Dropped Kerb Cost & Prices 2021

The process of dropping a kerb varies massively around the UK and depends on your particular local council, all of which have a slightly different process in dealing with dropped kerb applications.  The process is confusing, largely because kerbs are often maintained by the council itself – you will rarely own the kerb outside of … Read more

Best Snowflake Projectors in the UK 2021

A snowflake projector can make a difference to your outside Christmas decorations and set you apart from your neighbours. However, there a lot of options available so it’s worth doing your research first. This article will review the best expandable snowflake projector brands in the UK and considerations when buying a snowflake projector. Disclaimer: Price … Read more

Best Expandable Hoses in the UK 2021

The main advantage of using an extendable hose comes from its lack of space and storage requirements, unlike conventional hoses which are rigid and usually need wall-mounted reels. Expandable hoses have the benefit of being able to shrink down to sizes that are easy to store in a bag or box while maintaining their lightweight … Read more

Best Fogging Machines in the UK 2021

A fogging machine – also known as a ‘fogger’ – is a deep cleaning appliance that emits a fine spray chemical solution to eliminate bacteria, odour, pests, and mould growth. With the recent virus concerns and society now returning to their usual places of work, the demand for first-rate deep cleaning solutions is higher than … Read more

Build a New Garage Cost & Prices 2021

Garages are in greater demand than ever due to the distinct lack of parking spaces across the UK and they can add significant value to any home and rate as a solid investment in terms of both practical use and value-added to your home.  Both Leaders and Romans cite that garages can add some 5% … Read more

New Driveway Cost & Prices 2021

Every year, thousands of homeowners around the UK look to replace or upgrade their driveways. Driveways do not last forever and can get pretty rundown after 20 to 50 or so years.  Estate agent Simpson West found that driveways can add as much as 5% to 10% value to a home. Considering the cost of a … Read more

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