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Best Telescopic Ladders in the UK 2022

A telescopic ladder is a ladder that uses extensible, adjustable tubing that is secured via catches on the sides of each rung. It can be extended at will, to the maximum height or anywhere in between. 

As you might expect, safety is very important when choosing a ladder and whilst it’s not a legal requirement, most are built to the EU specification EN131, a safety standardisation that applies to ladders and stepladders.

Telescopic ladders are brilliant for home DIY and light professional or industrial use. It’s worth mentioning that the EN131 is only safe enough for light industrial use (which includes use at home), so you can’t expect to perform any very heavy-duty jobs with one. 

Most safety ladders can be collapsed into frames smaller than 1m, plenty small enough to fit in the boot of a standard vehicle. 

Because of the nature of the product, it is a great idea to do your research for buying one.

This article will cover the best telescopic ladder brands in the UK and what to consider when buying a telescopic ladder.

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Best Overall – WolfWise 4.7M Telescoping Ladder

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This number 1 bestselling ladder is superbly well-reviewed.

The WolfWise 4.7M Telescoping Ladder has a max height of 4.7m, making it one of the tallest telescopic ladders around. It’s suitable for a wide array of home DIY and light professional uses.

Well-built from strong aluminium, it has a total weight of just 13.3kg, easily light enough to be easy to transport via car or by hand. The frame size, when collapsed, is 95 x 48cm, easily short enough to fit in most cars or vans. 

There are 16 rungs in total here, though the manufacturer specifies not to step on the top 3 – these are there for handing only.

The 16 increments are spaced 1 foot apart, which is typical of most ladders. Each can be locked and unlocked individually using the self-locking catches.

The ladder can take a max weight of 150kg, features a stabiliser bar at the bottom and is equipped with non-slip feet.

The feet here are particularly large, which is great. It also comes with a strap to keep the ladder tied together during transport. 

Like most telescopic ladders, there’s plenty of useful safety information printed on the ladder itself. Always read the manual carefully prior to use. 

With 4.7m of total height, strong catches and weighing just 13.3kg, the WolfWise 4.7M Telescoping Ladder is a superb telescopic suitable for DIY and light professional use. 


  • 4.7m total height 
  • Weighs 13.3kg
  • 95 x 45cm collapsed size
  • Large rubber feet
  • 16 increments
  • 150kg max weight allowance 


  • Tall ladder
  • Chunky, grippy feet 
  • Easy-lock catches 
  • High max weight


  • None

Bottom Line

This taller telescopic ladder is well-made with auto-locking catches and 16 increments. The large rubber feet ensure its very stable. A quality telescopic ladder with great reviews – the best overall. 

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Best Budget – AutoBaBa 3.8Meter Multi-Purpose Ladder

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The AutoBaBa 3.8Meter Multi-Purpose Ladder is a 3.8m ladder with 13 step increments spaced out by the typical 1 foot. 3.8m pretty tall – about as tall as you’ll need a telescopic ladder – perfect for home DIY and light professional use. 

This aluminium ladder weighs just 11.1kg and collapses into a frame measuring 85 x 48cm. That’s very light and small enough to carry by hand or transport in the boot of a car, van, etc.

It’s worth noting that the manufacturer here specifically lists this ladder as EN131 certified, which is a useful hallmark of its safety. 

The tubing itself is thick and strong with non-slip rungs and large, non-slip rubber feet. 

The AutoBaBa 3.8Meter Multi-Purpose Ladder uses standard slide catches to open/close the ladder’s intervals. A bottom bar is provided for extra stability. It has a fairly typical 150kg max weight allowance. 

This telescopic ladder also comes with a fabric strap to secure the ladder during transport. Each rung is spaced with a rubber spacer to ensure they don’t scrape against each other or clatter loudly when retracted. 

Overall, this is another solid telescopic ladder with quality credentials and since it’s listed as EN131 certified, you have some assurance that it’s been properly tested. 

However, it’s also very well-reviewed too and by all accounts, it should be a trustworthy choice. 


  • 3.8m total height
  • Weighs 11.1kg 
  • 85 x 45cm collapsed size
  • Large non-slip rubber feet 
  • 11 increments 
  • 150kg max weight allowance


  • Decent height 
  • Very lightweight 
  • Strong tubing 
  • Easy-to-use catches


  • None 

Bottom Line 

The AutoBaBa 3.8Meter Multi-Purpose Ladder is a well-made, strong telescopic ladder with thick aluminium tubing and 11 increments. It weighs just 11.1kg, making it particularly easy to transport or carry by hand.

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Great for Multiple Sizes – Nestling Multi-Purpose Folding Extensionable Telescopic Aluminium Ladder

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The Nestling® Multi-Purpose Folding Extensionable Telescopic Aluminium Ladder range comes in sizes ranging from just 2m to 3.8m.

All of them are very well-priced and this provides you with the opportunity to pick a smaller, highly portable ladder if you prefer. For example, the 2m ladder here weighs just 4.6kg!

The 2.6m version featured here is still very lightweight at just 6.3kg and measures 74 x 45.5cm when collapsed. This makes it extremely easy to carry and transport.

Like other telescopic ladders, it comes with a fabric strap that you secure around the ladder to keep it collapsed during transit. 

The Nestling range of ladders is well-made to EN131 standards, feature thick aluminium tubing, bottom stability bars and large non-slip feet. They use standard slide-shut clips to secure the rungs in place. 

The 2.6m version has 8 increments spaced out by 1ft. It has a max weight allowance of 150kg which is average for a telescopic ladder. 

A quality selection of compact, well-made telescopic ladders, the Nesting range are ideally suited for home DIY and light professional use. 


