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Best Portable Electric Hobs in the UK 2022

Portable electric hobs do what they say on the tin. 

They are perfect for when a kitchen is not available, e.g. when camping, in RVs or mobile homes, studio accommodation, or in your room or office when you want to throw some cheeky noodles on the hob for lunch without disturbing others. 

Electric hobs have a multitude of uses and they’re generally cheap, efficient and easy to use. By all accounts, they make an excellent addition to any kitchen arsenal.

However, quality can vary online, so it’s best to do your research before buying one.

This article will review the best portable electric hobs available in the UK as well as the factors to consider before purchasing your own portable electric hob. 

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Best Overall – Tefal Everyday Induction Hob

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Industry veterans Tefal have rustled up an excellent portable induction hob here in the form of the Tefal Everyday Induction Hob.

At its core, it’s a superbly well-designed induction hob with variable modes and 2100w of power. It looks the part too and will fit well in any contemporary kitchen or other space. 

This is a high-tech induction hob that uses induction technology to quickly and easily heat the pan area.

It’s fairly large and can accommodate pans and saucepans up to 25cm in diameter (base size). The flat design means it can accommodate large pans including woks, so long as they have bases that fit on the hob. 

2100w of total power ensures that this electric hob heats up extremely quickly, but given that it has a ceramic top, it will also cool down rapidly. It will safely power down automatically when it detects it hasn’t been used for 5 minutes. 

The settings on this are a little different to other portable electric hobs. There are 5 automatic modes including Heat Milk, Stir Fry, Boil Water, Deep Fry and Stew. There is also a manual mode with 9 different heat settings.

Between these options, it’s very easy to dial in exactly what you need. A variable timer is also included and an LED touch control panel makes it easy and intuitive to use. 

Overall, this is a smart and fully-functional portable electric hob. The induction technology is well-implemented and this will easily cater to serious cooking tasks. 


  • Induction electric hob 
  • Touch screen LED control panel
  • 2100w max power
  • 9 power settings 
  • Variable timer


  • Powerful and efficient induction technology
  • High max temperature
  • Intuitive controls 
  • Smart and sleek


  • None

Bottom Line

Another super-smart induction hob, the Tefal Everyday is from a reputable brand and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular options going. It has a high max power and intuitive controls to make cooking easy. It’s also safe to operate with an auto-shut-off function. 

Runner Up – SUNAVO Portable Induction Cooktop

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This superb portable induction hob is powerful, sleek, and packs enough settings and options for serious cooking, no matter where you are.

With 2000w max heat and 15 heat settings, this is a flexible induction hob that heats up extremely quickly, cooks consistently, and is safe to use.

With 2000w of total power, the SUNAVO Portable Induction Cooktop can boil a litre of water in just 3 minutes on maximum power. That’s pretty impressive. The max heat is 240 degrees, which is high enough to cook just about anything.

However, it also extends right down to just 40 degrees, or 100w, so you have a very wide temperature range to work with. 15 settings enable the selection of different heat modes and the variable time can be set up to 300 minutes. 

This induction hob is safe to use too with a child lock that prevents it from being switched on easily. It will also autodetect when no cookery appliance, e.g. a pan, is in contact with the plate and after 30 seconds, it will automatically cut off. 

As an induction portable electric hob, the SUNAVO Portable Induction Cooktop is quick to cool as well as warm and is also energy efficient. It looks awesome; sleek and compact but with a 7.14 inch pan area – big enough for pretty much any and all pans and saucepans. 


  • Induction electric hob
  • Touch-screen LED control panel 
  • 2000w max power 
  • 15 power settings 
  • Variable timer


  • Induction technology
  • Wide temperature range
  • Lots of settings 
  • Large cooking area


  • None

Bottom Line

Sleek and aesthetically beautiful, the SUNAVO Portable Induction Cooktop is also powerful and has a wide temperature range. It’s perfect for all types of hob cookery and 15 variable power settings enable you to quickly select the desired temperature. 

