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Best Security Light with Motion Sensor in the UK 2022

Security lights are much cheaper than CCTV or other forms of home security deterrence, but they’re also important to link with CCTV cameras to make sure that you’re taking clear images of potential intruders. 

Security lights are usually mounted above porches, garages or large double windows, etc, but can really be mounted anywhere outside. 

Some use mains power, but increasingly, security lights are starting to use solar panel technology that can power them efficiently even in low-light or overcast conditions. 

This article will review the best security light brands with motion sensors in the UK and other factors to consider before buying an electric frying pan.

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Best Overall – MustWin Security Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor

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This powerful security light has an exceptionally good motion sensor with a max sensor range of 12m or 40ft.

It has a 42 LED floodlight to provide 30w of light, which is very bright indeed and should illuminate large areas. It also provides 120 degrees of illumination, so covers a wide area, e.g. the whole front porch or driveway. 

This is a mains powered security light so you’ll need to wire it to a UK 3-pin plug yourself. The upshot is that it will always run when needed and you won’t need to rely on solar energy.

There are 3 adjustable settings; LUX, which sets the light to function in both daylight and night, or just one or the other (e.g. just at night).

SENS, that controls how sensitive the motion sensor is with a range of 4m to 12m. TIME controls how long the light runs for when it triggers, from 14 seconds to 7 minutes. 

The MustWin Security Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor has an IP65 rating is sufficient to protect it from most rain, though it would be best to fasten it to somewhere undercover as it will not tolerate protracted rain and water exposure. 

This light is an excellent mains-powered light with high brightness and a very good sensor. The settings are easy to alter too. The extra-wide light dispersion ensures that it can cover wide areas, e.g. entire driveways. 


  • 30w of LEDs 
  • Mains powered with 2m cable 
  • IP65 waterproof rating 
  • 120-degree illumination
  • 3 adjustable settings
  • 4m – 12m motion sensor


  • Very bright and wide dispersion 
  • Excellent motion sensor
  • Mains powered for constant uptime 
  • Easy to mount and fully adjustable


  • Waterproof rating could be better

Bottom Line

A strong light with superb motion sensor, the MustWin Security Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor is a superb option for those looking for mains powered security lights. It has a very wide light dispersion angle too so can cover large outside areas. 

Best Budget – CLY LED Floodlight, 20W Security Light

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This budget mains powered security light has a great motion sensor that can provide up to 2000 lumens with 20w of power.

It has a wide dispersion of some 120 degrees, so the light will disperse efficiently across wide areas such as front porches or driveways. The max sensor distance is 12m, which is very far, but this can’t be altered. 

Settings on the light include a day/night setting that determines whether or not the light will be on through the night and day or just at night.

Another setting determines how long the light stays on when triggered and is adjustable between 10s/45s/120s/600s. 

The CLY LED Floodlight, 20W Security Lights has a good IP rating of IP66, which means it is protected against most forms of rain.

However, this still likely isn’t sufficient for very wet weather or constant heavy rain, so you should still aim to mount it on a sheltered wall or under an alcove or similar. 

The mains cable on this is only 1m long so extension will most likely be required. You’ll also have to wire it to a UK 3-pin plug yourself.

Overall, this is an excellent security light with a very good motion sensor and plenty of power.


  • 20w of LEDs
  • Mains powered with 1m cable
  • IP66 waterproof rating
  • 12m motion sensor  
  • 120-degree illumination
  • 2 adjustable light settings 


  • Bright LED light with wide dispersion 
  • Mains powered for constant uptime 
  • Adjustable settings for night/day and light duration 
  • Good waterproof levels


  • Non-adjustable sensor 

Bottom Line

Powerful with a great sensor, the CLY LED Floodlight, 20W Security Lights also has wide light dispersion for covering entire driveways or porches. Another superb option for those looking for a quality mains security light. 

Best Solar – HETP Upgraded 78 LED Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights

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The HETP Upgraded 78 LED Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights bring super-powerful LEDs to the table courtesy of 78 pro LEDs per light (two in the pack).

These LEDs are different from the LEDs used in the aforementioned security lights and tend to be more powerful with greater illumination distance.

These solar lights also feature efficient solar panels and have a large 2000mAh battery that should provide some 10 hours of illumination of just one full charge in bright sunlight.

