Best Ice Makers in the UK 2021

There’s nothing better than having a cool refreshing drink to enjoy and take the heat on a hot summer day. Have you been to a house party, and it’s come to a particular part of the night, and you have to resort to having warm drinks as the ice has either ran out or has … Read more

Best Bathroom Extractor Fans in the UK 2021

Some, but not all bathrooms come with pre-fitted extractor fans but new ones can be fitted. It’s not the most difficult job in the world but does require drilling the ceiling or wall.  In some cases, the fitting of an extractor fan is a legal requirement. Strictly speaking, Building Regulations require a bathroom to have … Read more

Best Back Massager Chair Pads in the UK 2021

Massage devices have come on leaps and bounds and there are now tons of options when it comes to massage chair pads and similar massage devices. The health benefits of massages are very well-researched. Massages have been used for thousands of years but today, we know that they’re exceptionally good at relieving tired muscles and … Read more

Best Bench Grinders in the UK 2021

Bench grinders are simple machines that are easy to use but can complete several vital tasks making specific jobs a lot easier. Compact in design and usually featuring two grinding wheels, you can polish, sharpen or sand down material, with even some applications allowing you to manipulate metal before welding. However, with so many bench … Read more

Best Heat Guns in the UK 2021

Heat guns come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be used for different applications ranging from card making arts and crafts to bending copper pipes and helping strip paint for any home DIY improvements. When looking for a heat gun, there are various things to consider. The most important thing to worry about … Read more

Best Garden Forks in the UK 2021

The best garden fork tools are an indispensable item to any keen gardener.  The long-handled character of these tools makes light work for soil and groundwork, making them a vital part of any garden shed. Although easily recognisable, it can be tough to know which one is right for you with all the options available … Read more

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