Best Weighted Blankets in the UK 2021

A weighted blanket is an excellent choice if you have restless leg syndrome or deal with anxiety.

It delivers a calming effect and can be important for children who develop autism too.

This article will review the best weighted blanket brands in the UK and what you should consider when buying a weighted blanket.

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Best Overall – Bedsure Weighted Blanket for Adults

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Bedsure was generous when it comes to the chosen materials when designing this blanket.

They included seven layers to ensure optimal softness and cosiness. That ensures microfiber and glass beads, which you won’t feel bulging through the blanket.

The specific construction allows the blanket to maintain optimal temperature, which can be imperative during the summer.

Users will find the blanket distributes the weight evenly throughout your body. The blanket features 12 sewing loops on each side to ensure that the item remains in position.

The expected for a weighted blanket, but it’s still surprising how difficult it can be to move under it. That’s impressive since the blanket weighs 6.8 pounds, which is less than some other models on our list.


  • Even weight distribution on the entire body
  • A cosy and soft product
  • Additional two layers for optimal comfort


  • A little on the heavier side so not as easy to move under it

Runner Up – Viceroy Brentford Weighted Blanket

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We are sure about one thing – this product is one of the best weight blankets you’ll buy. It weighs 17.5 pounds (8 kilograms), which ensures you will surely feel it once you cover yourself with it.

The manufacturer used polyester for both filling and padding and included a breathable cover. That ensures the product is comfortable, and the material quality secures excellent durability. Y

ou will receive the blanket in a convenient carrying case, which makes it easy to move it around.

Users can pick from various sizes and two item colours. That includes a pink colour for girls and a versatile silver-grey colour suitable for singles and couples.


  • Very comfortable
  • Can last for a long time
  • A convenient carrying case


It’s surprisingly heavy, even for this product type.

Best Budget – Highams Weighted Blanket

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Highams designed three variants of its weighted blanked. They vary from nine pounds (four kilograms) to 17 pounds (eight kilograms). That ensures both adults and children, as well as singles and couples, will find a suitable product. 

The manufacturer used cotton padding to ensure optimal comfort, and the micro-glass filling comes with a non-toxic certification. That confirms this is a high-quality product, and the material durability is also impressive.

You might consider not using it directly on the skin since some users found it irritating. However, you can resolve that by using a simple sheet as a medium layer. The quilted diagonal pockets ensure an optimal blanket design. As a result, the product should fit any bedroom décor and contribute to the overall aesthetics.


  • Three weights and sizes available 
  • Non-toxic micro glass beads
  • Very durable and long-lasting


  • Some users might find it itchy

Honourable Mention – Linenspa 5 Pound Weighted Blanket

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Linenspa weighted blanket is a budget-friendly deal for those who don’t need an extra-heavy item.

The manufacturer used premium material quality and combined cotton, polyester, and glass beads. They put the beads in square boxes and then stitched them with a comfortable outside layer for optimal cosiness.

While the beads won’t poke you, the blanket could still do a better job at maintaining coolness during the night.

You might get hot after a few hours, especially during the summer. The company includes a three-year warranty, which implies the product is quite durable.

Thanks to the loops provided, you can attach it to a duvet cover to ensure it stays in place. The default blanket colour available is grey. 


  • You can use the loops to attach it to a duvet cover
  • It comes with a three-year warranty.
  • Premium material quality


  • It can’t maintain coolness throughout the night.

Honourable Mention – YnM Cotton Duvet Cover for Weighted Blankets

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If you bought a weighted blanket, don’t forget to purchase a cover for it, too. A cover might have multiple benefits, from ensuring improved comfort to extending the blanket’s lifespan. 

YnM ensured the cover is easy to use by including a zipper closure. It is easy to place and secure it over the blanket, and it ensures the item stays in place. Thanks to the zipper, it’s also easy to remove the cover. Once you do, you can wash it in the washing machine. 

The manufacturer used cotton fabric to ensure better breathability when covering yourself with it. Thanks to the eight strings on the inner side, it will hold down the blanket well while protecting it from wear and tear.


  • The cover is easy to remove because of the zipper closure.
  • Easy to wash in a washing machine
  • Increases the blanket longevity


  • It’s only a cover

Honourable Mention – Mela Weighted Blanket

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Mela is a company that believes in its products, and they confirm that with a 30-night trial offered with this weighted blanket. You can try if it’s your cup of tea, but make sure to choose the right size. It’s possible to pick between single, double, and king sizes, and don’t forget different weights. 

Here is the trick – the lowest weight is seven kilograms (15 pounds), and the biggest 11 kilograms (21+ pounds).

That means this blanket is among the heaviest you will find in the market. While some users appreciate the extra-heavy sizes, others will find them too much.

That’s also why they might be a bad choice for warmer weather. If anything, it will be easy to clean the blanket since you can wash it in a washing machine. 


