Garage Roof Replacement Cost & Prices 2021

Garages do require regular maintenance to keep them free from leaks and water damage. According to the Roofing Association, the average life expectancy of standard flat garage roofs is around 10 to 15 years. The use of modern materials such as fibreglass can extend this to 20 years or longer.  After then, materials will likely … Read more

Japanese Knotweed Removal Cost & Prices 2021

By most accounts, Japanese Knotweed is a remarkable plant. It can grow some 10cm a day, has a root depth of over 3m and can spread at a rate of knots whilst destroying pretty much anything in its path.  Japanese Knotweed can break foundations, penetrate concrete, tarmac and other super-tough materials. Once established on a … Read more

Fencing Installation Cost & Prices 2021

Garden fencing is one of the unsung costs of maintaining a home.  Not only are fences essential for the security and privacy of the garden and house, but they also have their own aesthetic qualities.  Fences are used to frame the garden – they’re part of garden decor. It’s possible to train vine plants up … Read more

Ground Source Heat Pump Cost & Prices 2021

Heat pumps provide an innovative, efficient, green and sustainable way to heat homes and they’re rapidly growing in popularity.  Heat pumps are incentivised under the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – the government is actively encouraging more homeowners and developers to use heat pumps.  By fitting a ground source heat pump to your home, you … Read more

Garage Conversion Cost & Prices 2021

Garages are typically quite large, and whilst many households use them for their original purpose, a growing number of people are deciding to convert them into entirely new spaces.  According to Virgin Money, garage conversions can add some 10% to 15% onto a home’s value, which is very significant given the initial outlay for such … Read more

Dropped Kerb Cost & Prices 2021

The process of dropping a kerb varies massively around the UK and depends on your particular local council, all of which have a slightly different process in dealing with dropped kerb applications.  The process is confusing, largely because kerbs are often maintained by the council itself – you will rarely own the kerb outside of … Read more

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