful 3-in-1 gas/gasless MIG system runs both off 13a standard power supplies (UK mains) and DC power of 16a or 32a to provide 250a max amperage.

This equips this MIG welder well for serious welding jobs in workshops or other professional settings.

This is an impressive high-tech MIG system. It will work with a variety of power supplies, so you’re not just limited to UK mains 13a plugs if you want to run it for a maximum power of 250a.

The inverter ensures that this MIG welder runs smoothly no matter what power it’s run at with low spatter and accurate welds.

It’s very efficient with exceptional duty cycles even at high power and will comfortably weld all types of steel and many alloys. 

This welder runs both gas/gasless and takes CO2 gas. It’s capable of welding steel beyond 12mm in thickness, which is very high for a welder in its class. Essentially, this is a welder that bridges the novice and semi-pro markets. 


  • Gas/gasless MIG welder
  • 250a max amperage 
  • Runs from 3-pin mains 13a as well as other power supplies
  • Inverter-powered


  • Smooth welding of thick metal
  • High max power
  • Portable (17kg)
  • Welds all steels and most alloys


  • None

Bottom Line

A high-quality welder with plenty of scope and functionality, the Rohr MIG Welder Inverter Gas/Gasless is suitable for a very wide range of roles in both pro and hobbyist settings. It will run efficiently from a standard UK mains 3-pin plug but other power supplies will unlock its max power. 

Well Reviewed – Display4top Professional Mig 130 Welder

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Last of all, we have the Display4top Professional Mig 130 Welder. This is a budget MIG welder for DIY and hobby use. It comes with everything that the average hobbyist, novice or enthusiast will need to get welding and will connect to standard mains UK 3-pin sockets. 

This MIG welder runs gasless only so you’ll need to add flux wire to get it running. Aside from that, it’s a plug-and-play device that is extraordinarily easy to get up and running.

The max amperage is 120a, which is decent and will provide enough welding power to cater to fairly serious jobs.

This is especially well-made for car hobbyists and will perform well with most bodywork. 

As a basic hobby-level welder, you can’t expect a high duty cycle at high power, but still, this performs very well for a MIG welder for its class and represents plenty of bang for your buck.


  • Gasless MIG welder 
  • 120a max amperage
  • Works with UK mains 13a plug
  • Reasonably portable (17kg)


  • Straightforward MIG welder
  • Gasless design 
  • Small and portable 
  • Runs off the mains


  • Poor duty cycle

Bottom Line

A great option for novices, the Display4top Professional Mig 130 Welder is a cheap option with plenty of power. It will adequately deal with many hobby and semi-pro tasks and can be easily set on a worktop or similar.

What to Consider When Buying Your MIG Welder


Some use gas to protect the weld whilst others run gasless and will have to be loaded with compatible welding wire designed for gasless welders. 

These are covered with ‘flux’ which protects the weld. Gasless welders are, therefore, ‘self-shielding’. Many can function with or without gas. 


Welder power is measured in amps. The higher the amps, the more powerful the welder and the thicker it can weld for longer.

Strong welders will be needed when welding heavy weight-bearing structures or thicker metal parts. For light metalwork, including car bodywork, lower amperage is fine. 

A high power commercial welder may put out some 300a, whereas a lower-powered DIY or hobby welder will put out 150a or thereabouts. 

Many welders have UK plugs and run off the mains up to some 150a maximum. Anything above this will need 16a or 32a power supplies, or to be run off a generator.

If you run a high amperage welder off your mains then you’ll likely go through a lot of fuses – it’s not recommended. 

Duty Cycle

Duty cycles measure the amount of time a welder can work at an amperage setting until it needs to cool. You won’t always find this listed as modern welders will automatically cut out before overheating. 

Cooling System

Welders get hot and cooling systems keep them working for longer. Cooling systems for commercial MIG welders tend to use air, but some can use water cooling too. 

Inverter vs Transformer 

Welders have two different types of power supply; inverters and transformers. Inverters will run more efficiently from mains 13a power. Transformers have higher maximum power but you’ll need a 16a or 32a power supply to run them at higher amperage.

How Does MIG Welding Work?

MIG welders use an electrical current that forms an arc via a short circuit. This runs between the wire fed into the welder, the ‘glue’ and the metal that’s being welded (the parent metal). The wire acts as a positive anode and the parent metal as the negative cathode. This melts the wire and adheres it, or melts it to the parent metal. 

Welding is the main way that metal is bonded. Carbon and stainless steel, as well as aluminium, magnesium, copper, nickel and their alloys, can be welded using MIG welding. 

Why Buy a MIG Welder?

MIG welders are exceptionally good at their job and they’ve risen to become the most popular welding system on the market today. They are great for both amateurs or hobbyists and professionals. 

Clean Welds

MIG welders produce good-looking, strong and clean welds. Whether gas or gasless, spatter (spitting of the metal), poor joins and inconsistent welding are minimised with MIG welders, even for beginners. 

Flexible Use

By welding together lots of different metals of many thicknesses, MIG welders are amongst the most flexible welders available. They can weld thinner sheets and pieces of metal than many welders. MIG welders can actually weld joints on sheets as thin as 0.0239″. 


Provided safety protocols are taken to protect the eyes and hands, MIG welders are very safe. MIG welders that use gas use inert gas like nitrogen or argon, which are non-reactive. 


MIG welders are affordable and run at many different power levels to cater to many different projects for both hobbyists and professionals. 


Some great MIG welders here. The R-Tech Mig Welder 180A 240V Portable Inverter has every base covered and is hard to knock off top spot. It’s powerful and efficient courtesy of a superb inverter. It has built an excellent track record. 

Reputable brand Sealey’s Sealey SUPERMIG180 Professional Mig Welder with Binzel Euro Torch is a close second owing to its high max power and Binzel torch. 

The Stanley MIKROMIG and Tammible MIG 130 Welder Welding Machine are solid budget choices, perfect for hobbyists and novices. 

The Rohr MIG Welder Inverter Gas/Gasless is a serious option for those that need extra power. Finally, the Display4top Professional Mig 130 Welder represents yet another solid budget option.