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16 Summer House Flooring Ideas to Transform Your Space

Selecting the right flooring for your summer house can be a difficult decision.

Choosing the wrong flooring can change the entire look of your interior and maybe steer away from your initial vision. The flooring materials that you choose will bring their pros and cons, but all offer different possibilities that can be both challenging and rewarding.

This article will give you some inspiration style ideas that can help you choose the perfect flooring for your summer house.

Summer House Flooring Ideas Examples

Wood and Tile Contrasting Flooring

Multiple flooring options have been chosen for this summer home acting as a dividing point for each room area. Open plan living gives you a sense of freedom and openness that isn’t achieved with standard rooms.

This open plan of residence is influenced even more by using different floorings that depict each section. The kitchen has a lighter tiled flooring in this particular home, while the sitting and dining areas use darker hardwood.

Painted Wooden Flooring

To create a cosy interior look, why no add a splash of paint to the flooring.

In this example, the wooden flooring has been painted the same colour as the walls and the skirting boards to give a continuous mirage of boldness.

Only the vintage white furniture and a retro rattan chair highlight anything away from the background. 

Natural Vintage Stained Resin

This next summer house brings nature to life, using the background of green trees and cactus as another element of the interior design. These natural green colours combine with the dark wooden vintage furniture and stained resin flooring make for stunning results.

Many darker shades have been used for this summer home, but don’t let this make you feel like your room will become a dingey place to be.

With the combination of expansive windows, natural light brightens this space up beautifully.

Parquet Flooring

This spacious white hall brings a vintage baroque style to it using antique furniture and wall ornaments.

Parquet flooring has been used, which is a great hardwood flooring design as it brings a high level of durability, indicating you will be able to enjoy the stylish patterns for years to come.

This traditional flooring design is timeless and a welcome addition to any summer home.

Completely Natural

Rather than the usual painting of floorboards to bring them to life, this room has stripped them back, removing all remnants of paint ever being there.

Here the exposed brick acts as contrast as that wall area has been painted white, giving the room a blank canvas to highlight the other features that reside in the room, such as furniture and house plants.

Luxury Tiled Bedroom Flooring

This summer house bedroom brings an extra essence of luxury with the beautiful marble tiling.

The white marble is excellent at conveying a regal factor to any room, and what makes this flooring even better is that it is easy to clean and maintain while also being very durable.

If you find that a particular room has a high volume of traffic passing through, marble flooring will be a perfect choice.

Traditional Japanese Flooring

For something a little unique, why not add some Japanese tradition into your home. The art of Feng Shui is the interaction between humans and the environment around them.

It is a way of moving energy around the space you have to make specific life improvements. The flooring in this place is known as tatami, a type of mat seen in traditional Japanese-styled rooms.

The construction uses weaved cotton and other materials to create the mat and can be used as both flooring and beds, with the natural give of the construct being very comfortable.

Contemporary Living

This luxurious summer house includes a grey interior with a grey, black, and white marble tiling used on the floor for those who like a modern touch to their space.

The marble colouring adds contemporary living to an elegant room, especially paired with the natural light that cascades through the entire area.

Classic Carpet

This shabby chic room has the kind of flooring that everyone is aware of, carpet. A carpeted floor feels good on the feet and can be cleaned with a quick run around with a vacuum.

One downside with carpets is stains and spills. A lot more challenging to clean compared to wood, tile, or concrete.

The neutral colour of this carpet gives lots more options in terms of style and decoration, matching with pretty much anything.

Outside Terrace

This example is an attractive option if you’re lucky enough to have an outside terrace in your summer home. The black marble combined with the wooden decking gives the orange stain an extra vibrancy.

Extra wooden elements such as the overhead pergola add to this vibrancy also. Although the black marble is dark, the shine of the finish works perfectly for an outdoor space with the sun reflecting beautifully. 

Lino Floor Design

Choosing a Lino floor gives you lots of design options, more so than any other. A cheaper alternative to other materials you can choose from, and the versatility you get is fantastic.

This particular room has a pebble design that could be perfect for a bathroom of a summer home. If you want tiling, wood, or concrete in your kitchen, you can choose that aesthetic.

Select the design of your dreams and cut it to shape; it’s as simple as that.

Log Cabin

Log cabins are the classic summer home. A place to kick back with nature and get away from the modern aspects of the world. When you think of log cabins, your first thought will be wood, which is no different from the flooring found in this example. Here a darker stained hardwood flooring has been used contrasting against the lighter construction found everywhere else in the cabin.

Modern Resin Lounge

This living room offers a highly modern feeling with a glass coffee table, leather sofa, and cool colours that have been highlighted with a sprinkle of red detailing.