Even in low-light winter conditions, they can efficiently work throughout the night with ease. The brightness is adjustable via 3 different modes and the sensor has a max working range of 8m or so. 

With a superb battery and powerful LEDs, the HETP Upgraded 78 LED Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights are suitable for a wide range of uses and are a good choice when natural light is low.

An IP rating of IP65 is ok but you’ll need to mount these under some sort of cover to protect them from prolonged rain. 


  • 78 pro LEDs
  • Solar-powered with 2000mAh battery 
  • 8m sensor range 
  • 120-degree dispersion 
  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • IP65


  • Excellent battery life 
  • Very bright LEDs
  • Wide light dispersion 
  • Adjustable settings


  • Waterproof rating is just reasonable 

Bottom Line

The HETP Upgraded 78 LED Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights are powerful and have a battery to match. They should last through the night with ease on even a poor day of daylight. The IP rating isn’t great but so long as you mount them undercover, they’re very good – and there’s also two in the pack. 

Considerations When Buying Security Lights

Fundamentally, security lights with motion sensors are very bright lights that trigger upon movement. 

Mains power security lights are the most popular but improved solar panels have made solar-powered security lights excellent alternatives.

Mains vs Solar Power

Mains power is reliable. So long as your power is on, the light will power on and off, regardless of rain or shine. Most main powered lights come with power cables that you’ll have to wire onto a UK 3-pin plug yourself. These can be extended to any length you like. 

Solar-powered lights run via integrated solar panels and batteries. These are usually mounted on the top of the light itself. Whilst this might strike you as severely limiting, solar panels are very efficient now and can function well even in lower light overcast conditions. 

Remember that security lights only trigger occasionally, so solar power is actually pretty ideal provided the batteries are decent. 


Halogen bulbs have been more common in the past but modern security lights nearly always use LEDs. LEDs can be super-bright but they also last ages and use less power than most other bulbs. 

LEDs rated just 30w have equivalent illumination of traditional bulbs rated some 200w or above. This suits them perfectly to solar-powered lights. 

Sensor Sensitivity 

Motion sensors have different sensitivity ratings. Any canny thief will try and creep by a motion sensor light carefully but most are near-impossible to pass by without triggering the sensor.

Sensor max range typically ranges between 20ft to 30ft, which is more than enough for most uses. Some extend up to some 40ft (12m) or more. 


Brightness is obviously an important feature of any security light. Most security lights are extremely bright – that is the point after all! 

Brightness may be measured in lumens or watts, which will give some indication of what power is being provided to the bulbs.


Security lights often have additional settings. These let you control the sensitivity of motion sensors, how bright the light is when triggered and how long it stays on once triggered. 


Security lights are mounted outside and thus, waterproofing is important. Waterproofing is measured with an IP rating. It will look something like IP67, IP56 or IPX7. 

The first number refers to dustproof-ness, not so relevant here. The second number refers to waterproofing and 7 is the highest you’ll see, which denotes high waterproofness. Where you see an X this means that there is no rating (e.g. IPX7 is highly waterproof with no dust rating).

Why Use a Security Light?

Security lights are your first line of defence between your home and intruders. Usually, light is enough to put intruders off – they’ll much prefer to find a darker home with no security light. 

Motion sensor security lights are also useful for when you’re returning home late at night and need illumination to put your car away, unlock the house, etc. Many also double up as general-purpose outdoor lights. 

The motion sensors in security lights trigger automatically when anyone or anything comes within a range of about 20 – 30ft or so. 

At night, some security lights can be pretty dazzling and this surprise factor only increases the chance of it scaring off potential intruders. 

Security lights aren’t jus effective against potential human trespass but can also ward off unwanted wildlife and animals. 


Solar panel lights are becoming more popular and they’re strongly represented here. The MPow 140 LED Solar Lights Outdoor Solar Security Light, HETP Upgraded 78 LED Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights and LITOM 300 LED Solar Lights Outdoor all provide superb brightness without the use of cables. 

It is likely that they’ll need to be positioned somewhere that is at least not shaded during the day, but they can work on minimal daylight. 

For more reliable mains power, the MustWin Security Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor is hard to beat with its extra-long-range motion sensor. The LE Security Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor Security Light and CLY LED Floodlight, 20W Security Light are great alternatives.