Build a New Swimming Pool Cost & Prices 2021

There are few home additions that evoke as much pride and opulence as a swimming pool.  Swimming pools are something to be enjoyed and savoured – they are not a quick and easy way to add a few grand to your home’s value. Swimming pools can certainly make a visual statement, but despite their obvious … Read more

Bee Removal Cost & Prices 2021

Bee removal is a more delicate job than wasp removal, partly due to the ethical and ecological reasons associated with the high worth of bees to our ecosystem, but also because bees can be relocated whilst alive and even reused by beekeepers.  With that said, contrary to what some might believe assume, bees have no … Read more

Roof Cleaning Cost & Prices 2021

Roofs are designed to bear the brunt of the elements, but their lifespan is not infinite. Like any other exterior object or surface, roofs are vulnerable to wear, tear and erosion over time.  Periodic roof maintenance can lengthen the lifespan of a roof by some 50% whilst also preventing leakage and other more expensive wear … Read more

Cavity Wall Insulation Cost & Prices 2021

Since the 1920s or so, most houses were built with two external walls that sandwich a cavity that lies in between, sort of like double glazing. The cavity between the walls helps improve insulation and prevents moisture intrusion, but filling it with cavity wall insulation vastly improves its thermal performance.  Some 1/3rd of heat generated … Read more

Garage Roof Replacement Cost & Prices 2021

Garages do require regular maintenance to keep them free from leaks and water damage. According to the Roofing Association, the average life expectancy of standard flat garage roofs is around 10 to 15 years. The use of modern materials such as fibreglass can extend this to 20 years or longer.  After then, materials will likely … Read more

Japanese Knotweed Removal Cost & Prices 2021

By most accounts, Japanese Knotweed is a remarkable plant. It can grow some 10cm a day, has a root depth of over 3m and can spread at a rate of knots whilst destroying pretty much anything in its path.  Japanese Knotweed can break foundations, penetrate concrete, tarmac and other super-tough materials. Once established on a … Read more

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