8 Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders in the UK [2021]

While it’s true that squirrels look very cute and cuddly, they can be a real nuisance when they get into your garden.

If you want to ensure that your bird feeder remains exclusively for the use of birds, you’ll need a sturdy squirrel proof bird feeder.

This article will review the best squirrel proof bird feeder brands in the UK and other factors to consider when buying a squirrel proof birder feeder.

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Top Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Brand Comparison

Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Reviews

Squirrel Buster Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

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This Canadian-made bird feeder has a patented design to stop squirrels stealing what is not theirs. Thanks to its automatic weight sensor, the brilliant mechanism reacts in seconds and shuts off the feeder when a squirrel comes knocking.

This means that small garden birds can feed freely, while squirrels, pigeons and starlings are unable to access the tasty seeds and nuts.

Its tough structure is made of RoxResin, which is chew-proof, waterproof and UV-resistant, meaning this feeder looks good as new for a long time. 

The Squirrel Buster also features a Seed Tube Ventilation System that allows outside air to pass through the feeder and hot, humid air to escape, keeping your feed fresh for your feathered friends.

There are six different types of Squirrel Buster, from a mini version to a Plus-sized model.

Some of the styles can be adjusted to adapt to different weights, so you can choose which birds have access to your feeder. 


  • Innovative automatic closing system works well to keep squirrels and large birds at bay
  • Discreet design
  • Very durable materials


  • Must be hung far from any support to prevent squirrels from reaching across to defy the system
  • The Mini version is light enough to be dislodged by hungry squirrels
  • Pricier than most feeders

Gardman Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Seed Bird Feeder

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There are many ways to deter squirrels from bird feeders and Gardman have opted for using incredibly heavy-duty materials.

Their Heavy Duty feeder is composed of heavy gauge die-cast metal parts and finished in a rust-resistant powder coat in gunmetal grey, giving you years of infallible durability.

The feeder works by way of its cage structure, which stops squirrels and large birds poking their heads through the holes to get at the seeds.

The feed tube is also highly resistant, made from strong polycarbonate materials with four small feeding ports and is perfect for placing a range of seed mixes to nourish small garden birds such as wrens, finches and other songbirds.

This is one of the easiest bird feeders to keep clean, thanks in part to its easily dismantled structure and also to the “FeedSafe” biocidal coating on the cage that’s designed to kill bacteria without harming the birds. 

Gardman have five different types of feeder, that vary according to the breed of bird you wish to feed and the type of feed you wish to use. 


  • Highly robust and sturdy 
  • Very easy to clean
  • Four feeding ports allow several birds to feed at once


  • Easy to dismantle the structure unfortunately means that very nifty squirrels are able to open the top
  • Lack of bottom tray under the feed tube lets seed spill all over the ground, although this does prevent buildup of food and moisture, helping it to keep clean. 

Peckish Secret Garden Squirrel Proof Bird Seed Feeder

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This affordable bird feeder looks great hanging in your garden as it’s elegant cage structure and delicate decorative leaf design give it a distinctive, antique look. However, it’s not all style over substance – this is a squirrel proof feeder that really works!

Its constructed from a sturdy, hard-wearing metal that can hold its own against wind, rain and chewing, meaning it will stay looking good for a long time.

The internal feeding tube is made of clear polycarbonate, meaning small birds can see it and squirrels can’t get at it.

This feeder is also designed to hold up against attempts at entry and has a strong lid that doesn’t open easily for even the most enterprising squirrel.

It holds up to 470g of feed and can be used with most seeds and mixes. 


  • Attractive, antique design
  • Features a sturdy metal ring to hang from trees or boards
  • Made from durable, weatherproof materials


  • There is only one feeding hole, meaning only one bird can feed at a time
  • There’s no bottom tray so the seed tends to spill on the floor

Selections Deluxe Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Hanging Bird Suet Fat Ball Feeder

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This feeder has a cage design that effectively keeps squirrels and large birds at bay.

We like this feeder because it’s very easy to open and fill with feeding balls and the internal feeder is a cage structure, which lets several small birds pass through to the interior and feast at the same time.

Larger birds can still access some of the food, but the effort required tends to make them give up and look elsewhere and the internal cage is 8cm from the outer structure, which makes it virtually impossible for the squirrels to reach. 

The cage has a gunmetal grey finish and a large hanging hook (17cm x 14cm) that retracts when you’re not using it. The large lid and domed base at the bottom of the feed tunnel keep rain away from the seed, preventing it from rotting. 


  • Highly effective at keeping large birds and squirrels away from food
  • Plenty of space for lots of small birds to feed
  • Large hanging hook is very sturdy

Set of 3 Selections Deluxe Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Hanging Bird Feeders

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This is a great-value option if you want to place several feeders around your garden, with different types of feed for different species of birds. It also triples the chance of repelling those pesky squirrels and large birds.