  • Extra-heavy sizes available
  • A 30-night trial included
  • Suitable for a washing machine


  • Not the best choice for warmer weather

Honourable Mention – LUXOR Weighted Blanket For Adults

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Luxor is a reputable brand, and its weighted blanket meets those expectations. It is a high-quality product available in 15 and 20-pound variations. The latter is bigger and suitable for those who sleep in bed with their partner.

The manufacturer used five layers of premium materials. That includes inner glass beads and cotton on the outside for optimal comfort. It ensures the blanket has optimal breathability and maintains coolness during the night. 

Not everyone might appreciate the checkered pattern and grey colour, especially since the shade is quite dark. However, if you find the design attractive, you can rest assured that the product performance will impress you, too. You can expect a top-quality blanket that can last for years. 


  • A cotton blanket with glass beads
  • Maintains coolness throughout the night
  • Designed with five layers for optimal comfort


  • Not everyone will appreciate the colour

Honourable Mention – ZZZNEST Weighted Blanket for Adults

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ZZZNEST ensured to use of high-quality glass beads in their weighted blanket. As a result, they guarantee the product is hypoallergenic and free from toxins. On top of that, the outer cotton layer is breathable while maintaining the required softness.

It’s not only about the cosiness, and the guys at ZZZNest understand that. That’s why they ensured their blankets vary from seven to 21 pounds.

The latter is particularly heavy because it’s suitable for large beds. It’s worth noting that you can pick from three different colours, including grey, pink and blue-white.

Despite the multiple weight options, none of them seems suitable for children as it’s too heavy.

 The manufacturer provides a 36-month warranty, and all it takes to wash the blanket is to place it in the washing machine.


  • The heaviest version weighs 21 pounds
  • Three different colours available
  • Hypoallergenic materials used


  • Too heavy for children

Honourable Mention – jaymag Weighted Blanket

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If you are looking for a weighted blanket that won’t be too heavy, you will find it at Jaymag. The manufacturer offers impressive size and weight selection to ensure you pick your favourite easily.

Whatever size you choose, you will get a 100% cotton product with premium beads inside. The company applied a durable sewing technique to ensure that the blanket lasts for a long time. They also pinpoint the beads are hypoallergenic.

The blanket itself will feel comfortable and cosy, but make sure not to let any pets close to it. That is because pet hair sticks to the material and might cause irritation for the user. Overall, the tight stitching and material quality will ensure you can use this blanket for years, which ensures excellent value for money.


  • A lightweight option
  • Diamond pockets secure an unusual design
  • Premium cotton for optimal breathability


  • Pet hair sticks to the material

How to Choose the Best Weighted Blanket

You might think that weighted blankets are all the same, but that can’t be farther from the truth. Our experts revealed the crucial factors to consider when picking the best blanket!

What Size Do You Need?

Before you consider the weight, it’s vital to ensure you get a suitable size. Now, if you are sleeping alone in your bed, a single size should be sufficient. However, if you are sleeping with a partner, go with a double or king-size blanket. 

Do you want to attach the blanket to your duvet? If that is the case, you will need a product that allows you to do that and fits well with the duvet. You can check our product reviews to ensure the item meets your needs before choosing it.

How to Pick a Suitable Weight for Your Blanket

Here is the critical factor – how heavy should your blanket be? It depends on user preference and his own weight. The experts recommend that the blanket should weigh from 7-12% of your total body weight. 

That is why you will find these products in different sizes, ranging from five pounds (two kilograms) to 20+ pounds (10+ kilograms).

As expected, the lightest options are the best choice for children since you don’t want too much pressure on them while they are sleeping.

On the other hand, adults might appreciate a heavy blanket, and additional weight is beneficial if two persons are covering with the same item.

Which Materials the Manufactured Used for the Blanket?

The next thing you want to ensure is that your weighted blanket is designed with premium materials.

You want the inner layer to be of premium glass beads. It helps if they have a certification or the manufacturer’s guarantee to be free from toxins and hypoallergenic.

Depending on the manufacturer, the outer layer and padding can be cotton or polyester. The general rule is that cotton is more breathable and comfortable. That can help to maintain coolness throughout the night.

Other Factors

Here are some other factors to include when deciding on the best-weighted blanket:

  • Design – users can consider the colour, but also the pattern, which can vary from checkered to diamond, or even children-friendly designs.
  • Cleaning process – it would be best if the product can be washed in a washing machine. Make sure whether you can tumble dry it, or it’s only suitable for air drying.
  • Budget – ultimately, make sure the price fits your budget and ensures plenty of buck for the money.


If you decided on purchasing a weighted blanket, you can’t go wrong with any product on our list.

The trick is in finding an item that suits your expectations. Apart from picking a suitable weight, that includes size and design.

Investing time in choosing the best-weighted blanket will pay off because it will contribute to getting your well-deserved rest during the night.

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