Tiling a Floor Cost & Prices 2021

Tiling is a great way to improve the visual quality and durability of a room. They can help protect against water damage and don’t require much upkeep. With a wide variety of colours and styles available, pricing can range. However, we’ve done the research to give you a good idea of what to expect. This … Read more

New Staircase Installation Cost & Prices 2021

With various styles, shapes, designs and materials available, the sky is the limit for your new staircase. No matter what your budget, a new staircase can completely change the look of your home. This article will cover what you can expect to pay to install a new staircase as well as factors that can affect … Read more

Gas Cooker Installation Cost & Prices 2021

Want to know how much you can expect to pay to install a gas cooker? Look no further! Cooking with gas is far cheaper than electricity and you don’t have to wait for the hobs to heat up. They also give precise control, hence why foodies and professional chefs often like them over electric cookers. … Read more

Tree Removal Cost & Prices 2021

Overgrown trees are a common issue. Whether they need to be removed for extra space, they are unsightly and casting dark shadows on your garden or they’re affecting the house itself, there are a number of reasons why you may need to remove one. Tree surgery is specialist work that requires a great deal of … Read more

Adding a New Socket Cost & Prices 2021

There are many reasons you may need a new socket. Multiple plugs from one socket or multi sockets can be dangerous and overload circuits, existing sockets may be old and need replacing, or it may be that you’re just changing a room layout for example. Ultimately, adding a new socket is a good idea to … Read more

Power Flush Cost & Prices 2021

Over time your radiators and pipework deteriorate and the particles end up in the water that flows through your boiler. A power flush is a deep of your heating system and boiler. It removes sludge, rust and other residue in your system in order to improve the water quality. Poor quality water and residue can … Read more

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