We’ve already looked at the fat ball feeder, and the nut and seed options have plenty of ports for small garden birds to feed.

The lids open easily with a clever and simple ‘twist and lift’ mechanism and these feeders work well against squirrels, thanks to the extended distance between the interior and exterior cages. 


  • Great value for money
  • A selection of different feeder types lets you attract a range of birds
  • Excellent prevention against squirrels and large birds
  • Plenty of room for lots of garden birds to feed at once

Smart Garden Premier Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder

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This compact feeder in a leaf-green colour makes a gorgeous addition to any garden.

As well as comprising the classic cage structure that’s very adept at keeping squirrels and large birds stumped, this feeder avoids the problem of squirrels managing to unscrew the top lid by comprising a lid with a bayonet opening.

This also stops the opening getting loose and poses less risk of the feeder falling down over time. The central tube is big enough so you don’t have to keep refilling it constantly and the large lid keeps rain and moisture off the seed, stopping it from rotting and clogging.

The bottom of the cage has a base plate that gathers seeds and features a small lip that stops them falling on the ground. The bottom is also fitted with a bayonet opening, making it easy to open and clean out.

The cage is made of steel and powder-coated, making it both weather and rust-resistant. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Squirrels cannot open the bayonet fitting on the lid
  • Bright green colour is unique and attractive


  • Central tube is attached to base plate and can come unscrewed when opening and closing the top lid

Easipet Wild Bird Feeder 3 Piece Set

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This set comprises three cage feeders in three bright colours – yellow, red and blue -, one each for nuts, seeds and fat balls.

The cage structure is an excellent barrier against squirrels and large birds and the lids of the internal tubes are equipped with clips that make them easy to open for refills and cleaning.

It’s also a great price for 3 feeders that let you keep a variety of feed and attract a corresponding variety of birds!

The metal structure is unfortunately not completely resistant to chewing from squirrels, although it stands up well against rust.

Also, studies have found that birds don’t like the colour yellow, which means they might keep their distance from one of these feeders. 


  • Excellent value for money
  • Work well at keeping squirrels and big birds away
  • Three designs can contain three different types of feed


  • The yellow-coloured cage is not attractive to some birds
  • Susceptible to chewing

Roamwild PestOff Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder

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This is a state-of-the-art bird feeder that takes no prisoners when it comes to pests.

Unlike other models, it is effective against both adult and baby squirrels and all large birds because it operates via an automatic closing system that is triggered by weight.

When a heavier creature comes to rest on the perch, the feeding hole is covered by the sliding metal shaft, which automatically re-opens when the pigeon or squirrel leaves. It also has a built-in rain guard to stop the seed becoming moist and clogging.

The feeding tube has a huge 1.5l capacity and is composed of thick UV stable polycarbonate, which makes it impossible for squirrels to chew through. The top lid effortlessly clicks apart to be refilled and cleaned. 


  • Highly effective against all types of seed-stealing pests
  • Rain-proof design and large capacity mean less frequent refilling
  • Easy to dismantle and clean


  • Automatic closing shaft can trap birds’ legs
  • Plastic perch can be chewed through by squirrels
  • Only two feeding holes
  • Pricier than other models

How to Choose a Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

Before you buy a bird feeder, it’s best to understand some basics about what makes a quality feeder. Let’s look at some key questions to ask yourself before making your decision. 

How easy is it to use?

This question should be posed both to yourself and to the birds. You want a feeder that birds can get at without issue, meaning it should be attractive and visible from afar. Likewise, make sure there are several openings so more than one bird can feed at once. It should also be easy for you to dismantle and reassemble as you’ll be refilling it and cleaning it on a semi-regular basis. 

How weatherproof is it?

Your new feeder should be made of weatherproof materials that are resistant to sun, wind, snow and rain. Make sure that the metal has been coated to prevent rusting and that any wooden parts have been properly treated. If your feeder has any plastic parts, ensure that these are UV stable to avoid cracking and fading in sunlight. You also want to be sure your feeder is robust and sturdy to prevent it being battered by strong winds. 

How durable is it?

Look for feeders made from materials such as polycarbonate, RoxResin or reinforced metal, as these are the most long-lasting. You also want to make sure it is chew-proof and that the lid can’t be opened by a clever squirrel. 

How much feed can it hold?

You’ll want a seeder with at least a 500g seed capacity, otherwise you’ll be refilling it every other day. If you live in an area with lots of birds, consider a capacity of up to 2kg. 


Squirrels can prove to be worthy opponents in your quest to feed small garden birds.

Luckily, these squirrel-proof feeders have been cleverly designed to keep larger pests at bay.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a feeder and lots of great options on the market so use our handy guide to squirrel-proof bird feeders before making your purchase!

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