Best Snowflake Projectors in the UK 2021

A snowflake projector can make a difference to your outside Christmas decorations and set you apart from your neighbours.

However, there a lot of options available so it’s worth doing your research first.

This article will review the best expandable snowflake projector brands in the UK and considerations when buying a snowflake projector.

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Best Overall – MINPE Snow Falling Projector 

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The MINPE projector comes with many features including a 15-50ft area coverage (while using rotating mode) and an easy-to-use remote control. It is waterproof rated to the highest standard and can function in all weather conditions.

The physical resolution of the snow imagery is crisp & clear while also maintaining the wide-angle projection. Using the projector isn’t just limited to outside settings either with the projector performing well indoors, timing functions also mean the projector is low maintenance and only needs one initial setup to your preferences which it will repeat flawlessly. 

The MINPE Projector arrives with a ground mount stake and stand base which allows for the projector to be mounted in all environments. The housing of the lens is made of corrosion inhibiting plastic which stays resilient for years, even during harsh weather. 

The mains supply plug which is included also has a good to moderate length making it suitable for most properties and distances from your property. 

Remote control usage is great with this device.  Features ranging from strobing to oscillating effects possible as well as different light-emitting frequencies and timings making visual possibilities endless. 


  • Easy to use remote control
  • Great in various weather conditions
  • Clear Resolution 


  • Power lead could be longer

The Bottom Line

Overall the projector offers reliability in combination with useful features including rotation, wide-angle projections, clear and consistent visuals as well as an easy-to-use controller and timer which sets it apart from its counterparts found on this list. 

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Runner Up – FOCHEA Christmas Projector 

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A worthy runner up to the list, the FOCHEA projector is packed with features. The projector has multiple images and lenses to choose from which gives it great adaptability.

The project resolution is sharp offering clear imagery in both indoor and outdoor settings. Like the majority of the projectors on this list, the setting controls between the lighting effects are all contained within a singular control giving great ease of access. 

The actual unit comes with a sturdy screwed base stand as well as a spike stand allowing for positioning anywhere. For garden or outdoor applications, the projector has an IP65 Waterproof Rating with the ABS plasticised housing perfectly encasing the inner electronics. 

Rotation is possible using an angled adjustment notching system, although it can be stiff upon first use and fairly difficult during initial setup while the plastic/metal components are still new. 

The projector itself has other slides not just suitable for Christmas, such as slides for Halloweens and birthdays.

It’s worth noting that you’ll want to be in a darker room to get particularly sharp images.


  • Other visuals other than snowflake projections
  • ABS Plastic


  • Display isn’t quite as bright as others 

The Bottom Line

This multi-functional projector comes with lots of clear, sharp slides and makes for a great purchase if you’re looking to use a projector throughout the year, not just for Christmas.

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Best Premium – Poeland Garden Projector 

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This RGB (Red, Green & Blue) Projector is simplistic yet is the best of the premium projectors out there.

As well as the standard snowflake projections, it has other projections from, making it perfect for use throughout the year, not just around Christimas. The flexibility of projections is pretty limited here with only RGB dots or ‘stars’ being possible, although the resolution of the lights is perfect.

The way the lights project gives a visual of stars falling which is perfect for garden use or possibly ceilings during parties. 

Included is an indoor base as well as an outdoor stake, the difference with this projector particularly is that it includes a security lock which is ideal for projectors positioned outdoors or further away from the property where it could potentially be stolen. 

Poeland includes a flexible power adaptor suitable to the majority of gardens and sizes, the remote control system utilised is filled with settings relating to colour and strobing/lighting effects.

The projection is able to be widely projected at 60x60ft which covers the majority of house walls, ceilings & gardens. IP65 Waterproofing is provided like all of the projectors mentioned on this list.


  • Crystal clear resolution
  • 60x60ft projection area
  • Security lock 


  • Light is limited to RGB

The Bottom Line

The price of this projector has a higher price but offers excellent projection quality and reliability that justifies it.

