Best Fogging Machines in the UK 2021

A fogging machine – also known as a ‘fogger’ – is a deep cleaning appliance that emits a fine spray chemical solution to eliminate bacteria, odour, pests, and mould growth. With the recent virus concerns and society now returning to their usual places of work, the demand for first-rate deep cleaning solutions is higher than … Read more

Best Pillows for Back Pain in the UK 2021

Whilst back pain is usually temporary, finding strategies to prevent it and manage it in the long term is usually a wise choice and altering your sleep routines can have a huge impact.  With some good habits and a pillow for back pain to help support your head and neck properly whilst you sleep and … Read more

Best Telescopic Ladders in the UK 2021

A telescopic ladder is a ladder that uses extensible, adjustable tubing that is secured via catches on the sides of each rung. It can be extended at will, to the maximum height or anywhere in between.  As you might expect, safety is very important when choosing a ladder and whilst it’s not a legal requirement, … Read more

Best Electric Cool Boxes in the UK 2021

Electric coolboxes keep food and drink cold (or even frozen) for a much greater duration than conventional cool boxes. They’re best suited for caravans and camping, off-grid houses, RVs, mobile homes, outhouses and anywhere else where reliable mains AC power is not available.  Coolboxes actually come in many forms and varying price points, and some … Read more

Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cams in the UK 2021

Dashcams have come along leaps and bounds and the latest generation of dashcam systems are extremely impressive.  There are a few different types of dashcams, and things can get confusing.  Standard rear-view mirrors are obscured and can be tough to use, especially when there are people in the car. Trucks, vans and other vehicles totally … Read more

Best Portable Air Conditioners in the UK 2021

Air conditioning units are essential in hot countries where they’re fitted as standard to many homes, flats and apartments.  But, as British summers get hotter, air-con units are growing in popularity across the UK and could even become the new norm. Fans can be sufficient, but air-con is much more effective for directly reducing the … Read more

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