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Bee Removal Cost & Prices 2023

Bee removal is a more delicate job than wasp removal, partly due to the ethical and ecological reasons associated with the high worth of bees to our ecosystem, but also because bees can be relocated whilst alive and even reused by beekeepers. 

With that said, contrary to what some might believe assume, bees have no protected status in the UK and exterminating them is not illegal. 

Despite the legality of bee extermination, live bee removal has become the go-to method of dealing with bee infestations. 

This procedure involves the safe removal and relocation of the entire bee’s nest and colony. The bees, their larvae, the queen and even their honey stores can be moved with minimal disruption and casualties.  Specialist live bee removal services are more common than many might think. 

This article will cover the costs of removing bees, factors that can affect the price and other common questions.

Average Bee Removal Cost

By collecting quotes from 6 specialist bee removal and pest control companies and 8 secondary sources, we discovered the following average costs of bee removal or extermination in the UK. 

The main determinant of cost is the size of the nest or hive itself. There’s massive variation here – some established bee colonies can number 80,000 bees and will be costly and time-consuming to move. 

Bee Swarm Removal*Live Bee Removal and Relocation*Bee Extermination
Wall £60 to £100£100 to £500+£60 to £100
Loft£60 to £100£150 to £700+£150 to £200
Chimney£80 to £100£150 to £700+£60 to £150
Exposed/Garden/Other£60 to £100£100 to £700+£60 to £100

*Subject to the availability of local beekeepers. Some beekeepers will remove a swarm of honeybees for free. 

There are more live bee removal services in the UK than one might expect. Many of these companies work in tandem with beekeepers to rehome the bees.

Depending on the availability of beekeepers, companies may not be able to rehome the bees and may have to release them elsewhere in the wild – this is still better than extermination. 

It now seems that live bee removal is the typical course of action for bee removal in the UK. For example, Apex Pest Control here cites that insecticide is used only as a ‘last resort’.

Some removal companies will only very rarely treat comparatively small and harmless bumblebee nests (which are rare to find on one’s property). 

How to Choose a Bee Removal Firm 

Whilst a niche job, there are many bee removal specialists throughout the UK. Your local apiary or beekeepers will likely be able to recommend someone, or can take a look themselves.

The British Pest Control Association (BCPA) is an important accreditor of trusted pest removal firms. Ask about how the bees will be relocated and to where.

When it’s not possible to relocate bees to a beekeeper, the firm might simply release them in the wild. Of course, this is still a fate better than complete extermination, but it’s still worth asking. 

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We’ve done our best to give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay for a bee removal service.

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About the Author

Alex Johnson is a qualified quantity surveyor and writer with a passion for conducting original research and uncovering the true cost of jobs. His cost data has been referenced by EDF Energy and the Scottish Government.