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Best Salt Lamps in the UK 2022

A salt lamp is a great way to create a soothing atmosphere and purify the air in a room.

With so many options out there, it can be tricky to know which is the best salt lamp.

This article will review the best salt lamps in the UK and other factors to consider before purchasing a salt lamp.

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Best Overall – The Body Source Himalayan Salt Lamp (5-7kg)

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The Body Source’s Salt Lamp is a clear winner. Great value, a good size and 100% natural, it’s been designed to make any room a more relaxing place in which to spend time.

We like that it’s composed exclusively of the finest quality pink Himalayan salt, found only in Pakistan, rather than mass produced in China as this guarantees you’re getting a truly natural product.

What’s more, it comes already assembled so there’s no risk of setting it up wrong and you can have it glowing within minutes after unwrapping. 

The weight is shown as a range because each Body Source Salt Lamp is hand-crafted and sizes vary slightly, meaning the lamp you have is totally individual.

The salt lamp looks good both lit and unlit thanks to its warm orange colour and attractive wooden base. 

We love the fully adjustable dimmer switch as it makes the lamp totally versatile for both day and night. 


  • 5-7 kg
  • Full integrated dimmer switch
  • One extra bulb included


  • Integrated dimmer switch gives you complete control over the brightness of the lamp, meaning you can use it in any situation and at any time of day
  • The lamp comes fully assembled, meaning you can get it up and running straight out of the box
  • 100% pure and natural pink salt from Pakistan’s Himalayan salt mines


  • This salt lamp weighs between 5 and 7kg, which is a pretty hefty size and makes it slightly tricky to move around

Great Alternative – The Magic Salt 3-5 KG Natural Pink Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp

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The Magic Salt Lamp is handmade in Italy from authentic Himalayan Pink Salt and has been made with total relaxation in mind.

Everything from the carefully chosen range of colours, from fiery orange to dark pink, to the perfectly balanced light level, aimed at giving your eyes a break from bright lights, is designed to relieve stress.

It’s easy to set up, fixing easily to any surface via its polished wooden base and has an on/off switch on the cable. 

Salt lamps are thought to help to alleviate allergy symptoms and purify the air in a room by releasing negative ions that counteract harmful molecules, such as cigarette smoke, and the Magic Salt lamp is no exception.

The warm glow is great both for reducing anxiety and helping with sleep and Magic Salt’s range of colours means you can choose the exact shade to suit your mood and environment. 

Each lamp has an individually carved shape and the average weight is perfectly manageable at between 3 and 5 kg. This lamp is also a great choice for a gift because it comes beautifully wrapped in an attractive box. 


  • 3-5kg weight
  • 20-23cm height
  • Polished wooden base


  • Carefully designed to create a soothing, warm environment
  • Range of colours from dark pink to fiery orange


  • Doesn’t have a dimmer switch so the light setting is not adjustable, meaning it might not be at optimum brightness for sleep or for lighting a room
  • Doesn’t come with an extra bulb included

Best Budget – Needs&Gifts 2-3 KG 100% Original Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp

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If you’re looking for a budget salt lamp, look no further than Needs&Gifts’s very affordable model. A little smaller than our first two options, it fits easily into any area of your home while still beaming out an impressive, nourishing glow. 

Despite the low price tag, this lamp is the real deal and contains all the soothing benefits you want from a classic salt lamp, including appearing to neutralise static from electronic devices as well as lower blood pressure.

In fact, this wallet-friendly option is such good value that we recommend buying a couple to place in different areas around your home. 

Each Needs&Gifts lamp is unique since they’re all hand-crafted and so your lamp can range from pale pink to dusty orange in colour and vary across height and weight, too. 


  • 2-3 kg weight
  • Polished wooden base
  • 17-21 cm height
  • 1.5m long cable


  • Great price
  • Compact size but still provides the impact and benefits of a traditional salt lamp


  • No dimmer switch means you can’t adjust the brightness for specific situations and settings
  • No extra bulb included
  • When not switched on regularly, the product has been known to ‘leak’ salt water

Best Adjustable – Levoit Premium Himalayan Salt Lamp

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We love this Levoit Premium salt lamp for many reasons. First, the dimmer switch is touch-controlled, giving you total autonomy over the brightness level of your lamp.

Being able to customise the light level is an awesome feature because it means you can curate the mood you wish your crystal lamp to bring to the environment and with a touch-controlled dimmer, this couldn’t be easier. 

Second, the base is made from rubberwood, which is a more durable and stable wooden material than that used by traditional salt lamps, meaning it is resistant to shrinking, cracking and corroding. 

Finally, it comes with not one but two replacement bulbs so you won’t have to worry about remembering to pick up new bulbs for a long time.

Levoit makes sure to exclusively source their pink salt from mines in Khewra, Pakistan, so you can guarantee you’ll have all the natural benefits provided by a premium salt lamp.

This model also comes in a beautiful box with attractive wrapping, making it a unique and thoughtful gift for someone you love.

The Levoit lamp is also one of the safest on our list and is FCC certified and CE and RoHS compliant.


