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Burglar Alarm Installation Cost & Prices 2023

A burglary can ruin people’s lives and stop them from feeling safe within their own home. Many may end up selling their home because of the feeling it may happen again.

A burglar alarm can therefore be a great investment to give you peace of mind as well as reducing the likelihood you become a victim.

This article will cover what you can expect to pay for a burglar alarm and other factors that affect the cost of a burglar alarm.

Average Installation Cost

We contacted 32 different companies for quotes to install a burglar alarm system. The prices below are for what would be considered a basic wired setup without any extras. Prices exclude VAT.

Burglar AlarmCost
Typical Range£320 - £660

This would cover a basic system that resembles something similar to the following:

  • 1 x Control Panel
  • 1 x Siren
  • 1 x Standby Battery
  • 3 x PIR Detectors
  • 1x Door Contact
  • SSAIB Certificate of Conformity

Factors That Affect the Cost

However, there are many additional items that can be added to a basic system. These include the following:

Number of Devices

The typical sensors used as PIR sensors, door contacts and vibration detectors on windows. PIR sensors measure infrared light that is reflected off heat emitting moving objects.

The number of these is determined by the size of a property. A contractor should be able to give you a guide of how many are needed once they have surveyed your property.

Extra PIR sensors, door contacts, vibration detectors, smoke, carbon monoxide and external detectors can be added at time of initial installation from roughly £75 extra per item. Extra wireless keyfobs are usually around £40 extra per fob.

App Control

If you want notifications and control on your smartphone ora tablet this is usually between £120 – £160 extra.

This allows you additional functionality such as:

  • Setting, unsetting or resetting alarms
  • Omitting detectors
  • Alarm notifications in real-time

A cable is required from each camera to the recorder and from the recorder to your internet router assuming you wish for access to the cameras from your smartphone or tablet.

Wired vs Wireless Systems

Wireless systems use radio signals or WLAN to connect any sensors to the alarm. The sensors typically use batteries and when low, they alert the burglar alarm panel and start flashing to indicate they need to be changed.

Wired systems use electrical wiring run between the burglar alarm panel and sensors.

Wireless systems will be more expensive than a wired one. Expect to pay roughly £150 extra.

Get Pricing on Burglar Alarm Installations Near You

We’ve done our best to give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay to install a burglar alarm.

However, our guides are not a substitute for a fixed quote specifically for you.

We work with all the best burglar alarm installers ready to price your job. Get free, no-obligation quotes in your local area and compare prices using the form below.

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About the Author

Alex Johnson is a qualified quantity surveyor and writer with a passion for conducting original research and uncovering the true cost of jobs. His cost data has been referenced by EDF Energy and the Scottish Government.