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CCTV Drain Survey Cost & Prices 2022

A CCTV drain survey can help you find out whether there are blockages or damage to your drains.

They are often undertaken out when someone has recently moved into a new property. They allow potential homeowners to discover what the condition of the drainage is like, detailed imaging of every section of piping.

This makes it easier to diagnose any problems that may arise.

This article will cover what you can expect to pay for a CCTV drainage survey and the factors that affect the cost.


Average CCTV Drain Survey Cost

The quotes below are for 1 inspection chamber and exclude VAT. Remember that this is just for the inspection, not any remedial work such as water jetting.

Almost all of the prices we received for blockage identification included up to one hour of drain inspection time with additional charges per hour or per half hour.

We received one quote that could be potentially as high as up to £550, so although the prices below were typical, beware that it may be more depending on amount of time the survey takes.

Type of CCTV Drain SurveyAverageTypical Range
Look & See Survey£70£50 - £120
Recorded Survey£90£60 - £140
Full Report & Recorded Survey£120£65 - £200

Why You Can Trust This Data

We conducted our own original research and contacted 16 firms for quotes on a CCTV drain survey. Most contractors quoted for the full report and recorded CCTV drain survey, also known as a home buyers CCTV drain survey. 

Most of the quotes we received had a set price for the drain survey with up to 1 – 2 hours allowed to survey the drains themselves before charging extra. The extra charges are usually per hour or per half an hour.

We then collected all the costs and separated them out depending on what was offered. We then took an average and gave typical ranges.

Factors That Affect the Cost of CCTV Drain Surveys

Is Jetting Work Needed?

The line cannot be surveyed if it is dirty or blocked. In that case, cleaning is required through the use of high pressure jetting initially either by tanker or jet van depending on the size of the line.

Most will add jetting work on top of the quote if required.  However, some will include jetting work within the fee itself, though these quotes will tend to be a bit higher.

Generally, you’re looking to pay an extra £80 – £100 excluding VAT if jetting work is required and isn’t included within their initial quote.

How Detailed Does the Survey Need to Be?

if you require a coded survey depicting all defects within the line accompanied by a DVD this will be extra depending on how many lines you require surveying

Size and Complexity of Pipe Network

Drainage systems will differ depending on the 

If there are several inspection chambers or more than one drainage system then prices could rise further outside of the typical range figures. This is usually the case for larger properties.

If the drainage pipes are wider, then a bigger camera is needed to cover all the pipes and this can cost more.

Access to Drains

Access issues always complicate things for engineers and their ability to conduct the CCTV survey. Any time delays will add extra labour costs. 


Labour costs in London and the south of England are generally more expensive than elsewhere.

If the contractor needs to travel beyond a certain radius, then they may add an extra fee on top. Although there are plenty of firms that conduct CCTV drain surveys, you may need to hire a contractor further afield if you live in very rural areas.

What are the Differences Between a Look & See Survey vs CCTV Drain Survey?

Typically, jetting is used to remove any blockages or problems and then a CCTV camera can be sent down the drain and can look to see why the issue arose in the first place.

A full CCTV drain survey will then be useful so that the condition of the drainage system can be viewed in full. CCTV drain surveys are useful for buyers of homes so that the drainage system can be inspected in full.

A full report and recorded CCTV drain survey can map the drains and is useful for when there is more than just one single blockage. Within one, you can expect to find a map of all the drains within a property and a condition report. This will likely include both still images and video footage.

A drainage professional will usually suggest which procedure is needed to either tackle a problem or form a comprehensive drainage report.

Benefits of CCTV Drain Surveys

Ensure Compliance

Proactively assessing drainage systems with regular CCTV drain surveys means that the requirements of your license are met. It also means that any reports needed by Environmental Authority are available. 

Fast and Accurate

CCTV Drain surveys can quickly and accurately discover any issues with your drainage system. Contractors will also be able to offer remedial services to sort out the issue after the survey is completed. 

Low Cost

CCTV drainage surveys don’t require any excavation, which is expensive. No dig technologies include pipe relining, lateral cutting and patch repairs that keep disruption on-site to a minimum.

Why Do You Need a CCTV Drainage Report?

There are many reasons why you might need a CCTV drainage report. These include:

  • You are purchasing a new property and need to know the drain conditions before contracts are exchanged
  • Persistent blockages are occurring despite attempts to fix the issue before
  • You suspect there is a possibility that part of the drain is broken requires repairs
  • Extension or other builds works are being planned for your property
  • A drain pipe needs to be relined and the length of the pipe that is required for the repair needs to be known

Can I Do a CCTV Drainage Survey Myself?

Drainage contractors use highly specialised equipment and technology. This would require initial upfront investment. The technicians that do the procedure are also trained and competent in the procedures required. This is important particularly for more complicated procedures.

Therefore, it’s best to hire a specialised drainage contractor to do the work.

What to Look for When Hiring a Drain Relining Contractor

Some of the certifications to look out for when considering contractors for the job include:

  • NADC – National Association Drainage Contractors
  • WJA – Water Jetting Association
  • CHAS – Contractor Health and Safety Assessment Scheme
  • Achilles UVDB – Utility Vendor Database (UK)

Get Prices on CCTV Drain Surveys Near You

We’ve done our best to give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay for a CCTV drain survey.

However, our guides are not a substitute for a fixed quote specifically for you.

We work with all the best drain surveyors ready to price your job. Get free, no-obligation quotes in your local area and compare prices using the form below.

  • Compare Multiple Quotes & Save Up to 40%
  • Certified & Vetted Drain Surveyors
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  • Local CCTV Drain Specialists Near You

About the Author

Alex Johnson is a qualified quantity surveyor and writer with a passion for conducting original research and uncovering the true cost of jobs. His cost data has been referenced by EDF Energy and the Scottish Government.

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