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Quartz Countertops Cost & Prices 2023

Countertop materials vary from wood and laminate and various stones including granite, marble and quartz. 

As a worktop or countertop material for kitchens and bathrooms, quartz possesses the rare combination of being aesthetically striking and beautiful as well as stain-resistant and highly durable. 

Given their popularity and the many types of quartz countertops available, you may be wondering how much you can expect to pay for one.

This article will cover what you can expect to pay for a quartz countertop, factors that can affect the cost and other common questions around quartz countertops.

Average Total Cost

By collecting data from 5 kitchen designers and stone cutters and 6 secondary sources, we received the following total job cost for supplying and installing quartz countertops.

Prices include standard labour fees, e.g. removing old countertops and laying the new ones. Prices are given for 20mm thick countertops with standard edging options. 

QualitySmall Kitchen (3m² of Countertops)Medium Kitchen (6m² of Countertops)Small Kitchen (9m² of Countertops)
Premium +£2,200£3,700£5,300
Highest Quality£2,500+£4,000+£7,000+

Aside from edging and thickness, there are three main extra costs to take into account: windowsills, splashbacks and sinks. 

  • Windowsills are often fitted in the same style as the countertops. Quartz windowsills will typically add another £300 to £500 onto an average installation. 
  • Matching sinks also made from quartz are a popular addition to quartz kitchen countertops. Sinks can be fitted in the same colour as your quartz countertops. A quartz sink will add another £250 to £500 onto an average installation. 
  • Splashbacks can be fitted behind and around the sink. Quartz splashbacks can add a further £100 onto an average installation. 

Average Supply Cost of Quartz By Brand/Type Per m²

To illustrate the variation in different types of quartz brands, colours and types, we’ve compiled this table of some of the most popular quartz choices typically on offer in the UK. 

Here are the average prices of different quality brands of quartz countertops per m² of 20mm thick slab:

QualityExample BrandsCost Per m 20mm thick Slab
CheapestGlobal Crema / Compac Cenisa / Simply Quartz£165 - £385
StandardQuarella Blanco Paloma / Radianz Columbia Grey, Bristol Beige / Silestone£330 - £440
PremiumSilestone Blanco Stellar and Negro Stellar / CRL Grey Reflection£385 - £550
Premium +Beltrami Blanco Massa / Radianz Makalu Silver / Classic Quartz Ice Branco£440 - £650
Most ExpensiveRadianz Lucern Lake, Midnight Sapphire / Novaestone Bianco Carrara£500 - £1200

Cheaper brands and types of quartz typically come in more plain, earthier colours. High-end brands like Radianz Lucern Lake and Midnight Sapphire are much bolder and richer in colour.

Some, like Lucern Lake, are modelled to resemble real marble and contain similar grains to natural stone with the added durability and resistance of quartz. 

Whilst countertops are typically priced per metre squared, they often come in slabs of around 1250 x 650mm or 3000 x 650mm. It would be rare for the depth of a countertop to exceed 650mm. 

Custom slabs are often required for breakfast bars, peninsulas and islands. 

Quartz slabs also come in thicknesses between 20 to 50mm, with thicker slabs costing more than thinner slabs. 

Finally, the type of edging also affects the price of quartz countertops. 

  • Waterfall edges, where the worktop ‘flows’ over the side of the worktop towards the floor, will significantly raise the price of the quartz and installation. Popular for islands. 
  • Ogee edges are also one of the higher-end edges, typically featuring an S-shape wave 
  • Bullnose edge countertops (full of half) are rounded at the edge – one of the most common types of edging
  • Bevelled edges feature a short sloped edge 
  • Flat edges/eased edges are the simplest and cheapest types of countertop edging 

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About the Author

Alex Johnson is a qualified quantity surveyor and writer with a passion for conducting original research and uncovering the true cost of jobs. His cost data has been referenced by EDF Energy and the Scottish Government.