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Kitchen Island Cost & Prices 2024

Kitchen worktop islands are becoming one of the most sought after pieces in the last few years. They’ve become a staple piece for modern homes, continuing the open-plan trend which has taken the interior world by a storm.

They double as a practical element for unpacking groceries and preparing food, to an aesthetic piece that’s integral for socialising and parties. 

This article will review the cost of kitchen islands in the UK, factors that affect the cost and other common questions on kitchen islands.

Average Kitchen Island Costs in the UK

The cost can vary quite dramatically – you can grab a small worktop bench for £250 from Ikea. Otherwise, you can work your way up to £2,700 for a larger island from a different brand.

For a bespoke design, you can be looking at £20,000 (or even more). These islands will come with tailor-made designs and luxurious qualities. 

Sites such as eBay also offer kitchen islands for affordable prices. These are great sites to check out, but remember to check delivery prices and times – these might have hidden prices or super long delivery times which might impact the process.

It might also be the case that some kitchen fitters wouldn’t install an eBay Kitchen island, whereas something like Howdens or Ikea is never usually an issue.

Depending on your budget, you will be able to decide various factors for what type of kitchen island you want. 

Certain retailers come at a higher cost, but the benefits of choosing those fall in line with their durability, versatility, customisation, and quality. Obviously, the cheaper the kitchen island, the less durable it may be. 

The table below shows average prices from different retailers and the benefits of choosing each one.

Retailer Average CostBenefits
Ikea£250Cheap and reliable company. A large selection to choose from including different designs and different features. 
Qubox £7,499.00High quality, high resistance, discrete cut outs for electronics. 
Cotswold Company £925High quality; both functionally and aesthetically. 
Etsy £1350+More personalised, unique - bespoke kitchen islands with the ability to make personal changes. Usually a first-person exchange with the seller. 
eBay£345 Affordable prices, tonnes of options to choose from - shop different suppliers. 
Wayfair £739Wayfair has so many options, you can also shop for different budgets and designs. Like the Asos of interior supplies. 
Graham and Green £1250Really high quality, unique, beautiful pieces. 

How Much Does the Size of a Kitchen Island Affect the Cost? 

The size of a kitchen island can affect the price dramatically. As an example, you can purchase a small kitchen island from Ikea for £250, but for larger islands, the price can increase to £850. 

Another example would be from Graham and Green, while their islands are more expensive than Ikea, the size makes a huge difference.

Their Hudson Kitchen island stands at £1,250 (95cm in length)  for a small island, for the large Hudson Kitchen Island, the price is £2,495 (183 cm in Length).

A dramatic increase which most retailers mirror. 

You might be wondering, “Is my kitchen big enough for an island?”. We would recommend that a walkway around 1 metre should be possible – this prevents the kitchen feeling cramped.

This is a super important thing to consider if reselling your house is something to be considered. As a spacious area, with enough walk room will increase the property value. 

With this in mind, you have to decide what you want your island to include. Do you want an overhang to create a breakfast-bar feel? Do you want extra storage or electrical outlets for charging phones?

It’s worth speaking to professional kitchen designers and fitters, as they will be able to guide you through designs, sizes and layout to get the one that suits both your needs and preference the best. 

What Kitchen Island Surface Should I Get?

When it comes to surfaces, you’re spoilt for choice. The type of surface can make a big difference. Of course, this can also change the cost quite dramatically. Laminate is much cheaper than marble or quartz. 

Some of your options are:


These are made from a core board and a decorative layer. They have protective oil which makes them more durable than you may think.

  • Cost – £88-150 per 3m x 600


This gives your surface such a timeless look, almost vintage or rustic. These are varnished to make them waterproof as well as heat resistant.

  • Cost – £140-485 per 3m x 600

Marble & Granite

These are such a versatile type of surface. They’re also the most durable. Polish will help preserve the colour.

  • Cost – £88-585 per 3m x 600


You can get quartz crystals made into a worktop surface. They look gorgeous and are super durable.

  • Cost – £108-335 per 3m x 600


These types of surfaces transform a room, making it appear lighter and spacious. Of course, it can be a little more delicate, it is very heat resistant and does not stain easily.

You can also find glass surfaces that have been tested for scratch-resistant properties.

Cost – £142-180 per 3m x 600


Marble is the most expensive type of countertop that you can choose. However, it does come with the benefit of being the most durable.

Many see granite and marble countertops as an investment – something that they won’t have to replace in years to come unlike laminate or wood which can be damaged much more easily.

If you’re planning on using this kitchen for decades, you may also want to consider the design – try to choose something that is more timeless and not just a temporary trend in the interior market. This will ensure that you don’t change your mind later on, saving you money. 

We would say the most cost-effective option is to choose a durable surface that has enough storage for all your pots and pans and anything else you may accumulate over the years.  

Remember, for a more customised kitchen island, you will have to consider the cost of professional builders or carpenters. 

Why Are Kitchen Islands Expensive? 

Of course, this depends on the size, brand, materials, and functionality but kitchen islands do add a fair extra to your kitchen budget.

More bespoke islands that have plugs, sinks, and other appliances included in them will need a bigger budget. These are all aspects that you need to weigh up the pros and cons for.

A more personalised, functional kitchen island will add an air of luxury but also with a luxury price. A generic kitchen from a cheaper brand will save your bank. 

How Much Does a Bespoke Kitchen Island Cost? 

This can vary massively, as the worktop material and how many changes you would like to make will all make a change to the cost.

That being said, most bespoke kitchen islands start at around £20,000. 

Bespoke features include anything from hobs, sinks, extractors, overhangs, and seating areas – if these are important aspects for you and your house, it may be with the extra price tag.

It will likely also increase the value of your property by a fair bit as well. 

What Is the Process of Getting a Kitchen Island Fitted?

Firstly, find the kitchen island that you want. There are tonnes of places that stock kitchen islands. Once you find one, you’ll have to factor in the cost of fitting. 

A fitting company will visit the property and get an up-close view of your kitchen. These discussions are integral to the process. After that, they will show you options – all based on your needs and budget. 

From this, you can work with designers and go over all the designs, your kitchen scheme, and the materials that will best suit your aesthetic and practical needs. 

Then, the team will start fitting your kitchen island. Obviously, depending on the size the time this takes can vary but it’s usually a relatively fast process. 

How much does it cost to install a kitchen island? Many fitting companies will give you a personalised cost. Without plumbing, electrics, or ducting this could cost around £350.

However for more tricky, personalised, or bigger jobs this price will increase. As with all house renovations we recommend shopping around for quotes. 

Don’t forget to check out reviews for all kitchen installers – a badly installed kitchen may cost you more in the long-run and devalue your property. 

Does a Kitchen Island Add Value to Your House?

Adding a kitchen island can definitely make your home more appealing to buyers.

This is where expert fitters are important to be part of the design process – they will make sure that the island adds visual appeal and utility to your room. 

When it comes to custom kitchen islands, consider whether another person or family would get the same use out of it. Likewise, consider lighting and storage – both appealing aspects for property buyers. 

The short answer is; yes a kitchen island does add value to your house, especially if it actually benefits your kitchen both aesthetically and functionally.

For those with larger, higher-end houses, most buyers will likely expect the kitchen to include a kitchen island. 

Data has shown that kitchens can actually devalue a house by £20,000 – it is arguably the most important room in the house, and it’s where the money is too.

Just as a good one can add value to the house, a bad one can wipe out thousands when you come to sell.

One of the top qualities for kitchens right now is an open plan, spacious room – something which a kitchen island falls hand in hand with. 

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