  • 2-3kg weight
  • 17cm height
  • Two replacement bulbs
  • Touch-controlled adjustable dimmer
  • 2m long cable


  • Touch-sensor dimmer switch lets you create the perfect mood for any situation
  • Glossy, durable rubberwood base
  • Compact size fits in anywhere
  • Safe option poses a very low fire hazard risk


  • The Levoit lamp is pricier than other models
  • Its compact size may not provide sufficient light for bigger rooms

Great Value – Klass Home 1-2 KG Prime Quality 100% Natural Himalayan Rock Salt LAMP

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The Klass Home model is another great value option for those looking for a budget salt lamp. Comprising all the features of a premium model, this lamp comes with a dimmer switch, a long cable and two replacement bulbs.

Its compact size means it can slip into any corner of your home and look totally natural as well as emitting all the wonderful benefits you’d expect from a crystal lamp. 

Klass Home champions the many perceived advantages of having a salt lamp in your home, from helping insomnia and neurosis to aiding in the treatment of allergies and respiratory diseases.

The brand also mentions the use of crystal lamps in chromotherapy, which is the treatment of anxiety and stress using colours. 

This lamp is hand-carved by professionals in Himalayan salt, meaning each unit is absolutely individual, varying in both size, design and colour.

Each of the Klass Home salt lamps, however, has an attractive Rosewood base, which gives them a warm, sophisticated feel. 


  • 1-2kg weight
  • 15cm height
  • 1.5m long cable
  • Dimmer switch
  • Two replacement bulbs included


  • Excellent value package even includes two replacement bulbs
  • Compact size means it can fit into any corner of your home
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Unique rosewood base


  • Small dimensions may prevent the lamp having an impact in larger spaces

Well Reviewed – Giggi 1-2 KG Prime Quality 100% Natural Himalayan Rock Pink Salt Lamp

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Compact and lightweight enough to place in any area of the home, from on your desk to by the bed or even next to your yoga mat for your next session, the Giggi salt lamp is a versatile, high-quality option that fits seamlessly into your life. 

Giggi proudly displays the proposed purifying qualities of their salt lamp, which uses hygroscopy to attract water molecules containing harmful particles from the air.

This is in part as a result of the 100% pure and natural Himalayan pink salt used in its composition.

This salt lamp has some of the best reviews on the market with customers consistently satisfied by its value and quality. Giggi’s salt lamps are hand-carved, meaning each one is unique and varies in both colour and size. 

Whatever you want a salt lamp for, this model has all bases covered and is the perfect option to introduce you to the many benefits of crystal lamps.

The Giggi unit has a robust wooden base that sits easily on any surface and is one of the most solid, versatile models on the market. 


  • 1-2kg weight
  • 17cm height
  • 1.5m cable
  • 1 extra bulb included
  • Dimmer switch


  • Compact and lightweight dimensions mean this lamp can accompany you throughout your day
  • Solid, robust and versatile


  • Smaller than other models which may limit its capacity to shine brightly in a larger room

Considerations When Buying a Salt Lamp

Before you choose your salt lamp, it’s important to understand some key criteria to consider before purchasing. Let’s take a look at some of these in detail, so you can make your decision with confidence. 


Salt lamps come in a range of sizes, from small and lightweight to hefty chunks of crystal weighing in at up to 12kg. Naturally, the bigger the lamp, the higher the price tag. 


Larger models are great for making a statement in a room as well as being bright enough to illuminate spaces with bigger dimensions however a diminutive lamp can have just as much impact in a small, cosy room. It’s worth asking yourself if you’ll want to move the lamp around or keep it in one space, since larger models can be very heavy and not easy to shift once you’ve set them up! 

Dimmer Functionality

Not all salt lamps feature a dimmer setting, which is another thing to bear in mind when choosing yours. Adjustable brightness is a pretty awesome feature on a crystal lamp, meaning you can curate the lighting experience to suit whatever mood you want to create, whether it be for a meditation session, a good night’s sleep or a romantic dinner. 

It goes without saying that the more sophisticated the dimmer function, the more freedom you’ll have to assign the perfect level of brightness, which may influence your choice when it comes to choosing a premium or budget model. 

Handmade Qualities

One final thing to consider when buying a salt lamp is the fact that they tend to be hand-carved by crystal experts and composed of 100% natural Himalayan pink salt, meaning each one is totally unique. Despite what the name suggests, not all salt lamps are pink, with colours actually ranging from pale mauve to burnt orange. 

Equally, the handmade nature of these objects means you can never guarantee the exact size and dimensions of the model you’ll receive.

This shouldn’t be too much of a problem and unveiling the mystery of what your unique lamp will look like is half the fun of ordering one, but it is worth bearing in mind when buying online that yours may not look exactly like the one in the picture


A salt lamp is a fabulous addition to any home, particularly for sufferers of anxiety, insomnia or respiratory problems. Believed to alleviate symptoms of stress and purify the air in a room, these all-natural pieces of décor make for a soothing, warm atmosphere. We hope our guide to the best salt lamps has helped you choose the right one for your space.