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Gas Cooker Installation Cost & Prices 2023

Want to know how much you can expect to pay to install a gas cooker? Look no further!

Cooking with gas is far cheaper than electricity and you don’t have to wait for the hobs to heat up. They also give precise control, hence why foodies and professional chefs often like them over electric cookers.

But you’ll need to find an approved Gas Safe registered installer for it to be done safely.

This article will cover what you can expect to pay to install a gas cooker as well as factors that can affect the cost.

Average Installation Cost

We contacted 47 different installers for quotes on installing a gas cooker. Prices below exclude VAT.

JobAverage CostTypical Range
Free-standing Cooker - Installation Only£90£60 - £140
Free-standing Supply£320£200 - £630
Disconnect Gas Cooker£55£50 - £65
Install Gas Hob£85£55 - £130

These would be the costs for a basic install where no cooker hose and stability chain are needed.

Generally, this type of work only takes 1-2 hours altogether and a good rule of thumb will be roughly £30-50 per hour for the installer.

The gas hob and gas cooker installation costs are similar due to the fact they both have the same gas hob connection fittings with one flexible connector.

Factors That Affect the Cost

Quality of Gas Cookers

Prices range considerably if you’re looking to buy a gas cooker yourself. The cheapest we’ve seen was at Currys for £189, but you can pay considerably more depending on the specifications, sized and quality you’re looking for.

Are a Hose and Safety Chain Needed?

The biggest issue is normally your existing pipework. Some cookers have predefined “hot areas” and as such it’s important where the rubber hose is routed.

The hose should hang in a nice loop and shouldn’t touch the floor, again down to the existing pipework. If you have an existing gas supply where the cooker is going to go, you should be fine.

Generally there will be higher costs associated for any extra material costs. Specifically, if a hose and stability chain is required then expect to add roughly £20 – £30 to the quotes.

How Far Away is Gas Meter from the Cooker?

A further distance away means more pipework needs to be installed, increasing material and labour costs.

Number of Appliances Connected

If you need more than one appliance connected, an engineer may offer a discount on further connections. Often this can be as much as 50%, but each installer will differ depending on their offers and labour costs.

Fee for Safety Certification

Gas Safe registered installers can certify their work themselves. Once your local building regulations department is notified, a certified of compliance is issued.

Unless you are a landlord, you don’t need to go through this step, but it’s still a good idea to get a safety certificate in case you rent or sell your property.

The fee for this work may or not be included within their quote, so check with the tradesperson just incase.


Labour costs in London and the south of England are generally more expensive than elsewhere.

If the contractor needs to travel beyond a certain radius, then they may add an extra fee on top. Unless you live in a very rural location or want to use a tree surgeon that operates further afield, you shouldn’t need to pay extra.

Can You Install a Cooker or Hob Yourself? 

No. Although connecting the appliance to a guys supply is simple, it needs to be undertaken by a Gas Safe registered installer.

If there is any work you, the consumer, can carry out, it will be listed in the appliance documentation. It won’t include anything related to disconnecting or connecting to a gas supply.

Get Pricing on Gas Cooker Installations Near You

We’ve done our best to give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay to install a gas cooker.

However, our guides are not a substitute for a fixed quote specifically for you.

We work with all the best Gas Registered installers ready to price your job. Get free, no-obligation quotes in your local area and compare prices using the form below.

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About the Author

Alex Johnson is a qualified quantity surveyor and writer with a passion for conducting original research and uncovering the true cost of jobs. His cost data has been referenced by EDF Energy and the Scottish Government.