The floor of this summer home is a resin compound. Resin is a cheap and durable material that has anti-slip properties; however slippy the shiny finish seems.

This example is modern and minimalist, but with resin flooring, you have lots of dye tone and colour options.

Minimal Scandinavian Design

The Scandinavian design is a classic look that will never go out of style, and this terrace is no exception. The lined decorative image creates a central focal point highlighted even more with the black and white colouring.

Using these contrasting colours makes a striking look, especially when combined with the exposed wooden beams and oversized chandelier.

Rustic Stone Flags

The conservatory of this summer home brings a modern but rustic feeling to it using large stone flags. The stone isn’t perfect around the edges giving a more cosy, natural aesthetic.

Paired with the modern furniture, the results are brilliant. Although there are lots of rustic characteristics, the light colour pallet adds this extra stylish touch.

Types of Flooring

Tiled Flooring

When it comes to tiles of any kind, you will already know endless options to choose from. Attractive designs can be found that will bring something special to your summer house, and all for a reasonable price.

Tiled flooring is a popular choice due to the ease of use, and it is simple to install and clean while also coming at a pocket-friendly price for the most part. Tiles are great for high traffic areas of the home, as they are very resilient.

One thing that should be mentioned try to avoid dropping heavy objects on them as the tiles can crack and damage.

In terms of maintenance, tile flooring doesn’t require much work giving it another advantage for your summer house. Stains and spills can be easily cleaned with a mop or wet cloth, while preservation only requires a 5-year application of sealant that will keep you protected for the next half-decade. 

Due to its construction, tiled flooring is a versatile choice when it comes to heated floors. Suppose you’re lucky enough to have underfloor heating in your summer house.

In that case, the clay, glass, and sand materials will help reduce your overall heating bill and are also considered a very eco-friendly option as a lot of the time and recycled materials are used.

In addition, the versatile nature of tile flooring will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making them the perfect summer house option.


Hardwood flooring is becoming more and more popular with summer houses, especially those made from wood themselves. The most popular types of wood flooring have been oak and pine for hundreds of years.

The stunning natural textures combined with the versatility they bring in terms of colouring make them all the more irresistible, adding lots of character to your summer house.

Although not all wooden flooring is made of these two options, more exotic choices such as rosewood, cherry, mahogany, cypress, bamboo, and teak can add an extraordinary touch to any room. For lovers of more domestic wood types, walnut, ash, pecan, hickory are great options. 

The natural beauty that wooden flooring can bring is one of the many reasons they are so popular, durability, easy maintenance, and versatility.

If you need the kind of flooring that needs to be durable over a long period of time, hardwood is a great option. Regular maintenance and a thick coating of veneer will add years to your flooring and are both simple to do.

Let your imagination run wild; with so many different kinds of hardwood flooring to choose from, the main issue will be your budget. Something else to think about is the potential of discolouration and warping that can occur.

These will only happen if exposed to water. This being said, over recent years, there has been vast improvements when it comes to protecting wooden flooring from any water.

If your summer house is situated in a humid area of the world, it may be best to avoid using wood as the temperature will contribute to this warping effect.

Resin Flooring

Choosing a resin floor will give you lots of strength in your build, with this material being the perfect choice for commercial, industrial, and domestic projects.

One of the key benefits of choosing resin flooring is its flexibility under heavyweight, durability, and resistance making it the perfect option for areas with high traffic.

One more advantage that comes with choosing a resin floor is that it is very easy to clean. This will leave you with less time needed to tidy and more time to enjoy your summer home.

Other benefits such as safety, flexibility, anti-slip and attractive design also come with resin flooring.

This kind of floor choice can be selected in a range of different colours, shades, and designs, supplying you with the perfect floor, whatever design aesthetic you’re yearning for.


As we all know, concrete has been extensively used outdoors for flooring and other things, but concrete flooring is becoming much more popular for the indoors.

Using concrete gives you lots of versatility as it can be coloured in pretty much any tone, along with lots of patterns and textures.

For those with summer houses in warmer climates, concrete flooring is an excellent option as it holds in the cold very well, meaning you’ll keep the costs down regarding air conditioning.

This being said, concrete is a perfect option for summer houses in colder climates as it conducts heat very well, so when combined with underfloor heating, you can enjoy cosy nights in the warmth.

Terrazzo is suitable for those creative types who want to add a unique sparkle into their home. This all-purpose flooring is made from cement, granite, glass, quartz, and marble combined for stylish results.

Choosing terrazzo is excellent as it comes in at a lower price, is resistant to wear and tear, is eco-friendly, has longevity, and the endless style you don’t get with other floorings.

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