Best Watering Cans in the UK 2021

The humble watering can is one of the most important gardening tools you’ll need to keep your plants fed and cared for.

Even though relatively simple, models can vary quite a lot depending on where and what you need to water.

This article will review the best watering cans in the UK and what to consider when buying a watering can.

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Best Overall – Geli Big Green 10 L Watering Can

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A good watering can should be heavy-duty but lightweight and this watering can is exactly that10 litres is an impressive capacity for a watering can and is perfect for big gardens, as it means less frequent refills. Even when full, it’s not too hefty thanks to the lightweight plastic materials from which it’s made.

Choose between watering your plants directly from the spout or using the rose head attachment; the latter giving a nice wide shower that can sprinkle over a large area.

You can also choose between two colours: the classic green or a bright red, which is a nice, colourful addition to your gardening equipment.

What sets this watering can apart is the large handle, which is well balanced so it’s comfortable to carry around and pour, even when the can is full. 


  • 10L capacity
  • Lightweight, plastic composition
  • 2 colours: green and red
  • Detachable rose head


  • Comfortable to carry around and easy to pour
  • Detachable head allows for multiple pouring options


  • Handle is over the hole, which can make filling from the tap slightly trickier

The Bottom Line

This watering is the best watering can to make watering your plants efficiently. Easy to carry and pour even when filled to its maximum capacity, this is a great addition to any gardener’s toolkit.

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Best Budget – Ward 6.5L Watering Can

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This budget watering can has been designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to use.

It is slimline, meaning it can be easily tucked away in the shed and weighs a tiny 300g when empty, making it perfectly comfortable to carry around. W

e like the multiple handles on this watering can, which, combined with the short spout, have been cleverly placed to require minimum pouring effort.

In addition, the hole is small and well located, comprising the double bonus of being easy to fill and not splashing all over your feet when it’s full.

The can comes with a detachable rose head that has a gentle shower and won’t overwhelm your greenery.


  • 6.5L capacity
  • 300g when empty
  • Multiple handles


  • Multiple handles and small spout make pouring a breeze
  • Lightweight yet still big enough to minimize refills


  • Lightweight plastic means it’s not quite as durable as other model 

The Bottom Line

Its capacity and lightweight materials make it a great choice for small and pot gardens. With multiple handles to use, it offers extra comfortability and easy pouring.

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Best Indoor Water Can – Emsa FUSCHIA 1.5 L Watering Can

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German brand Emsa makes pretty, bright home accessories and this watering can is a prime example.

Available in 16 jewel colours in both matte and transparent finishes, this is probably the most beautiful indoor watering can on the market.

These guys are not all style over substance too; the can has a good spout with a precise pour that doesn’t drip and the large handle is well balanced.

The choice of colour is up to you but we recommend going for a transparent finish so you can see when the can needs refilling.

As if all this wasn’t enough, the Emsa FUSCHIA is made of recycled plastic that’s both light and durable.

1.5 L is more than enough for taking care of your indoor plants and the slanted hole minimises spillage when the watering can is full. 


  • 16 colours to choose from
  • Matte or transparent finish
  • 1.5 L capacity
  • Made of recycled plastic


  • Compact size means it’s easily stored inside
  • Sustainably made from recycled materials
  • Well-balanced handle makes for an easy pour


  • Angle of spout means you need to be a bit more precise when watering

The Bottom Line

This colourful watering can brighten up your home. It is light and comfortable to use for indoor plants. 

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Best Metal – Cesun Stainless Steel Watering Can

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Another beautiful model, this Cesun watering can is a seriously stylish addition to your home.

Made of robust and thick metal yet still lightweight, the satin finish makes it less susceptible to rust and scratches.

We love the ergonomic handle placed vertically along the back of the can and the long, narrow spout that’s good for getting in between the leaves of your indoor plants.

This can has been carefully designed not to cause spillages thanks to both the slanted hole and the clever little rubber cap you can place over the spout when carrying it around.

It has a modest 900ml capacity, which is enough to water a few plants before needing refilling. 


  • Made of polished stainless steel
  • Spout cap and slanted hole prevent spillage
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 900ml capacity


  • Stylish design
  • Narrow spout allows precise watering


Stainless steel is not as easy to clean as plastic

The Bottom Line

Ideal for the aesthetically-conscious, this watering can’s durable metal finish and well-thought out design make it a great, long-lasting choice for indoor plants. 

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Great Value – Ward Woodstock Watering Can

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If you’re looking for a budget-friendly watering can for a small garden or some house plants, the Ward Woodstock is ideal.

It doesn’t look particularly fancy but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll see that this watering ticks a lot of boxes.

The hole is small and isn’t obstructed by the handle, making it easy to fill, and the compact size means you can easily stick it under the tap to fill it as well as store it under the sink when you’re not using it.

It’s made of very light, recycled plastic material and never feels heavy to carry, even when it’s full to the brim. The handle has been placed with intention and it provides a balanced, precise pour thanks to the narrow spout.

Don’t be fooled by its light feel, Ward’s Woodstock is incredibly sturdy and durable, too.


  • 1L capacity
  • Small hole minimises spillage
  • Well-placed handle
  • Composition from lightweight, sturdy recycled plastic


  • Compact size allows easy storage
  • Not heavy to carry and easy to pour
  • Practical and durable


  • Doesn’t come with a rose head

The Bottom Line

An affordable, reliable watering can that’s perfect for herb gardens or window boxes, the Ward Woodstock is robust yet lightweight and has an easy, precise pour. 

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Considerations When Choosing a Watering Can

Handle placement

You want your watering can to be comfortable to hold and easy to pour without straining your wrist or spilling water all over your feet and this all comes down to the handle quality.

Look for a handle that’s relatively large compared to the overall size of the can as this will ensure good balance when pouring.

Some watering cans even have multiple handles so you can water plants from all angles. Also try to avoid watering cans with a handle placed directly over the hole because this can make refilling a bit of a pain if you tend to use the tap. 

Hole size

Any gardener or house plant owner will be familiar with the attempt to make the careful, slow walk from sink to plants without having water splash onto the floor or onto your feet.

This can be avoided with a watering can with a small refill hole or, even better, a tapered top designed to stop water sloshing over the sides. 


Long, narrow spouts are good for getting in between the leaves of bushy house plants and reaching hanging baskets. A short spout makes for a pour with minimal effort, which is good for giving flower beds a good douse.

Ideally, you always want a narrow spout so you can have as much precision as possible, especially for indoor plants to avoid getting water all over the floor.

Head attachments

Some watering cans come with a rose head attachment.

Depending on the fineness of the holes, a rose head can provide either a gentle or a liberal sprinkle. Usually, the head should be detachable so you can choose whether you want a precise pour or a light shower for your leafy friends.

If the can doesn’t come with a rose head, you can pick them up cheap in most gardening stores or online.


Before buying a watering can, consider what kind of material you’d like it to be made from.

Plastic is a classic choice: lightweight, durable and resistant to scratches.

However, some watering cans come in metal such as copper, stainless steel or aluminium and are designed to be both robust and lightweight, as well as having a unique, stylish look.

Bear in mind that plastic is generally better for outdoor use as metal is more susceptible to rust and corrosion. 

To Sum Up

There are so many fantastic watering cans out there, just waiting to be the perfect companion to your gardening afternoons. We hope our guide has helped you to choose the best watering can for your plants. 

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