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19 False Chimney Breast Ideas to Transform Your Space

A false chimney is an excellent addition to the structure of your home, creating a focal point for a cosy aesthetic or something entirely different.

Again, there are lots of options to choose from, and chimney breasts are not always found in the living room. Instead, they can be located anywhere in your home, often found in kitchens and bedrooms.

A false chimney breast can also put a unique spin on the space around it, often creating alcoves and oddly shaped rooms with the potential of adding something inspiring to your room. 

Today, we will be showing you some of the best examples of false chimney breast ideas, helping to give you the added inspiration for your own home.

Wood Burning Stove

The wood-burning stove is a classic addition to any home, and while it may be an obvious choice, don’t rule it out so soon. They are much safer than an open fire and will add value to your home, making them a great idea to use in your sitting room.

The use of a wood-burning stove will also create a focal point when entering the room, something more unique than the standard living room television.

Log Storage

So maybe you have added a wood-burning stove into your living room, but not using the chimney breast. Logs are a necessity when it comes to wood burners, and sometimes storage can be a burden, plus a bit of an eyesore.

Using the embedded space of your false chimney as an area to store these logs is not only a great way to keep things tidy, but the natural aesthetic of the wood can bring new textures to your room, adding a sense of warmth without the fire even being lit.

Paired with exposed bricks around the chimney breast and you will instantly create a rustic feeling that oozes character.

Kitchen Oven

Not all false chimney breasts reside in the front room. The kitchen is another area of the home that you may find this beautiful structural element.

Highlighting this area is everything you should want to do if you’re lucky enough to have one, so why not use it as a functional space such as for your oven.

You will be able to maximise the countertop space you have while also hiding a discrete extractor fan along the chimney to keep the original aesthetic still.

Exposed Brick

Subtle minor changes can make a big difference to the entire room, especially when it comes to your chimney breast. Exposing the brick around it or even just partially can add a raw touch to your walls.

The contrast against the other walls in the room will remove the need for a feature section. If you’re lucky enough to have exposed beams across the ceiling, the brickwork can add to an overall natural look.

Combining with the use of a wood-burning stove will complete an overall rustic look.

Upcycle Unclaimed Wood

Having an open false chimney breast may attract it, but they are not very practical. Drafts and heat loss are caused by the open space, meaning your home’s heat efficiency will be a lot less.

Closing off this space is the best thing you can do for efficiency in your home, and the addition of a reclaimed wooden beam will give a subtle hint to the age of your home or give a more classic look if you have a newer build.

Stone Fireplace

Rather than only exposing the brick around your chimney, why not go headfirst into the rustic feeling with a complete stone fireplace.

When built around your chimney, you can get the total cabin vibes for a natural look.

This example shows a pairing of marble shelves with matching ornaments and candles that really complete the design.

Include a Television

If you really cannot live without a television in your home, a false chimney breast can be a great place to have yours. This area will always be a focal point of any space, so adding a television seems fitting.

Also, if you’re positioning furniture in a specific way to highlight the chimney, sometimes, relaxing by the fire is only elevated with the luxury of some television.

Bedroom Chimney Breast

False chimney breasts found in bedrooms can add the perfect placement to position your bed. Along with positioning, if done correctly, you can replace the need for a headboard entirely.

The highlighting features of a bedroom chimney breast can also add something unique to the place you will be resting your head for the night.

A splash of colour and the right kind of decor, such as wooden panelling, can transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of relaxation.

Built-in Shelving Units

Creating a helpful area out of the space created by a false chimney breast is a great way to really utilise the room around you. Shelving units and drawers on either side can provide a sense of symmetry that leaves an attractive finish to gaze upon.

Not only are they stylish, but the practical aspects are excellent, giving you a place to keep photos, books, smart speakers, televisions, plants, and much more.

Cosy Contemporary Furniture

Suppose you find that your budget is a little tighter than you had expected, the use of complete furniture pieces within the alcove space that has been created by the chimney breast.

Adding full furniture in these spaces brings a contemporary feeling, and the bonus is that if you decide to move home, you can take the furniture with you.

