Wet Room Cost & Prices 2021

Wetrooms essentially convert the entire concept of a bathroom into a wetroom.  The whole area – or part of the area – is sealed – or tanked – to prevent any water from escaping.  Whilst wetrooms can still have a toilet, sink and even a bath for a larger wetroom, they can also be fitted … Read more

Fitted Wardrobes Cost & Prices 2021

Fitted wardrobes are bespoke designed to fit in your specific bedroom space.  From grand walk-in wardrobes to convenient space-saving designs that make the most out of every inch of your room, fitted wardrobes serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. Fitted wardrobes don’t have to be big and luxurious, though, the point is that they can … Read more

Conservatory Cost & Prices 2021

Conservatories have been around for hundreds – possibly thousands of years.  They remain an excellent option for anyone looking to extend their home and are more cost-effective than ever. This article will cover what you can expect to pay for a conservatory, factors that can affect the cost and other common questions around conservatories. Average … Read more

Orangery Cost & Prices 2021

Once a hallmark of wealth and affluence, orangeries these days are used as dining rooms, kitchens or living areas. They provide a superb opportunity to create a large, open-plan ground floor living space and are very much in-trend.  Orangeries have greater continuity with the rest of the house compared to conservatories and appear as more … Read more

Air Source Heat Pump Installation Costs & Prices 2021

Air source heat pumps are a highly efficient heating technology that generate heat from air compression.  Effective all year round even at temperatures below -15°C, heat pumps are well-suited to the UK climate and are currently heavily incentivised by the UK government under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).  As a result, UK installations skyrocketed to … Read more

Loft Conversion Cost & Prices 2021

Loft conversions are one of the most popular forms of extensions in the UK. They yield several important advantages over typical house extensions.  Firstly, roof conversions are often covered by Permitted Development Rights (PDRs) which have become increasingly relaxed in the UK – that means there’s often no need for obtaining planning permission (more on … Read more

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