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Cat Flap Installation Cost & Prices 2024

Cats are notoriously independent, and a cat flat is a great way to ensure they can get outside when they want without being locked out.

Below is a comprehensive look at the cost involved in installing different types of cat flaps in the UK, as well as the factors that affect the cost:

Flap Fitted on uPVC Door PanelFrom £50£50 - £80
Flap Fitted on Wooden Door£50 - £70£60 - £70
Flap Fitted into Composite DoorsFrom £80£90 - £100
Flap Fitted to Glass French Door£80 - £100£100 - £150
Flap Fitted to External Wall£150 - £200£200 - £250
Glass Door Panel Replacement (to uPVC) and Flap Fitted£80 - £100£100 - £150
Cat Flap in Patio Door£150£220

Factors Affecting the Cost

Type of Flap

There are different types of cat flaps available, and the cost can vary based on the features they offer.

A basic cat flap will be cheaper compared to a microchip, infrared, or magnetic flap which offers added security​.

Material of the Door

The material of the door on which the cat flap is to be installed significantly impacts the cost.

Installation on a wooden or uPVC door is usually less expensive compared to a glass or composite door​.

Size of Flap

The size of the cat flap, whether it’s a small or large flap, can also affect the cost.

Larger flaps may require more work for installation and thus could be more expensive.

Types of Cat Flaps

There are various types of cat flaps, but these are the main ones you’ll likely be considering:

Classic Cat Flaps

Classic cat flaps, also known as manual cat flaps, are the simplest and most straightforward type of cat flap.

They allow your cat to come and go as they please without any restrictions. They are easy to install and operate, making them the most cost-effective option for pet owners.

However, they do not provide any control over which animals can enter or exit your home, which could potentially allow other animals or pests to gain entry.

Lockable Cat Flaps

Lockable cat flaps are a step up from classic cat flaps, offering the ability to lock the flap whenever needed.

This feature can be useful for keeping your cat indoors at night or during adverse weather conditions.

Some lockable cat flaps come with a simple slide lock, while others offer a 4-way locking system allowing for more flexible control, such as setting the flap to allow entry only, exit only, both, or neither.

Lockable cat flaps are a great choice for pet owners who want a balance of convenience and control without the higher price tag of microchip cat flaps.

Microchip, Infrared, or Magnetic Flap

Microchip, Infrared, and Magnetic cat flaps use special tags or chips to identify your pet so only they can use the flap to go in or out and stop other animals coming in.

Some of these flaps can be set to work only at certain times. These will be more expensive than your standard cat flap.

  • Microchip Cat Flaps: These read a small chip in your cat’s skin. When your cat comes near, the door reads the chip and opens only for your cat.
  • Infrared Cat Flaps: These use a special light to talk to a key on your cat’s collar. When your cat comes close, the door sees the light from the key and opens.
  • Magnetic Cat Flaps: These doors have a small magnet that talks to a key on your cat’s collar. When your cat is near, the magnet pulls the lock open so your cat can go through.

Choosing a Professional

It’s advisable to hire a professional cat flap fitter to ensure the installation is done correctly without compromising your home’s security or energy efficiency​.

The cost of hiring a professional is likely included in the estimates provided above, and it’s always a good idea to get multiple quotes to find the best price for your specific needs.

In summary, the cost to install a cat flap in the UK can range from as low as £50 to as high as £520 depending on various factors including the type of flap, the material of the door, and the complexity of the installation​​.

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