Best Budget – SQ Professional Blitz Electric Hot Plate Hob

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For a real minimalist, simple and straightforward budget electric hob, the SQ Professional Blitz Electric Hot Plate Hob is tough to beat.

It’s super-simple, as you can see, and will easily deal with most electric gas hob cookery tasks. It proves that if you don’t need bells or whistles, then you don’t have to have them!

This simple electric gas hob is compact and super easy-to-use. It has a one-knob temperature control and 1000w of total power. That’s decent for a compact portable electric hob and you can expect it to heat up rapidly.

Of course, this is a simple device without timers or advanced temperature control and you’ll have to attend it whilst cooking. 

The SQ Professional Blitz Electric Hot Plate Hob uses tried-and-tested direct heating hotplate technology. It’s super-durable and will stand the rigours of travel or camping.

Unlike induction electric hobs, it’s hard to break and the tough steel exterior should take more than its fair share of knocks and drops!


  • Hotplate style electric hob
  • 1000w max power
  • Simple one-knob design 
  • Durable and easy to clean


  • Easy to use
  • Strong and longlasting
  • Excellent value 
  • Light and portable 


  • Limited temperature controls (no thermostat) 

Bottom Line

Another robust option, the SQ Professional Blitz Electric Hot Plate Hob is straightforward and durable. It’ll easily handle most hob-related cookery tasks. Perfect for travel or camping, this represents superb value and it’ll be hard to break.

Well Reviewed – Aobosi Induction Hob, Double Induction Plate

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Not satisfied with the single-hob options? The Aobosi Induction Hob, Double Induction Plate has two induction-powered electric hobs.

It’s powerful, flexible and allows for simultaneous cooking on both sides. It’s pretty impressive to look at and you’d have to say it’d look the part in most kitchens or interior spaces. 

There are two induction hobs here. They’re not the same, though. The left-hand one is higher-powered at 1800w whereas the right-hand one is less powerful at 1000w. That still gives you 2800w total power.

It’s best to leave the left-hand hob to frying and high-temperature jobs whereas the right-hand one can deal with simmering and other lower heat jobs. They will still both reach the highest max temperature of 240 degrees, though. 

Each side is equipped with a 10-level temperature control setting and timer up to 4 hours. It has intelligent auto-shut-off control which will automatically shut off either or both hobs if no cookware is detected for a total of 60 seconds. 

This a super-smart portable electric hob that is perfect for serious cooking applications, e.g. mobile homes, holiday homes, glamping, etc. 


  • Induction style electric hob 
  • Dual hobs, 1800w and 1000w
  • Touch screen LED control panel
  • 10 heat settings 
  • Adjustable timer


  • Double-sided electric hob
  • Intelligent auto-shut-off 
  • LED touch panel 
  • Smart and sleek

Bottom Line

When one electric hob isn’t enough, the Aobosi Induction Hob, Double Induction Plate has two high-quality induction-powered hobs providing 2800w total power. Each one is independently controllable. There are 10 heat settings and a 4-hour timer. Everything is wrapped up nicely in a sleek and smart casing with safe auto-cut-off technology 

Highly Recommended – Aobosi Portable Induction Hob 2000W

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Another superb electric hob from Aobosi, the Aobosi Portable Induction Hob 2000W is a powerful single electric hob that uses induction technology. It looks smart and packs 2000w for rapid heating. 

As an induction electric hob, this hob heats up very efficiently indeed and is also safe as there is no naked flame. It will cool down rapidly when not in use. 2000w is ample power for most cooking applications with 240-degree max heat – perfect for stir-fries. The variable timer extends up to 3 hours. 

There are 10 levels of heat and everything is controllable via a high-quality LED touch panel. It also has an intelligent auto-shut-off that will stop heating once the device detects that no cookware has been on the hob for 60 seconds. Moreover, a child lock ensures that it can’t be accidentally switched on. 

This is a fairly large electric hob that has a contact area of up to 26cm. It is easily compatible with most frying pans, saucepans and even woks. It’s simple, sleek and powerful, and will easily cater to most cookery applications. 


