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Best Rat Traps in the UK 2022

Having a rodent problem is no joke and when it comes to getting rid of them, you need a good rat trap. 

This article will review the best rat trap brands in the UK and other factors to consider before buying a rat trap.

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Best Overall – Sarkman Indoor & Outdoor Rat Traps

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We chose the Sarkman rat trap pack as our number one for several reasons.

First, because it really works: it’s powerful, strong and its extra large size means it works not just on small rats but big ones too.

Second, the included gloves have the double bonus of meaning you never have to come into direct contact with the trap or the dead rats and preventing your scent from contaminating the trap and deterring the rats. 

Sarkman have thought of everything, even making it possible to nail down your traps if you have problems with big rodents dragging them away.

Finally, having a pack with six traps means you can place several around your home, making it easier than ever to catch and destroy pesky vermin. 


  • Extra large size 17 cm x 8 cm
  • 50 disposable gloves included
  • Can be nailed down
  • 6 traps included


  • Reusable traps are easy to set and clean
  • Included gloves mean you don’t have to come into contact with trap or rats and make the trap more effective
  • Highly effective – works even on big rats
  • Nail down feature prevents big rats from dragging them away


  • Doesn’t work on mice as they are not heavy enough to trigger the trap

The Bottom Line

For a great value set of traps that really work on all rats, look no further than Sarkman’s pack. 

Best Budget – Roshield Professional Heavy Duty Control Traps

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On the budget end of the price range, these traps are a godsend.

Made for professional use, they have been designed with one thing in mind: taking care of rats.

The combination of a high-strength spring and a heavy welded kill bar makes short work of visitors, killing them quickly so you don’t have to finish the job yourself. 

Equally, the trigger plate has the right balance of sensitivity so it doesn’t go off at the wrong moment and scare the rat away – it only responds when the rat is in the right position.

The sensitive trigger means it also takes care of mice, too, although this can be a positive or negative depending on your opinion of mice.

The kit comes with an easy to follow set of instructions to make sure your traps are fail-safe and there’s even a set-up video. 


  • Professional quality
  • 2 packs included 
  • Rear fixing holes to nail it down
  • Indoor and outdoor use


  • Design makes it easy to dispose of rats after use
  • Heavy welded bar kills rats quickly
  • Designed to set up easily without risking trapping your fingers
  • Highly sensitive trigger takes no prisoners 
  • Can be nailed down to stop big rats dragging them off


  • Traps are quite small and lightweight making them easy for rats to move if not nailed down

The Bottom Line

Despite the low price tag, this is a high-quality, powerful set of traps designed for professional exterminators and is very effective at disposing of vermin. 

Best Electric – Pest-Stop Electronic Rat Killer

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When it comes to electronic traps, the Pest-Stop Rat Killer is the obvious choice. It’s a powerful and effective way to dispose of rodents without making a mess.

Killing rats by electrocution is also much more humane than using traditional traps and makes the whole experience generally less traumatic for all involved.

This is also helped by the ease with which you can dispose of the dead rats, which is simply a question of opening the (deactivated) trap and tipping the corpse into the bin. 

The trap is so easy to set up: you just turn it on and wait for the circuit to activate, indicated by the green light flashing once.

The same light will also tell you when the trap is low on battery. It is designed to be safe, too,  and the power will automatically cut out when the trap is open


  • Battery-powered electronic rat trap
  • Indoor use only
  • Batteries not included
  • Reusable up to 50 kills with one set of batteries
  • Warning lights to indicate power and low battery


  • More humane than traditional traps, electric shock kills instantly with no blood or mess
  • Poison-free
  • Very easy to dispose of dead rats by tipping them out of the trap and into the bin
  • Can be reset after every kill and used on around 50 rats
  • Easy to set up – just put in the batteries and switch it on


  • Can’t be used outdoors
  • Requires care when setting up and removing rats to reduce risk of shock
  • Batteries not included
  • More expensive than traditional traps

The Bottom Line

If you want a more humane and easy-to-use trap for indoor pests, the Pest-Stop electronic model is a solid choice. 

Best Humane – AB Traps Humane Trap

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For those of you who wish to simply relocate rodents and other pets rather than killing them, a humane cage trap like this AB model is an ideal choice.

Using absolutely no poison or killing mechanism, it’s clever design allows you to easily lure rats into the trap from which they will be unable to escape until you release them somewhere far from your property. 

The trap is composed of a lightweight yet highly resistant metal, which can be used in all seasons and is chew-proof, too.

Its sure-lock mechanism means that even small rats and mice can absolutely not escape once trapped inside. Then, once the trapped animal has been set free, it’s simply a question of cleaning the cage and setting it up for the next catch.

