Best Foot Spas in the UK 2021

Foot spas are not just relaxing and enjoyable, but they also yield many excellent health benefits.  A typical foot spa is a tub that works like a mini jacuzzi for your feet. Many have water jets, vibrators, massage rollers and other clever features to effectively massage your feet, increasing circulation, soothing soreness and promoting muscle … Read more

Best Glass Kettles in the UK 2021

Traditional kettles often come with one clear issue, you can’t see how much water is really in the kettle. We’ve all been there, you fill up your kettle, boil it and pour, only to find you didn’t have enough in to fill your cup.  The solution of course is to get a glass kettle. These … Read more

Best Surge Protectors in the UK 2021

Surge protectors are a necessity for anyone powering sensitive equipment like computers, HiFis, networking equipment like servers or anything else that is voltage-sensitive. Power surges send an increased voltage down power lines. Often, these spikes may just be a handful of volts but rarely, they can exceed hundreds or even thousands of volts, easily enough … Read more

Best Meat Thermometers in the UK 2021

Meat thermometers allow you to prepare and enjoy perfectly cooked meats and other foods.  Meat thermometers are also essential for checking the temperature of meats and other foods to adhere to food safety standards. They take the guesswork out of cooking meat joints, particularly larger joints like beef and turkey.  Meat thermometers are essential here … Read more

Best Electric Lawn Mowers in the UK 2021

Electric mowers have taken centre stage in the past few years, they’re just as powerful and cheaper to run than petrol mowers. For the vast majority of users, they’ll easily get the job done and can provide excellent results mow after mow after mow.  Buying a lawn mower is a fairly involved task and different … Read more

Best Omelette Makers in the UK 2021

Omelette makers take the hassle out of making the perfect fluffy omelette, very useful when you’re in a rush, feeling lazy or don’t have a stove or hob to make an omelette on or a pan to make one with. They are also ideal for scrambled egg, toasties, cakes and other foods. They’re flexible and … Read more

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