Solar Panel Installation Cost & Prices 2021

As the overall cost of modern solar panels is decreasing, their efficiency is increasing, making them more cost-effective than ever.  Many thousands of homeowners are adding solar panels to their homes – the UK’s solar capacity has increased dramatically in the last few years with over 1 million new installations since 2010.  The small export … Read more

Car Wrapping Cost & Prices 2021

Car wrapping has become bigger and better in recent years.  Put simply, car wraps are plastic coverings with adhesive on the back. They go straight over a car’s paintwork, covering it in a high-quality, durable plastic wrap. There are also so many colours to choose from ranging from multi-coloured wraps, metallic and pearlescent wraps to … Read more

Skip Hire Cost & Prices 2021

Skip sizes vary from mini-skips designed to hold as many as 20 bin bags to colossal industrial-sized skips that can hold some 440 bin bags. As such, the cost of hiring a skip varies greatly.  There are many skip hire companies around the UK as skips are required for practically all commercial construction and building … Read more

Underfloor Heating Cost & Prices 2021

There are two broad types of underfloor heating; ‘wet’ systems that distribute heat via water pipes connected to a boiler or heat pump and ‘dry’ systems that use electrical elements in the form of mats or wires laid under the floor.  The cost of underfloor heating varies primarily on whether you want a wet or … Read more

Decluttering Service Cost & Prices 2021

Decluttering has become very popular in recent years.  As more of us spend time at home or working from home, decluttering has emerged as an excellent opportunity to breathe new life into an interior space without tearing the walls down.  Decluttering doubles up as an interior design consultancy or ‘home organisation’ session. Some declutters are … Read more

House Clearance Cost & Prices 2021

Clearing houses is an arduous process which is why most people opt for a professional house clearance service instead of doing it themselves.  Some situations you might use house cleaners are to rent or sell a property, prior to renovation or extensions, or during the probate process after a relative dies. The entire house can … Read more

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