  • 2.6m total height (this model)
  • Weighs 6.3kg (this model) 
  • 74 x 45cm collapsed size
  • Large non-slip rubber feet 
  • 8 increments 
  • 150kg max weight allowance


  • Very portable 
  • Super-lightweight 
  • Thick tubing 
  • Large rubber feet


  • None

Bottom Line

The Nestling® Multi-Purpose Folding Extensionable Telescopic Aluminium Ladder comes in 4 different sizes. The smaller sizes are very lightweight and easy to carry around, which is a big plus. EN131 certification ensures its relative safety. 

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Great Finger Protection – Finether 3.8m Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

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Another solid 3.8m tall telescopic ladder, the Finether 3.8m Aluminum Telescoping Ladder is made from thick aluminium tubing and only weighs 11.4kg despite its 3.8m height.

This well-made ladder features larger spaces between its rungs in order to protect fingers in case of accidental collapse. It comes with a fabric strap to secure the ladder together when collapsed and there’s even a free pair of grip gloves and tool bag in the box.

The finger protection spacers do mean this ladder is slightly larger than some when fully collapsed at 108 x 47cm. It’s still very light, though, so should be as easy to transport and carry as any other telescopic ladder. 

Like other telescopic ladders on the list, the Finether 3.8m Aluminum Telescoping Ladder has large non-slip rubber feet and easy-to-use but secure slide catches. There are 12 steps and an additional stability bar at the bottom. 

Like other models, it has a 150kg weight allowance. A superb, strong telescopic ladder with added finger spaces and free gloves and tool bag. 


  • 3.8m total height 
  • Weighs 11.4kg
  • 108 x 47cm collapsed size
  • Large non-slip rubber feet 
  • 12 increments 
  • 150kg max weight allowance
  • Finger spacers


  • Tall enough for most jobs
  • Additional finger spaces
  • Large tubing 
  • Thick, grippy feet


  • None

Bottom Line

Yet another solid telescopic ladder, the Finether 3.8m Aluminum Telescoping Ladder is tall, strong and benefits from innovative finger spaces to protect fingers when collapsing the ladder.  

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Telescopic Ladder Buyer’s Guide

Telescopic ladders all have one thing in common: they’re telescopic. That much is obvious, but there are a few other things to watch out for:

Ladder Height 

Without a doubt the primary variable when it comes to ladders is height. Most telescopic ladders (including all of the telescopic ladders on this list) are 5m or less. 

Only buy a ladder for the height you need. Shorter ladders will be lighter and very small when collapsed, easily small enough to store in most cupboards or loft spaces.  


Telescopic ladders have different stages or increments. These are usually spaced out by 1ft, which is the typical rung spacing of most ladders. 

A 5m ladder might have some 16 stages (including the top). Shorter ladders could have just 4 – 6 rungs. 

Ladder Weight

Weight obviously depends on how tall the ladder is. The vast majority of ladders today are made from aluminium which is renowned for its lightweight but durable and hardwearing characteristics. 

Most telescopic ladders weigh between 10kg and 18kg but some are lighter at 10kg or below which is comfortable for carrying a decent distance on foot. 

Size When Collapsed 

Size, when collapsed, depends on how tall the ladder is. 

Most ladders collapse into formats below 1m in height which makes transportation pretty straightforward. 

Weight Allowance

All ladders have a max advised weight allowance. For most telescopic ladders (including all telescopic ladders on this list), this is 150kg. 

Telescopic Ladder Safety

Safety is paramount when using any ladder or when working from height in any way, shape or form. 

EN131 certification is a good place to start but ladder accidents usually result from improper usage rather than mechanical failure. 

Here are some tips on how to use a ladder as safely as possible: 

Check the Ladder 

It’s always wise to check the ladder over prior to use. Read the instruction manual thoroughly.

With telescopic ladders, you’ll need to assess the catches and feet to make sure they’re working as they should be. Make sure the non-slip feet are in good condition and that none of the steps or tubing is deformed in any way. 

Never Position on Crooked Surfaces

Ladders should only ever be used on flat, grippy surfaces. Avoid slippery surfaces altogether. The ladder angle should be around 75 degrees from the wall, 15 degrees off vertical. 

3-Point Contact

When you’re up a ladder, always retain 3 points of contact with the ladder. That typically means two feet on the rung, one hand on and one handoff. Never overstretch or remove both hands from the ladder. 

Alert Someone Of What You’re Doing

If someone can watch you and supervise whilst you’re working up a ladder then that’s most ideal. If not, make sure some knows you’re up a ladder. Alert anyone who might unwittingly walk into the ladder. 

Use Discretion 

Ladders are never 100% safe but you can reduce the risk virtually to nil by exercising discretion and taking every precaution to be safe prior to and during use.

Bear in mind that whilst an EN131 certification provides some level of peace of mind, it’s no guarantee and is not enough to protect you if you don’t use the ladder properly. 

Don’t Use the Maximum Height

Whilst telescopic ladders might extend to between 3.5m to 5m max, you’re generally not recommended to use the top rungs as steps – they’re only designed for holding. This should be specified in the manual.


4 great telescopic ladders here, all of which are suitable for an array of DIY and light professional uses. 

The WolfWise 4.7M Telescoping Ladder is very tall at 4.7 which makes it a standout choice if you need that extra height – the best telescopic ladder overall. 

The AutoBaBa 3.8Meter Multi-Purpose Ladder is also pretty tall at 3.8m, the best budget choice. 

The Nestling range including the 2.6m Nestling® Multi-Purpose Folding Extensionable Telescopic Aluminium Ladder are all very well-designed, perfect if you’re looking for a lightweight, highly portable telescopic ladder. 

Finally, with the added finger protection, the Finether 3.8m Aluminum Telescoping Ladder is yet another solid choice.