Moving a Boiler Cost & Prices 2021

Moving a boiler may simply be a necessity if you’re planning a house extension or other modification. Otherwise, it might be a tactical move aimed at extracting more space from a certain room, or moving a noisy boiler elsewhere if a spare room is now occupied, etc.  In any case, moving a boiler can be … Read more

Electrical Wiring in the UK [Definitive Guide]

It is particularly important for amateur electricians to be as safe as possible when working with wiring, and a robust understanding of which colours you can expect to see (and why) will ensure you are prepared.  This guide will provide clear and instructive answers to many of the questions that arise around the colours of … Read more

Boiler Replacement Costs & Prices 2021

Boilers do not have an infinite lifespan. In fact, we’re getting to a point now where most UK homes built in the 1960s until as late as the 1990s are in dire need of new boilers – especially if those fitted are not good quality.  Whilst a boiler is hardly a glamorous purchase, it’s an … Read more

What To Do If You Need a New Boiler, But Can’t Afford It

If you need a new boiler, but can’t afford it, then applying for a replacement boiler under the UK Government’s boiler replacement scheme is one of the best things you can do. There’s no worse feeling than when your boiler ‘conks’ it unexpectedly. They’re such a staple of the home, but you only tend to … Read more

Kitchen Extension Cost & Prices 2021

Extending the kitchen area to create a large, wide open-plan space is extremely popular. Open plan living provides space to express oneself as well as creating a more flexible and multi-purpose space for family living.  In terms of home value, kitchen extensions will add as much value to a home as any type of extension, … Read more

House Extension Cost & Prices 2021

House extensions are pretty much the holy grail of home improvements, adding space and value to any home. Most homes can be extended in some way, offering a very simple means to quickly add space to a home without moving.  There are many different types of home extensions and prices vary hugely depending on location … Read more

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