AB recommends not setting the trap and simply baiting it for the first couple of days to allow the animals to get used to the trap, making them more likely to enter inside. 


  • Humane trap catches rodents without killing them
  • Durable and corrosion-free material
  • 100% satisfied or free return
  • Indoor and outdoor use


  • Allows you to effectively get rid of vermin without killing them
  • No mess involved
  • Couldn’t be simpler to set up and use
  • Totally safe to use around pets and children


  • Susceptible to some rusting and corrosion, although the metal is coated

The Bottom Line

AB Traps’s cage trap is a great value option that’s simple to use and is a humane way of disposing of rodents.

Well Reviewed – Ratkil Rat Traps

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Customers love this pack of Ratkil rat traps, which cleanly and effectively eradicate vermin. These are professional standard traps with one of the strongest spring mechanisms on the market, meaning they make short work of rodents of all sizes. 

The snap trap design is actually fairly humane, killing rats instantly thanks to the powerful yet sensitive trigger and disposing of the dead rat after is fairly fuss-free – just unload the spring and drop into the bin. 

We like how this trap is made of non-absorbent polystyrene rather than metal because this makes for a clean kill and reduces the risk of bleeding and nasty odours.

This durable material also means you can reuse them time and time again, whatever the weather. 


  • Non-absorbent polystyrene composition
  • For indoor and outdoor use


  • Powerful kill bar exterminates rodents instantly
  • Polystyrene material means no mess
  • Can be reused with virtually no maintenance
  • Suitable for all weather conditions


  • There isn’t a nail-down feature 

The Bottom Line

For a no-fuss, highly effective trap, we recommend Ratkil’s pack of 2 rat traps – it does exactly what it says on the tin!

Great Humane Trap – Thanos Humane Mouse Trap

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Another great option for a humane trap is the Thanos Mouse Trap.

Specially designed to capture rodents in the most humane way possible, it has a unique design that lures rats and mice into a long plastic tube along a balanced piece of plastic that flips up once they’re inside, effectively trapping them in the space. 

The air vents, windows and clear plastic composition make it a less traumatic situation for the mouse to be in until you can release it.

Equally, the plastic material means it can be used both inside and outside and is also very easy to take apart and clean.

Thanos recommends rinsing each piece with hot water after each catch to remove the scent mice leave to warn their fellows of danger.

The trap is very easy to set up: simply open the door at the end and place your bait in the little food box before opening the door on the other end to lure the rodent in. 


  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Humane
  • Suitable for most rodents
  • Plastic composition


  • Specially designed to catch all sizes of rodents and won’t trap their tails in the door
  • Very humane design: clear plastic with moulded windows and air vents 
  • Easy to set, clean and reuse


  • The size is not quite big enough for larger rats

The Bottom Line

Thanos’s humane trap is a simple and effective way of ridding your property of vermin.

Considerations When Choosing a Rat Trap

After looking at the different options of rat traps to choose from, let’s discuss some of the considerations to bear in mind before making your purchase. 

Humane or Not

Perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind when choosing a rat trap is whether or not you wish to kill the rats or simply capture them and set them free somewhere far from your property.

This choice depends on the individual but if you’re unsure, it’s worth considering that although humane traps do work they are sometimes not effective at preventing the rodents from returning if they have babies nearby. 

Equally, consider whether or not you want to dispose of a dead rat or if you’d rather release a live one into the wild.

Whenever you come into contact with a rodent or with the trap, make sure to wear protective gloves and to thoroughly wash your hands and the trap after use.

If you’re in two minds, an electronic trap is a good compromise as it is a more humane way of extermination that is guaranteed to cause no blood or mess. 

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Make sure to check whether the trap can be used both indoors and outdoors or just indoors.

It’s basically only electronic traps that are only for indoor use however some traditional traps are not built to withstand all weather conditions.

If you want to place the trap outdoors, ensure it’s made of strong plastic or coated metal so that the material won’t deteriorate over time. 

Size of Rodents

One final thing to consider is the size of the rodents you are wishing to dispose of.

Some traps are not big enough for larger rats while the spring mechanism of others is not sensitive enough to be triggered by mice.

You want to look for either a trap that is adapted to all sizes of rodents or choose one that’s specifically for the ones you are attempting to get rid of. If you have a problem with large rats, the bigger and stronger the trap, the better.

You might also want to choose one that has holes so it can be nailed down as clever, large rodents have been known to drag traps off to their nests to remove the bait. 


Manage your rodent problem quickly and effectively with our choice of the best rat traps.

From humane options to more aggressive rat killers, we’ve got all bases covered to help you rid your home of those pesky vermin.