  • Induction electric hob 
  • Touch screen LED control panel
  • 2000w max power
  • 10 power settings 
  • Variable timer


  • High max power
  • Child lock and auto-shut-off
  • High-quality LED panel control 
  • Smart design


  • None

Bottom Line

With a great design, high power and excellent touch-panel control, the Aobosi Portable Induction Hob 2000W rates as a superb induction electric portable hob. It has a smart LED touchscreen panel, child lock and auto-shut-off function for safety.

Portable Electric Hobs: Things to Consider

Portable electric hobs are pretty simple but there are some crucial things to bear in mind: 

Induction Electric Hobs

Portable electric hobs either use induction technology or hot plates. Induction hobs are much newer and use electromagnetic energy to heat the pan area. They’re safer because they don’t directly heat the pan using a metal filament.  

The hob area outside of an induction element can remain very cool. In fact, on some induction hobs, you can place an ice cube directly adjacent to the heating area and it will not melt!

Induction hobs heat up super-quickly too and can boil water in something like 3 minutes. They also cool down much quicker than hotplates. 

Induction hobs are easy to identify. They’re generally made from transparent ceramics and are perfectly flat. They tend to be pricier but they’re more energy-efficient than hot plates in the long run. 

Remember: Induction electric hobs will only work with steel or cast iron cookware. They will NOT work with ceramic, glass or other non-metal (non-magnetic) materials. 


The classic option, hotplates are very simple and work via direct heating. A plate of metal is heated up and you place pans on it to cook. The primary advantage of this is that it’s robust and simple. 

Hotplates won’t break easily and will survive camping adventures, etc. 

However, they’re less energy efficient than induction hobs and heat up slower. They also cool down more slowly so will remain hot to the touch for a while after use. 

Remember: Hotplates work with any and all cookware. They will work fine with glass and ceramic cookware. 


Portable electric hobs are broadly comparable to normal hobs when it comes to their power and heating ability. 

Still, they do have varying power ratings, measured in watts, usually ranging between 1000w and 2000w. 

More power means that the hob will heat quicker and more efficiently. The max heat is likely unaffected and will probably reside somewhere in the 220 to 240-degree range. 

Settings and Timers

Some portable electric hobs come with various settings and timers whereas others are simple and just have a simple dial for turning the heat up or down. 

For serious cooking, a portable electric hob with timers and other various handy cooker settings is best. 

Are Portable Electric Hobs Useful? 

Yes! Portable hobs are awesome for cooking all manner of foods. Stir-fries, fry ups, steaming, boiling…it’s all possible with a portable electric hob. Simply connect it to the mains, let it heat up and you’re good to go.

Portable Electric Hobs for Camping

Portable electric hobs are perfect camping accessories. They can be plugged into generators, inverters or other portable power sources for instant, safe cooking. They’re safe and easy to use when camping compared to standard gas stoves. 

Portable Electric Hobs for Apartments

Some apartments or student accommodation have communal kitchens which are all well and good, but what if you simply can’t be bothered to venture into the communal area to cook? 

Portable electric hobs allow you to cook up simple meals in any room. 

Portable Electric Hobs for the Kitchen and Home

Portable electric hobs can be used in any kitchen or home. They’re excellent for cooking extra dishes and for keeping food warm whilst you reserve your main hobs for other cooking purposes. 


Some awesome electric hobs on show here. The SUNAVO Portable Induction Cooktop rates as the best overall with its wide temperature range and super-sleek design but the Tefal Everyday Induction Hob is a close runner up. 

For durability when travelling or camping, the Duronic HP1SS Stainless Steel Single Table Top Hot Plate is a tough nut to crack but the SQ Professional Blitz Electric Hot Plate Hob is also a superb budget option.

The Aobosi Portable Induction Hob 2000W is yet another high-quality single induction portable electric hob but the Aobosi Induction Hob, Double Induction Plate has two plates for simultaneous cooking on both sides.