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Best Budget – RUNACC Snowflake Projector 

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The Runacc snowflake projector gives you good resolution for its pricing and is strictly limited to the imagery of snowflakes unlike others on this list.

The device is able to project both indoors and outdoors as well as uses an LED bulb and chip preventing the possibility of dazzling or blinding. 

The projector’s snowflake visual is stationary, although has the capacity to be rotated when in place on its stand. Runnac has also created a lightweight device that can be easily moved around your house or outdoor settings. 

The display area for this projector is approximately 10m x 10m. Due to the 180 degree rotation, it is easy to use on angled surfaces and ceilings too.


  • 180-degree rotation
  • LED light & chip 


  • One visual only
  • No animated visuals 

The Bottom Line

Overall, this projector offers you a nice LED lighting visual and has good features for its pricing, despite only being limited to one visual.

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Great Value Alternative – Bestllin White Snowflake Projector 

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This is an excellent snowflake projector at the price whilst containing the features you’d expect from a snowflake projector.

The visuals actually move on this device and project a bright, white Soft-LED lighting onto surfaces. Soft-LED is perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, especially when facing the windows of your property. 

Included with the product is a great 5m cable that can easily cater to any spatial requirements. 

This projector doesn’t have a timer nor a remote control to adjust settings and relies on simply being turned on. It has an IP65 rating so can be used in all weathers. The cabling is also rated IP44. ABS plastics are again used here, preventing corrosion. 

Adjustment of the rotation is also accurate and sturdy due to the stands (both indoor base and ground stake) have a serrated notch system. This is great if your ideal location is slightly angular or the ground on which you wish to mount the projector is uneven. 

Overall, due to the cheap pricing in comparison to the other projectors on this list and some really nice premium features.


  • Serrated rotation adjustment 
  • 5m cabling 


  • No timing function
  • One visual only

The Bottom Line

This projector will give you more bang for your buck especially if you’re looking for the basic features and aren’t interested in multiple visuals.

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Considerations When Buying a Snowflake Projector


Projectors are entirely reliant on their internal bulb/lights which are responsible for bringing you the visual which you expect.

There are LED’s, Soft LED and RGB styles which are all effective but not suitable for certain settings. Standard LED’s are more suited to outdoor settings due to their powerful brightness while Soft LED bulbs are better for more close indoor settings.

RGB is ideally used in an outdoor setting and in total darkness due to its ‘dot-like’ characteristics. 


Most brands have IP65 Waterproofing on their projector housing that totally prevents water from breaching the plastic and causing your bulb and inner electronics to short circuit.

Some brands fail to offer the IP44 Cabling which is necessary to run a projector outdoors to prevent wiring deteriorating or wearing. It is worth checking the projector which you want to see whether it has these ratings and fits your environment requirements. 


These are the images or lenses which the projector shows. This list of projectors all have snowflake projections

However, some have other lenses not specifically snowflake or Christmas-related. Some offer Halloween or birthday-themed visuals, allowing you to use the projector throughout the year. You may get more use out of these multi-functional projector throughout the year.  

Some of the visuals projectors offer are animated. Whether you want these are personal preference, as animated visuals may be more eye-catching than standard imaging. Be sure to check before purchase. 


Some projectors on this list come with feature-packed remote control devices where you can adjust visual oscillation, timing and strobing effects.

Others are more simplistic and just function by turning on or off and don’t have any timing settings.

Which one is suitable for you depends on the time you have, the variety of animations of effects you which to see and whether your projector supports multiple visuals which may need different settings with each one. 


In summary, the MINPE Projector offers the best pricing, features and adaptability of choices on this list.

Depending on your budget and needs you may find the RUNACC or Bestllin Snowflake Projector suit your requirements more and offer you the simplistic features you need while maintaining some of the features that you’re looking for in a snowflake projector.

The Poeland is something different for this list and despite being more expensive and premium, the RGB lighting effects and settings put it at the top of the premium options out there.


How much will your project cost?