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10 Loft Storage Ideas to Revitilize Your Space

We’re all aware of tough it is when you have a tight space to find enough room for all your clothes and possessions to be tidied away neatly.

One thing for sure, no matter how small or large your loft is, you can add extra storage just about anywhere. 

Converting your loft space into a bedroom is one of the best space-saving solutions for diminutive houses. Loft conversions can add at least 25% more space and it may increase the house value by up to 25% too.

In this article, we’re going to be discussing some of the best ideas you can utilise the storage space in a loft conversion.

Raise your Bed a Few Feet Off the Floor

Start with a really creative raised bed, made with standard-sized pallets and finished off aesthetically with plywood.

Rather than simply placing a bed on the floor, you can lift it in height by adding layers of pallets and then add some steps up to it.

There are multiple benefits: one, it’s ageless. It suits kids up to teenagers as well as adults and couples.

Next you can use the sides as storage. You can even build a handy desk, drawers and shelves within the sides like you’d find with a cabin bed as well as adding space for basket and crate storage boxes underneath.

To wrap things up, it also negates the need for bedside cabinets on either side of the bed, saving more space! Perfect. 

Use the Space Around Your Bed Wisely

Next, exploit the space around your bed by using built in storage.

It is one of the best ways possible to utilise every single centimetre of an unusually shaped room such as a loft. Think of the way the bedroom storage could resemble a holiday home’s design like you’d find in an ingenious static caravan for example.

If your budget won’t stretch to having professionally built-in cupboards and wardrobes, you can instead use a wall of storage, which fits around the bed and do it yourself.

It doesn’t have to look old fashioned either. Make it rustic and beautiful by using crates. They can be positioned to work with the slope of the roof, and you can add as many as you like as well as using different sizes.

In addition, it allows for the gaps created by the square crates and the roof slope to be used as shelves themselves too. It offers so much depth of storage and style, you can even use it as a hanging space for clothing by adding hooks or even a rail underneath the crates.

This gives you a truly unique look that’s both very practical and beautiful.

Built-in Drawers and Tables Under Lower Part of the Eves

I must admit it, one of the best storage solutions to obtain a flawless look for angular rooms must be the built-in cabinets and draws at the lower part of the eves.

Your much-loved items can all be stored away and the space these cupboards have is very surprising as they go all the way to the tip of the roof triangle offering so much depth.

With a little creativity, a sloping ceiling will be useful to deliver additional cupboards and drawers too but also make the room look more attractive as well by getting rid of the obvious triangular shape of a loft space.

They can also be designed with drop down doors to fit the loft precisely and all space can be exploited by having bases that can be pulled out on rollers, so you don’t have to reach the back of the space by lying flat on the floor, not good in advancing years!

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves top the list for ease of installation, cost and quick problem-solving.

If you don’t like bog standard ‘off the shelf’ options (pardon the pun), you can use other materials like reclaimed pallet wood and scaffold boards. Just be creative with floating shelves and you have an easy and handy way for fashionable extra storage.

They are a great addition to your empty wall and as mentioned before, hanging space can be added underneath.  They enhance detail to your loft space and give a little style.

When it comes to design you have loads of choices and don’t hesitate to think outside the box, (or crate). 

Be Creative with Clothing Rails

It is challenging to figure out answers for your space problem in an odd-shaped loft room but we can use hanging rails to maximise the limitations based on the shape of the loft space.

When you chose the location wisely it can maximise the deadest of spaces, for example, most loft spaces have alcoves caused by the chimney breasts. Locate them there and let go of your empty walls. 

Bench Storage

It’s time for DIY, you can do this with almost any piece of cheap furniture. For example, repurpose an old shelving unit by turning it into a storage bench.

By laying it on it’s side, strengthening each end and the top ‘seat’ area, you’ll have a great open fronted storage bench that you can store shoes in. Alternately, choose an ottoman style bench with a lift up seat lid, either way it’s a lot less clutter stored away.

Use the Stairs

Utilising the space underneath the stairs as storage is just dazzling if done right. More often than not, they are just dead space, but being creative, you can turn them into really useful drawers.

You have lots of stairs, it means lots of drawers for storage. As an added bonus you can decorate the front of each step/drawer front, it looks incredible. The options for that are endless. 

Try an Open Closet System

If you are a neat person, you’re going to love this. It is an open closet clothes storage system or an on-show dressing room. It does need a top-notch well-organised person to work properly.

When you apply this system, you can hang and store everything easily and utilise the odd shaped wall fully. Every inch can be filled with either shelves, drawers, hanging space and even a dressing table.

You may swap open clothes panels for ones with mirror doors to up light level, as well as hiding the clutter. 

Utilise the Whole Footprint and Add a Window Seat with Storage 

With this storage project idea, it’s more important when we cannot make use of the height of the room, that we become even more creative. We have to employ more ingenious ways to maximise our storage space.

Use most of the room’s footprint for storage with benches, boxes and trunks to get extra storage space. You can have some unnoticeable built-in cupboards on one wall. Next, use a dormer space that has a window and build a window seat underneath it.

There are many styles of these window seats to choose from, from a solid box seat with a lift lid to one with a solid frame with pull out drawers to a standard bench with wicker baskets underneath.

It is a handy space to hide your spare bedding and a comfy seat for reading, plus it looks fabulous. 

Use the Space Under Your Ceiling and Add Light

In a sky-high loft, add floor-to-ceiling windows. It will surround the room with light and open up space while uniting it with nature. Allowing sunlight to enter will brighten and enlighten the room.

Then for the storage idea to beat all others which will utilise unused space under your pointed ceiling. In short, install a false ceiling along the point of the ceiling, and build hinged ‘drop-down’ storage drawers, think of the overhead lockers on a plane.

It’s a unique way to get rid of the high pointed ceiling and replaces the storage that your loft gave you in the first place before you converted it into the room we discuss now.

It’s also another way of getting rid of the triangular points of the room, making it look less like the loft.

To Sum Up

Some of them are easy and others need extra effort and thought. There are ideas for all budgets and abilities, but it shows you don’t always have to be conventional.

With a bit of thought and ingenuity, you can have a truly unique and beautiful space.