You can also create an entirely new aesthetic with different pieces of furniture, so if you’re feeling inspired, you’re not stuck with just one look.

Bespoke Shelving

Decorating the area around a false chimney doesn’t have to be complicated.

Even just adding simple shelving can bring a new lease of life to a room, especially if you find that shape is a little unconventional you can cut your shelves to size.

This is a perfect option for DIYers who want to create something a little special in their home.

Double Bookshelf

For the bookworms out there, a bookshelf positioned on either side of your false chimney can be practical and add a charming look that is ever-changing with the new books you add.

Specially designed bookshelves can utilise the entire space you have rising to the ceiling, no matter how tall.

Go Grey

If your chimney breast area is a little run down, or maybe the mantle has a too loud colour, a neutral colour like the wall can add a contemporary feel to your room.

A lighter colour will still highlight the carved detail of your mantlepiece in a stylish way. If you’re someone who loves to upcycle, this is a great idea.

Modern Living

For those who have a little extra to splash, this contemporary design brings a lot. The structural design features the mantlepiece within the build, adding a simple but practice effect.

Completed with neutral colouring and a cut-out fireplace, this is modern living better than ever, especially when combined with the exposed beams and stone floor tiling. 

Feature Hole

An unused hole in the wall doesn’t have to be a forgotten area of your room. It is the perfect opportunity to create a bespoke display. This example has decorated the space with candles to give a warmer feeling when you’re trying to relax in the evenings.

You can use this space for any kind of decoration, such as holding baskets here to store blankets or a place to keep photographs of your loved ones.

Vintage Living Room

For lovers of vintage styles, this false chimney breast idea is a great one. Instead of displaying minor brickwork, the entire structure is exposed, giving a much more natural look.

This particular design is boosted further with the choice of a single armchair in a chesterfield finish. The oxblood red-stained leather complements the exposed bricks.

One of the best things about this structure is that the mantlepiece has been built directly into the design, adding some extra subtlety. 

Mirror Centerpiece 

If you don’t like the idea of having a television attached to your chimney breast but still want a focal point in your room, a mirror is a great addition.

The use of a mirror can create the illusion of a bigger space while also having practical applications giving you a visual aid when getting ready in the morning or before going out on the town.

Rustic Kitchen

This next kitchen has the rustic design aesthetic down to a tee. Everything about this space screams warmth and nature, from the wooden beams, flooring, wall panellings and of course, the stone fireplace.


The match of natural materials steers away from the contemporary design of many homes but adds the perfect look for a country styled kitchen.

Modern Tiling

Tiling is excellent anywhere in the home. It gives a clean, modern look and has a practical side of being easy to clean.

While this example has gone for a subtle touch with the white colouring, the fantastic thing about tiles is they are available in any colour you could imagine.

If you want a more retro look, add a splash of colours such as turquoise and orange to make your room pop.

Considerations Building a False Chimney Breast

When it comes to fitting a false chimney breast in your home, you need to make a few considerations, no matter the location. Here are a few areas to think about:


The placement of your chimney breast is a big decision to make. Mostly it will be the focal point of the room, drawing a lot of attention to anyone who gazes their eyes upon it. A more central location is the obvious choice, but this may alter your positioning depending on already existing furniture.

Size of room

If you have a smaller space to work with, you may not want your chimney to protrude as much as first imagined. Always ensure you have enough space to walk around, and your chimney breast doesn’t become more of a hindrance than your initial thought.


If you’re planning on installing a log burner in your home, the use of a false chimney is a great idea. The flue pipe of the log burner can be incorporated into the design, giving you both an outlet and a concealed area so that heat does not escape.

To Sum Up

Including a false chimney breast in your home can help create a unique shape to a potentially dull four-walled room.

In addition, having these new, unusual shapes gives you more options for areas such as shelving and storing furniture pieces. ‘

No matter where in your home, there is always a place for a false chimney breast. They create a focal point in any space, especially in more unusual areas such as bedrooms and kitchens.

Be creative and clever; this way, you can get the most out of your false chimney breast.