Moving a Boiler Cost & Prices 2021

Moving a boiler may simply be a necessity if you’re planning a house extension or other modification. Otherwise, it might be a tactical move aimed at extracting more space from a certain room, or moving a noisy boiler elsewhere if a spare room is now occupied, etc.  In any case, moving a boiler can be … Read more

Boiler Replacement Costs & Prices 2021

Boilers do not have an infinite lifespan. In fact, we’re getting to a point now where most UK homes built in the 1960s until as late as the 1990s are in dire need of new boilers – especially if those fitted are not good quality.  Whilst a boiler is hardly a glamorous purchase, it’s an … Read more

Kitchen Extension Cost & Prices 2021

Extending the kitchen area to create a large, wide open-plan space is extremely popular. Open plan living provides space to express oneself as well as creating a more flexible and multi-purpose space for family living.  In terms of home value, kitchen extensions will add as much value to a home as any type of extension, … Read more

House Extension Cost & Prices 2021

House extensions are pretty much the holy grail of home improvements, adding space and value to any home. Most homes can be extended in some way, offering a very simple means to quickly add space to a home without moving.  There are many different types of home extensions and prices vary hugely depending on location … Read more

Solar Panel Installation Cost & Prices 2021

As the overall cost of modern solar panels is decreasing, their efficiency is increasing, making them more cost-effective than ever.  Many thousands of homeowners are adding solar panels to their homes – the UK’s solar capacity has increased dramatically in the last few years with over 1 million new installations since 2010.  The small export … Read more

Car Wrapping Cost & Prices 2021

Car wrapping has become bigger and better in recent years.  Put simply, car wraps are plastic coverings with adhesive on the back. They go straight over a car’s paintwork, covering it in a high-quality, durable plastic wrap. There are also so many colours to choose from ranging from multi-coloured wraps, metallic and pearlescent wraps to … Read more

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