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Underpinning Cost & Prices 2023

Subsidence is when the ground beneath your home collapses or starts to sink, causing problems to the foundation and structural issues. This puts a strain on one side of the property’s structure, which causes cracks to appear.

Changes in the soil cause. This can be the result of natural processes such as weather changes or water changes that causes soil to swell or shrink as well as man-made causes such as historic mine shafts, improper ground preparation or bad foundations themselves.

Regardless of the reason, underpinning is used to support the foundations. This is done by strengthening, repairing on increasing the depth of the foundation so that the footing is on more supportive soil.

This article will cover the costs you can expect to pay to exterminate fleas and other factors that can affect the cost.

Average Cost

We worked with a professional quantity surveying to price up underpinning of varying depths. The easiest way to figure out to to the cost is to figure out the depth of underpinning needed.

Underpinning DepthCost per m²
0.9m£510 / m²
1.5m£700 / m²
2m£820 / m²
3m£920 / m²
4m£1000 / m²

A detailed cost of the items that go into the underpinning is as follows:

ItemCost per m³ labour + plantCost per m³ materialsCost per m³ total
Excavating; max depth not exceeding 0.25m£61£0£61
Excavating; max depth not exceeding 1m£67£0£67
Excavating; max depth not exceeding 2m£82£0£82
Disposal off site£27£23£50
Filling to excavations using excavated material£14£0£14
Concrete - C20£62£125£190
ItemCost per m² LabourCost per m² MaterialsTotal Cost per m²
Formwork; not exceeding 1m deep£7£28£35
Formwork; not exceeding 2m deep£8£29£37
Formwork; not exceeding 4m deep£10£29£39
ItemLabour Cost per TonneMaterial Cost per TonneTotal Cost per Tonne
ItemLabour Cost per m²Material Cost per m²Total Cost per m²
One brick thick; brickwork£54£65£119

Factors That Affect the Cost

Thickness of Wall Structure

For depths under 4m, only one brick thickness is likely needed. After that, you’d need to go to two bricks thick, which will add extra brick cost.

Domestic vs Commercial Project

Because underpinning is specialist work, contractors may charge higher to arrange works on smaller domestic projects.


Areas in the south of England and London will be higher than in other parts of the country. The prices quoted in the table above apply for the South East or Outer London area. The adjustments below can be used to calculate costs in your area.

Region% Adjustment
South East (Southampton, Oxford, Kent, Outer London)0
Inner London+4%
South West (Bristol, Exeter)-4%
West Midlands (Birmingham)-10%
East Midlands (Northampton, Nottingham, Leicester)-10%
East Anglia (Cambridge, Norwich, Ipswich)-5%
North West (Liverpool, Manchester)-12%
Yorkshire and Humberside (Leeds, Sheffield)-11%
North East (Newcastle, Sunderland)-10%
Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow)-6%
Wales (Cardiff, Swansea)-9%
Northern Ireland (Belfast)-12%

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About the Author

Alex Johnson is a qualified quantity surveyor and writer with a passion for conducting original research and uncovering the true cost of jobs. His cost data has been referenced by EDF Energy and the Scottish Government.